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Macroeconomic Aims of a Government Essay

The government and policymakers of a country intervenes in the economy in order to achieve economic growth, price stability, and low rate of unemployment. First and foremost, economic growth can be defined as an increase in the country’s output over a period of time. This means there is an increment in her productive capacity hence a rise in national income. A high economic growth is desirable as it represents an improvement in the material standard of living of the society. A rising real income per head brings about more and better quality goods and services, which are available for consumptions of individuals. However, an improvement in the case of consumer welfare due to economic growth is highly doubtful if the growth is accompanied by undesirable side effects such as negative externalities, leisure time forgone or even a dilution in the society’s tradition & custom. Through redistribution of income, economic growth can eliminate poverty. A higher output allows households to enjoy more goods and services thus generating higher income and through the multiplier effect increases national income by folds. Besides that, the government’s tax revenue will rise too, leading to more benefits for the poor such as education and training. This may even help curb the problem of poverty. The authority also highly regards sustaining a stable price level as a primary objective of economic policy. This is because inflation, defined as a sustained and inordinate increase in the general price level, could have harmful effects both socially and economically. A rising price level creates uncertainties and complicates decision-making, thus may hamper economic growth. Fluctuations in the level of prices makes information conveyed by prices harder to interpret. Consumer, firms, and the government may face a tough time in allocating funds or resources for the future in an inflationary environment. Furthermore, as the society strives to maintain its real value of income by keeping up with rising price level and competing with other social classes, the country’s social fabric could be severely strained. The mere existence of inflation means that the real value of money is falling. Thus, it will be necessary for the government to intervene in  the economy in order to prevent hyperinflation from happening. The countries that experienced the most extreme examples of trotting inflation are Argentine, Brazil and Russia. The slow growth brought about eventually crippled virtually the entire economic system. Every government places a low rate of unemployment at the top of its priority. The percentage of total labor force unemployed makes up the rate of unemployment. Economic costs of unemployment can be devastating, as it could mean a lower Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to loss of potential income to factors of production, whilst social costs such as increased poverty, personal hardships to individuals, decay of unused skills, raise in crime rates and family disputes prove the worthiness of the goal of achieving high employment. On the other hand, stability of a country’s exchange rate in the foreign exchange market (FOREX) is vital, as fluctuations of the exchange rate create adverse effects to the economy. There are mainly two cases which are prevalent in most economies. Firstly, an appreciation of the exchange rate may cause exports to become relatively dearer, and lead to loss of competitiveness (comparative advantage) to a country. Secondly, a depreciation of the exchange rate brings about serious domestic inflation, encourages exodus of capital and thus puts the country under stress of lack of investment and unemployment. On the external aspect, the government aims to achieve equilibrium in the balance of payment, especially the current account. A deficit in the current account drains the savings and reserve of a country significantly, leading to a chain effect of higher national debt and burden to future generations. In view of the above objectives, the government is needed to regulate and rectify situations. Therefore, the conclusion can be arrived that government intervention is fundamental to every economies in the world.

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Contributing Factors to Low Performing Students

Contributing Factors to Low Performing Students In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Arts major in Guidance and Counseling CHAPTER 1 Introduction Students are facing with many issues in their lives, and because of the competing things for your attention, it’s hard to concentrate on studying. Studying can seem very boring when compared to any other exciting activity. You may even prefer doing non-sense things rather than to study your lessons.Too many people treat studying as the thing to do when you get around to it or have some spare time, too many people look at studying as necessary task, not an enjoyment or an opportunity to learn. ( Grohol, 2006 ) Studying is important in our lives, especially to the lives of the students. Each student as unique individual has different abilities, approaches, ways of thinking, interests and ways of studying the lessons. These individual differences have significant influences on ones learning style and acqui sition.Each student has different methods and ways of studying and these methods are sometimes helpful but some are not as effective as the others. (Oppapers, 2010) http://www. termpaperwarehouse. com/essay-on/Study-Habits-Chapter-1/82775 Students’ low performance in school is not without consequences to either the students themselves or the school system. Problems like difficulty of adjustment to school works, distance of parents, rebellion against authority, feeling of basic inferiority and financial difficulty are often manifested by underachievement in school.However, these variables have contributed to the success or failure in the four year stay in high school but are perceived in different perspectives by the individual learners (Soberano, 2000). Bar-On and Parker (2000) stated that the school is a social environment with many demands on social competence. The young people who fail to get along with their peers in the classroom are likely to be perceived as distractibl e or even disruptive, thus affecting their performance and progress in school.Family relationship is considered to be an important factor in student life. Schneiders indicate that from the very start it is the family and particularly the parents, who ensure the satisfaction of basic physical and psychological needs on the basis of which intense and lasting ties are ordinarily established. The close affinity between youth and the home has significant implications for personality development. As the evidence indicates, the personality development of teen-agers is to an important degree a measure of home and family influences.As pointed by Franken (Batingal, 2007), â€Å"children growing up in a positive family atmosphere, whose parents are involved in their schooling tend to develop better self-regulation and also do better in school. † However, irresponsible, unstable job of parents and lack of financial and moral support to their siblings has resulted the student’s low esteem, less motivated in their school performance. Moreover, expertise of knowledge of the teachers in his field of studies and effective classroom management plays a significant factor of the student’s academic performance and achievements.Since given the best teacher in terms of knowledge ability and potentials, if he lacks the ability to control his students in the classroom, teaching cannot be effective and thus, no learning will take place (Acero, Javier, and Castro, 2007). Individual characteristics such as age, sex, and parents’ educational attainment are important factors in achieving better education outcomes. Adolescents encounter varied obstacles during their entire school life. Academic performance is affected by the characteristics of the learner’s environment.One of which is, living environment, whether one lives in the home or in the lodging/boarding house show an effect on the academic performance of students. Graceda (Soberano, 2000) discusses that the impact of the types of residential arrangement and some important factors, like I. Q. , parents’ relationships and socio-economic status of the family correlate in each residential arrangement indicates lower academic performance. On the other hand, adolescent peers also affect how well and how much they learn. Peers provide models that can encourage or discourage learning. However, by and large, peers have harmful effect on grades.Over half the students’ surveyed said that they did not talk about school work with their friends. In fact, merely 1 in 5 said he or she did not do as well as possible for fear or earning the disapproval of peers (Rathus, 2001). The major findings of the study from National Center for Education Statistics, compared with students with friends who showed little interest in learning, those with friends who cared about learning had better educational outcomes–they were less likely to drop out of school and more likely to be enro lled in an academic program, graduate from high school, and continue their education after graduating.On the other hand, students with friends who were interested in having sex, drinking, and using drugs experienced less desirable educational outcomes. These students experienced a higher rate of dropping out of school and a lower rate of being enrolled in academic programs, graduating from high school, and pursuing postsecondary education (nces. ed. gov).

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Why did the United States become an Imperial power during the late Research Paper

Why did the United States become an Imperial power during the late 1800's-early 1900's - Research Paper Example The term imperialism is of great importance in the field of politics yet it is defined as the endeavor of a country towards its expansion which is based on military strength or other back door efforts which are backed by the reason of local dissatisfaction, unelected government in place, or other various issues which makes it a ground enough for the invading country to infiltrate and dictate its terms and conditions. It is often termed as the coercive relationship establishment by overthrowing of the existing setup and bringing about the setup that is of less resistance to the occupying forces (Lenin, 93). Imperialism like other forces of social acts, comes with its pros and cons, the element of freeing its citizens from its oppressors is a blessing in disguise, while occupying the land, using its resources to own benefits, violating its sovereignty is the downside of the entire affair. The positive side is the expansion of markets, the businessmen get to invest in new markets, new c apitals, and hence more chance of prosperity and economic stability. Over all the imperialism concept comes blended with its positives and negatives. It does not have to be pure and direct means of all out war, many a times, and the pulse is controlled through diplomatic ties, indirect perks and protections. Hence Imperialism is not just the name of military offensive and battle field stories. Its scope is relatively wide, even proxy wars are inside the scope of this phenomenon. The American Mexican war that was fought in mid 19th century (1846) is termed as an example of American imperialism (Eisenhower). The importance of the moves made in middle 19th century and beginning of 20th century was largely capitalized in the War World One and World War Two. All these annexed nations provided strategic grounds against hostile nations. Spanish American war is another glimpse of American Imperialism. Spaniards were easily humbled in this account and this was fought just round the corner of new millennium when the world was entering into 20th century. This was of high significance since it resulted in United States of America over powering Philippines, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Spain had to withdraw from this region and America was in good health to look after the neighboring nations and maintain its hegemony in the region. Many a times the democracy and freedom cry are coated in the real motive of strategic advantage seeking. This is done through ousted of some existing outsiders. The Cuban war in the end of century was an example of this kind when the Spaniards were sent out their way and limited to continent Europe. Building the Panama Canal: Panama Canal is another point of significance that had its importance towards the interest of American navy. They through the battle with Spain subdued this region which rightly served the interest of American navy. This was the building bridge towards control in both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. Large numbers of marines were s ent over for this purpose through the formal approval of the political and administrative heads. Again, this was done to mitigate any danger that the American navy faced by coming from other direction. Seeking its on interest and safety, another step in the name of imperialism, yet it was the order of the day and had to be done to ensure the safety of its personnel. Columbia on this account backed out right at the eleventh hour and the administration of America had to take punitive steps to ensure the accomplishment. Panama which was under the control of Columbians, was supported sufficiently enough by the Americans to create a uproar for their independence

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Human Rights Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Human Rights Paper - Essay Example 3) points out, Canada was the first country to adopt an official government policy on diversity. Its multicultural policy, which entered into legislature over thirty years ago, was "Canada's official legislative response to ethnic plurality for a multicultural society (Mahatani, 2002, p. 3). This does not mean, however, that there are no racial and ethnic tensions in Canada but only that the nation is comparatively more tolerant and accommodating of diversity than are many others. If Canada is to maintain relative ethnic and racial harmony it must diffuse the poisoned environment phenomenon which pervaded in the case of Clive Stevens and Robert Symister versus Lynx Industries. In 2005, two black Jamaicans were dismissed from Lynx Industries, allegedly for race-based reasons. The case was brought before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. The plaintiffs alleged that they had been subjected to racist treatment by Lynx Industries and its employees. The alleged racist treatment encompassed all of racial slurs, race motivated harassment and racist graffiti on the bathroom walls. The defendants denied all allegations but admitted to the graffiti incident. Their legal representative, however, cautioned that it had been a single, isolated incident. The Tribunal was unconvinced and found that the plaintiffs were not credible. The complaint was, therefore, dismissed. Even though the complaint... Interestingly, the Commission contends that "unlike harassment which requires repeated behaviour, a poisoned environment can be created by a single incident, if serious or substantial enough" ("Racial Harassment and Poisoned Environment," 2008, para 5). The creation of a poisoned environment is contrary to the Commission's Code. Importantly, employers are held responsible for either the prevention of the creation of poisoned environment or for taking immediate action against those responsible for it ("Racial Harassment and Poisoned Environment," 2008, paras 5-6). An environment which has been tainted by racism, even if it has assumed the form of a single incident, is considered poisoned because racial tolerance has been undermined, even violated. Indeed, poisoned environments may very well become intolerable for racial minorities, thereby forcing them to leave. While it is important to acknowledge the Tribunal's findings, the fact of the matter is that Lynx Industries did admit to the presence of racist graffiti on the bathroom wall. Certainly, it did caution that it was a single incident and there was no reoccurrence. The fact of the matter is, however, that it did occur and the Commission considers such occurrences a breach of its policies ("Racial Harassment and Poisoned Environment," 2008, paras 1-2). Within the context of the stated, the Commission's findings appear contradictory to its own guidelines. Indeed, even if one assumes that the defendants were truthful in claiming that the plaintiffs were not dismissed for racial reasons but for their on-the-job performance, it could very well be that the environment had been poisoned to the extent where Stevens and Symister could not perform their jobs to the best of their

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The promotion of diversity in mental healthcare Essay

The promotion of diversity in mental healthcare - Essay Example The prevalence of mental or substance use disorder in the United States is proximately 30% and only one-third of these individuals are currently receiving treatment establishing these we can see how fundamental is developing of mental health. According to WHO it is reported that some 450 million people worldwide are affected by mental health problems; neurologic or behavior problems that arise in any moment and 873,000 people die by suicide every year, which is enormous number. One in four patients visiting a health services has at least a mental, neurological, or behavior disorder, but frequently are neither diagnosed nor treated. Most low and middle income countries devote less than one precent of their already -paltry health expenditure to mental health, so little attention is dedicated to mental health and its developing in these countries. Because we all have mental health needs and we can all benefit from metal health promotion, which works to strength our capacity for positive mental health, wherever we have mental problem established. Also mental health promotion can help reduce factors that are damaging mental health such as social support, anti-poverty strategies or by tackling racism. Companionship, meaningful occupation, and opportunities to participate and contribute do protect mental health. Mental health promotion is essentially concerned with: how individuals, families, organizations and communities think and feel, then the factors which influence how we think and feel, individually and collectively and the impact that this has on overall health and well being. Mental health promotion can take place with individuals, communities or at policy or structural level and is relevant to the whole population as well as vulnerable groups and people at risk of or currently experiencing mental health problems. Many pe ople turn to religion when are in emotional crises and there is some evidence that religious involvement protects mental well being and may help people with mental health problems. Faith communities can provide a spiritual resource and a place of belonging which help to counter the impact of prejudice, inequalities, loneliness or isolation. For example, the worshipping, witnessing and caring life of the church contributes something to good mental health since it brings people in touch with Jesus the great healer. In many ways I consider, faith communities are ideally placed to promote the mental health of all their members. The promotion of mental health is situated within the largest field of health promotion and sits alongside the prevention of mental disorder and the treatment and rehabilitation of people with mental illness and disabilities. Mental health promotion involves actions that support people to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle and which create supportive living conditions or environmental for health, whose goal is preventing metal illness or mental disorder. Important segment are public health policy, including strategies for continued growth and practice implantation and not estimating the international cooperation and alliances for achieving effectiveness of intervention. Mental health and illness are determined by multiple factors and interaction by social, psychological and biological factors, such as

Communication questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Communication questions - Essay Example Taking the analysis a little bit further, the individual can realize that by analyzing the language of a particular media outlet, the individual can come to understand what bias might exist within the language or what understanding the media might be attempting to provide. Further, with regard to the production, the individual that pays close attention to how the production of the media is effected will be more likely to recognize a the way in which different methods tend to focus on aspects that might be biased in some way or another. Additionally, the representation of the media is another key point that helps to show a level of media literacy. By understanding the representation that a particular piece of media provides, the viewer, reader, or participant can come to understanding the approach to the story that the media outlet has decided on. Finally, a focus on the audience that the media outlet is attempting to present the story to also tells the individual a lot about what inf ormation is being represented and how the media wants the information to be used. As a result of these understandings, I have come to apply this particular approach to the majority of the media that I consume; especially to any news media. By focusing on the audience for which the media was designed, I can oftentimes see the way in which media is used to create a particular point of view or ideology on a particular topic. By thinking about how the media was produced and what factors are focused on the most, especially if it is television media, I am able to see the approach that the news story is likely o promote or the approach that the media is attempting to ridicule. Similarly, by analyzing the way that language of the media, I have been able to understand the level of bias that is oftentimes presented prior to the individual having the opportunity to come to their own

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Social Desirability Bias Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Social Desirability Bias - Essay Example In this paper, I will be looking at ways in which students show social desirability bias, and how it affects research, so as to help researchers to use methods that avoid this bias Charity work has various benefits to part-time students and most of them might want to be associated with such benefits. For instance, participating in fund raising events such as charity walks or charity runs for a charity organisation help students to get away from their busy schedule and interact with other people. In so doing, they get an opportunity to make new friends and also exercise their bodies (Woodland Trust, 2013). According to (2013), quite a good number of students would get involved in charity work to get an experience in their area of study. Most companies these days want new applicant to have a work experience, and with difficulty in getting jobs just after college, students take advantage and get involved into charity work to get experience which can help them when it comes to writing something about work experience in their resume (, 2013). A research finding on a particular topic is very important, that is why the accuracy in findings is equally important (Mardsen and Wright, 2010). Looking at the research on charity, a researcher might be having several ideas in their mind as they carry out the research. Intentions like opening up a charity organisation or group in the campus may be affected by the response given to the researcher by the students. When interviewing students face to face, they will be obliged to give information that makes them look good before the researcher thus give information that might lead to wrong conclusions (Groves et al, 2011). For instance, a researcher might ask a student if they would rather study especially when they have exams or attend a charity event might be challenging. To look good, they might say that they would rather attend the charity event then study later. However, the truth might be that they will instead study and pass on attending the event. According to Neeley and Cronley (2004), this gives a biased answer that might affect the conclusions of the researcher. It is evident that charity work is seen as helping tools for college students in achieving their career dreams and social life (Roberts, 2007). To this effect, students who do not participate in any charity activity might even respond to questions and say they are actually involved. A researcher needs to know about these tendencies so as to develop a research method that discourages social desirability bias (Thompson, 2009). One can administer questionnaires that do not require personal information of the respondent. According to Crowther and Lancaster (2008), using questionnaires that offer anonymity of the respondent will prompt students to give honest answers. One can also carry out focused group discussions that will reduce the chances of a student giving inaccurate information. This will ensure that the rese archer comes up with effective conclusions and recommendations. Social desirability bias is a significant factor in determining the amount of time that students give to charity because it can affect the results of the study. Quality and accurate information is crucial for the success of any study and before the onset of a research, researchers usually develop objectives to guide them through

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Operation Market Garden Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Operation Market Garden - Essay Example The basis of the attack was the stunning and unanticipated victory of Operation Overboard of June 1944 as well as in the battle for Normandy. General Eisenhower the absolute allied commander, had evaluated the combat power of the German forces and approved the operation, risky as it was. The allies’ alleged that the German forces were so demoralized and jumbled, thus could not withstand further attacks. Eisenhower strategized to attack the German forces along the whole front and eventually end the war (Schultz 20). The operation Market Garden failed mainly due to planners assumptions. The Allies got into a near dilemma in Normandy after the great success as they were exhausted and required some time to reorganize themselves. Deficiency of material supplies nearly brought the operation to a halt. Another setback was when the allies they anticipated collapse of the German forces. They therefore, predicted the war was coming into a conclusion. Many commandants now put their focus on the probable promotions they would get due to this achievement. Another reason was that the Germans had reorganized themselves by early September. German forces had an advantage since the terrain they had to defend was small which enhanced communication (Schultz 26). The consequences of the failure of the Operation Market Garden were include, it demoralized the allies, which prolonged the war. In addition, the allies suffered losses where 10% officers were killed and 50% captured while several others were critically injured. Eisenhower and Montenegro also suffered public scrutiny (Schultz

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) Research Paper

Building Information Modeling (BIM) - Research Paper Example Created models (BIMs), are usually files, which can be either networked or exchanged by professionals, with the aim of enhancing decision-making processes. These files are not necessarily in proprietary formats, nor do they contain proprietary data, but are visual representations of developed ideals and conceptions of a given place. Thus, utility is wide-ranging, from individuals and firm-entities, to government agencies; BIM softwares are vital in the planning, design, construction, and the eventual operation and maintenance of varying infrastructure. Essentially, it has and continues being utilized in diverse infrastructure such as roads, ports, bridges, communication utilities, waste disposal facilities to housing, warehouses and prison construction amongst others (American Institute of Architects, 2006). Historically, the BIM concept traces its roots to the 1970s with the first mentioning being in a 1992 paper by Tolman F. P and G. A. van Nederveen. The eventual popular use of the concept was only realized after the release of a white paper by Autodesk, entitled – Building Information Modeling. Afterwards, it was through Laiserin’s aid, which helped standardize and popularize the term; with regard to facilitating both the inter-operability and exchange of digitized data formats. As a digital representation of contemporary building processes, it was akin to: - the Integrated Project Models of Bentley Systems; Vectorworks/ Autodesk’s BIM, or Graphisoft’s Virtual Building concepts. Definitions do vary, with the National Building Information Model Standard Project Committee (NBIMSPC) providing the best description. Pertinently, BIM regards a representation, digitally formatted; of the functional and physical characteristics of a given utility space or place. As a concept, it pertains to the collective knowledge source of specific information/data about an existing facility. It further provides a reliable basis on which decisions are

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LEGAL ASPECTS OF HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

LEGAL ASPECTS OF HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT - Essay Example Licenses are valid for a particular period of time after which carrying out the business will be considered illegal. The licensee should periodically renew the license for them to continue being in operation. A restaurant license allows the prospective restaurateurs to operate within a certain locality; without the license, the business can be fined or closed down altogether(Knezevic and Assaf 392). Requirements for licenses and permits vary from state to state; the most common requirements include employer identification license, business license, foods and establishments permit, liquor license, and local permits. The Role of Small Business Administration in Restaurant Licensing The enactment of the Small Business Investment Act of 1958 officially allowed Small Business Administration to license Small Business Investment Companies (SBIC) to help in managing and financing businesses in the United State of America (Pizam 23). The SBA’s Small Business Investment Companies progra m is still live and active and continues to license small businesses across the United States. Despite the criticisms, the Small Business Administration has greatly assisted small businesses to make steps in their development processes. Small Business Administration provides extensive information and links regarding obtaining a business license. Restaurant applicants can also check with their local government with their state offices for specific regulations; the SBA website provides all state licensing divisions to enable prospective restaurants with easy license (Sherry 54). Among the information contained in the SBA website include federal licenses and permits, state licenses and permits and tools that can help businesses to determine the types of licenses they need for particular types of business. Types of Licenses Necessary for Restaurant Operators in the USA Employer Identification Number Restaurant businesses require several employees to serve their customers. The servers ne ed to operate within the purview of law in order to avoid legal liabilities. This necessitates restaurant owners to have Employer Identification Numbers (EIN). Employer Identification Numbers are essential to the government and the International Reporting Standards for proper business identification and appropriate collection of taxes (Sherry 57). The government is supposed to collect taxes from the restaurants operators, business partners, and employees. The Employer Identification Number is issued within a particular state. Restaurant operators can apply for state EIN by mail, online or fax. The online application is accessed through visiting the IRS website. The period between application and issuance is usually between two and five weeks. Business license Operating a restaurant requires the owners to be in possession of the business license. The business licenses are state-regulated and they allow restaurant operators to run businesses within specified jurisdictions. The restaur ant that carry out any type of activities that the federal government monitor and regulate are required to have a federal business license. Federally monitored and regulated activities include sale of alcohol and transport of plant and animal products. The primary purpose of business licensing is to help the government control and monitor businesses in the states in order to avoid sprouting of illegal businesses (Baum 21). The restaurants must operate within the licensed activities, otherwise the operators will be

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Free Will and Responsibility Essay Responsibility is being able to acknowledge and recognize that an outcome happened because of a choice. Responsibility is also accepting accountability for a particular choice. Once a person learns self-control, and can take blame rather than place blame, he or she can become a happy and successful person. Usually, everyone is capable of being responsible for his or her choices. As much as we might often see responsibility as a burden, it is one of the most important character traits in life. In most cases, there is no other person to blame for what your life is beside yourself. One example of being responsible is going to bed earlier so that I’m rested for school or work. Responsibility involves self-discipline. In order to get to school and work on time, I have to make sure that I go to bed on time. Being irresponsible is easier, less time consuming, and less challenging. Placing blame on others is always the easiest way out of any situation, and it never fixes a problem. When you allow others to be responsible for you, you give away the power to control your life and the freedom to be who you want to be.When I allow myself to stay up late and talk on the phone, I am not fully rested and often late to school. When I am working as a lifeguard in the summer, not being rested can cause me to not perform my duties to the best of my ability. I am less alert, which puts peoples lives in danger. Imagine how great the world would be if everyone would take on one more ounce of responsibility for themselves and for their community. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, â€Å"In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.†

History of Cheese Essay Example for Free

History of Cheese Essay In developing a search strategy the most important thing is to decide on the keywords that sum up the information one wants. In my research paper I am researching on the history of cheese. The keywords in my topic are history and cheese. The synonyms of cheese include cheese flower, high mallow, malva sylvestris and tall mallow. History synonyms include account, chronicle and story. Cheese production and consumption has proliferated all over the world since its discovery years ago. This is due to its availability in the stores all over the world. The process of making is also easy and the ingredients that are used in its production are easily presented. The main ingredient is milk. Production of cheese has been converted from small scale production to large scale production as years since its discovery progress (Martin 12). Cheese refers to a group of milk-based foods which come in different flavors, forms and textures. It comprises of proteins and fat that is gotten from milk. The milk is produced by cows, goats, sheep or buffaloes (Harbutt 8). Cheese is produced by curdling of milk protein. The mild is acidified and an enzyme called rennet is added to cause the curdling. The solid and liquid are separated and modeled into different forms and shapes. There are a variety of cheese that includes cheddar, camembert, stilton and parmesan. The history of cheese according to a study done at the University of Georgia was discovered by an accident. An Arabian merchant was carrying milk in a pouch. The pouch made from a sheep’s skin contained rennin. Due to the scorching heat from the sun, the enzyme rennin was activated causing the milk to turn into solid curds. Though the exact time of the discovery of cheese is unknown, cheese appeared 3500BC. It was widely used in Asia and then migrated to Europe. Cheese was mentioned in Homer’s epic, The Odyssey. In the scene the Cyclops is making cheese and placing in wicker (University of Georgia 1). In the early days of cheese production, milk from different sources was mixed, and a variety of seasonings added to produce abundant flavors. Cheese was introduced in America after Mayflower landed and became a staple component in many American households. The first cheese factory was established in 1851 in Oneida County, New York. The Jesse Williams factory eliminated the production of cheese individually or by local farms. This flourished the production of cheese (Sokol 2). Writers like Richard claims that cheese was first forum in the Middle East. It was in form of sour milk which came into being after it was discovered that domesticated animals could be milked. It was observed that milk left in a container turned into a solid especially in hot temperatures. The curds and whey that were gotten from milk were discovered to be edible. The history of cheese is also mentioned in the old testament of the bible. David was fed with cheese of kine when he escaped across the river Jordan. David was also asked to bring with him ten cheeses to his commander of his brothers as they were participating in the battle against the philistines (Sokol 2). The ingredient of cheese is mostly milk. All kinds of milk like reindeer, caribou, yak, and llama have been used to produce cheese. In the process of cheese production, Sokol in his book, â€Å"And That’s How You Make Cheese† claims that protein in the milk is curdled and separated from water. The curdles are cut, cooked, drained and pressed to drain out more water. This leads to the production of a solid cheese that can be sliced. Archeologists that were excavating lake dwellings on the shores of Lake Neuchatel found potsherds that had pierced with holes. The findings dated back to six hundred years before Christ. The vessels had been used as drainers that were used to separate curds from whey (Toussaint-Samat 103). This made them conclude that the production of cheese which was mainly from sheep and goats milk had been done on their land earlier. Cheese contains high concentration of essential nutrients. Some of these nutrients include quality proteins and calcium that help in the development of the body. The invention of cheese grew tremendously due to the many benefits that are accrued from it. Cheese contains high concentration of calcium that helps in cavity prevention in the teeth. It helps in the development of strong teeth because it has low concentration of lactose. The consumption of cheese after a meal such as cheddar, Swiss, Brie and Monterey helps in the prevention of tooth decay. Cheese has also been proven to prevent cancer due to its high concentration of conjugated Linoleic acid and Sphingolipids (Roberts, Petrini and Hooper 350). The cheese business has thrived in the world greatly due to the large profits accrued from the industry. Cheese production and consumption has increased all over the world. Companies have cropped up and ventured in the industry thus creating a viable business enterprise. Some of the companies like the Arena Cheese factory, Aria Foods, Inc and Andrew Everett are some of the companies that have ventured in the cheese industry. They have enabled many households to enjoy wide variety of cheese after their meals. Cheese like the Provolone and Ricotta are used as appetizers, salads. They are first refrigerated and wrapped in order to retain freshness. Other types of cheese like the Parmesan and Roman are grated on soups, bread and spaghettis. Camembert cheese is used o crackers or with fruit that help in appetizers and desserts. It is first refrigerated during storage and preserved in a temperature controlled room. The United States is the largest producer of cheese in the world. This has been facilitated by the large supply of milk in the US. The United States has dedicated large amount of funds and time on investment and research work. The availability of large farms involved in milk production has also contributed to the production of cheese in the US. There are more than four hundred and fifty plants in the United States dealing in cheese production. The companies operate on a strict sanitary and quality standards set up to control the cheese industry. This has helped the United States to position itself as the premium cheese supplier (Pastorino, Hansen and McMahon 67). One of the most popular types of cheese is Roquefort. This cheese falls in the family of blue veined cheese because throughout the cheese, there are thin blue lines amidst the cream colored cheese. Originally produced in Southern France, it has moved across the world as a favorite of so many. For this cheese, one can choose between goat, sheep, and cow milk. The sheep the French use to make their cheese are fed grass in which there is a high level of limestone or calcium carbonate. Cheese-France 1) If the milk has too much or too little acid in it, a different cheese may be formed or the milk can spoil at a faster rate and therefore making an unappetizing block of cheese. The limestone helps balance the pH level and acts as a buffer. At time the cheese maker adds rennet, to start the curdling process, and then must wait at least two hours to allow the rennet to form. People cant eat Roquefort cheese because of an allergy to penicillin. As one article states, The traditional way of getting penicillium is to place loaves of bread in a dark, damp space, and letting them mold. After ten weeks the bread crust is pealed back to reveal the inside of the bread, which is nothing more than a fine green powder, the powder is called penicillium. After combining the bacterium with the curd, the cheese begins to take shape but, the cheese needs to monitored because many other byproducts must be removed throughout the curdling process. Once the salt has settled, the cheese maker must put holes into the cheese to allow the carbon dioxide to release into the air. The cheese maker will receive his final product about six months later, as the bacterium is hard at for that long. Encyclop? dia Britannica 1) Cheese since its discovery has evolved in a great way. The production of cheese used to be in small scales during the early years. Today it is produced commercially by large companies. The use of cheese has also changed from the time when it was used as food. Cheese is currently used in prevention of teeth cavities, salad and preservatives. This shows that since cheese was invented tremendous changes have been experienced thus leading to its development to what it is in the present world (Sokol 29).

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ZARA Clothing Performance Analysis

ZARA Clothing Performance Analysis Zara is the largest division and flagship brand of the Spanish retail group Inditex. It sells up-to-the-minute fashionability at low prices, in stores that are clearly focused on one particular market (Slack, 2006). The first store opened by accident in 1975 due to a large pyjamas order cancellation. This typically can be said to be an emergent strategy as the Zara store today was not an intended strategy. Vertically integrated, Zara controls most of the processes in the supply chain whereby 50% of the products are manufactured in Spain, 26% in the rest of Europe and 24% in Asian countries. Zara outsources products of high labour intensive processes but maintains in-house capital intensive processes, protecting knowledge and know-how. It takes less than two weeks for a skirt to get from Zaras design team in Spain to a Zara stores in any part of the globe, as much as 12 times faster than the competition. And with shorter lead times, Zara can ship fewer pieces, in a greater variety of styles, more often and they can more easily cancel lines that dont sell as well, avoiding inventory backlogs. (Thinking Made Easy, 2009) This quick response capacity of Zara is made possible by the 3 main stages that define the competitive edge of the company: design, manufacturing and distribution. This strategy is embraced to focus on the operations which can enhance cost efficiency and hence Zaras internalization. Other production activities are completed via a network of about 500 subcontractors in close proximity to Zaras operations at La Coruna. Mr. Ortega the CEO of the Inditex, the parent company of Zara, once said that the secret to retail success is to have five fingers touching the factory and five touching the customer. (Nigel Slack, 2008) This paper uses the models and frameworks of the Operations Strategy module to describe analyze how Zaras operations strategy led to a sustainable competitive advantage in the global apparel industry. What is Operations Strategy? Just as there is no overall agreement about what strategy means, there is no universal agreement on how operations strategy should be described. Four distinct perspectives have emerged on the description as illustrated in Fig. 1 below (Nigel Slack, 2008): Top down vs. Bottom up: Zara boosted its innovation in a fast changing market by adapting the bottom up perspective of strategy in its operations. This is a key driver of competitive advantage through constant innovation to develop new-products that provide customers with new perceived benefits. Zara benefits from an organizational culture that allows information exchange, risk taking, experimentation and learning from failures. Market Requirements vs. Operations Resource: Whatever the operations strategy of an organization, it must in some way reflect the requirements of the organizations market. The fashion market is a fast changing one characterized by quick shifts in consumer demands. As described by Inditex CEO, Jose Maria Castellano, the fashion world is in constant flux and is driven not by supply but by customer demand. We need to give consumers what they want, and if I go to South America or Asia to make clothes, I simply cant move fast enough. How do Zaras operations resources help it to compete in its market? Zara has remained focused on its core philosophy that creativity and quality design together with a rapid response to market demands will yield profitable results. Its business model incorporates the following operational goals: To develop a system the requires short lead times To decrease production quantities and inventory To increase variety of styles/choice. We can deduce that operations strategy is concerned with the reconciliation of market requirements and operations resources. Key drivers of this reconciliation are the importance of setting appropriate performance objectives and understanding the decision areas that determine resource deployment. Factors affecting Zaras Strategic Decisions: Capacity Zara employs a chase demand capacity management in its operations. Spare manufacturing capacity is mirrored in the companys storage function, where up to 400 extra staff can be drafted in during busty periods. As new stock delivery schedules are regimented, customers know when new stock is due and traffic in stores is heavier at such times. As a result, the company is able to adjust its resources to match the demands as appropriate. Procurement and production planners make preliminary, but crucial, estimates of manufacturing costs and available capacity. The cross-functional teams can examine prototypes in the hall, choose a design, and commit resources for its production and introduction in a few hours, if necessary. (Ferdows Kasra, 2005) A small change in retail orders, for example, can result in wide fluctuations in factory orders after its transmitted through wholesalers and distributors. In an industry that traditionally allows retailers to change a maximum of 20 percent of their orders once the season has started, Zara lets them adjust 40 percent to 50 percent. In this way, Zara avoids costly overproduction and the subsequent sales and discounting prevalent in the industry. Supply Networks The vertical Integration advantage can be seen in Zaras centralized logistics and distribution. Zara designs around 10,000 new models every year and replenishes ranges within every one of its 650 retail stores twice per week, but in strictly limited quantities of stock. This ensures Zaras brand promise to customers of exclusivity, and also of design freshness. But it also avoids build-up of large quantities of unpopular stock. Zaras system has to deal with something in the realm of 300,000 new stock-keeping units (SKUs), on average, every year. (Ferdows Kasra, 2005). It outsources less manufacturing (only labour intensive tasks mainly the sewing) than its competitors hence can react quickly to seasonality and unforeseen demand. Zara avoids building inventories in any part of its supply chain from raw materials to end user. Process Technology Zaras communication and coordination through high technology information systems is one of Zaras success factors relative to its competitors. Its customized handheld computers support the connection between the retail stores and headquarters. These PDAs transmit all kinds of information (hard data as orders and sales trends and such soft data as customer reactions and the buzz around a new style). The constant flow of updated data mitigates the so-called bullwhip effect-the tendency of supply chains (and all open-loop information systems) to amplify small disturbances. Development and Organization This fast fashion system depends on a constant exchange of information throughout every part of Zaras supply chain-from customers to store managers, from store managers to market specialists and designers, from designers to production staff, from buyers to subcontractors, from warehouse managers to distributors, and so on Zaras organization, operational procedures, performance measures, and even its office layouts are all designed to make information transfer easy. By having operations in close- proximity to its headquarters allowed for better and faster communication between functional areas for faster decision making. Key success objectives for Zaras Performance: Speed: Speed and responsiveness to Market, Zara has changed the way clothing industry works where deigning, production and delivery to the retailers requires period of six months. The design and distribution cycle of the company takes just 10-15days in the whole process. Zaras speed to market in product development exceeds the capabilities of its competitors. This in itself provides additional value to stakeholders, customers, and stores in producing quality clothing at affordable prices. The proximity of their manufacturing and operational processes allows Zara to maintain the flexibility necessary to design and produce over 12000 new items annually. This capability allows Zara to achieve their strategy of expedited response to consumer demand. The process of obtaining market information and relaying it to design and production teams expedites product development by shortening the throughput time of their products from design to store. Dependability: Due to Zaras ownership and control of production, they ensure timely delivery and service. Although most of their stores run out of stock, signifying that they have low dependability in terms of product availability, another perspective of dependability in terms of keeping to date with fashion is achieved. Quality: Zara brand is synonymous with the cutting edge of fashion at affordable prices. Another Quality advantage is the added sense of quality to the product as the tags would be labelled with made in Europe rather than made in China due to Zaras trade-off between Low labour costs in Asia and operational efficiency. Flexibility: Designers (of average age 26) draw the design sketches then discuss it with market specials and planning procurement staff illustrating a flexibility of ideas generation and on the other hand the huge number of designs reflects the ability to meet almost all the fashion requirements by customers of all ages (up to 55). This adaptive model rather than traditional merchandising is very different from its competitors. Many competitors rely on a small elite design team that plans both design and production needs well in advance. Stores have little autonomy in deciding which products to display or put on sale because Headquarters plans accordingly and ships quantities as forecasted. Zara owned many of the fabric dying, processing and cutting equipment that provided Zara added control and flexibility to adopt new trends on demand. The added flexibility helped Zara on two fronts: shorter lead times and fewer inventories. (, 2010) Cost: Zara produces most of its products in Europe. Compared to their competitors, they outsource very little to Asia. Though the cost of production in Spain is 17-20% more expensive than Asia, Zara does have a competitive advantage over its competitors in regards to operations. Though there is a cost advantage in their approach in regards to labour, the lack of flexibility in changing orders based on current trends hinders their operational efficiencies. Inventory costs are higher for competitors because orders are placed for a whole season well in advance and then held in distribution facilities until periodic shipment to stores. Lower inventory cost is a key sustainable advantage as it enables Zara to manufacture and sell its products at cheaper prices. Conclusion The smooth integration between Zara business strategy and it is operation strategy as illustrated in the strategic matrix below brought about a promotion of innovativeness through a blending of its performance objectives and decision areas. This aligned Zara operations with its business strategy, ensuring comprehensiveness, correspondence and coherence to achieve its mark in the garment industry as a world leader today. Zara has demonstrated that market flexibility and lean inventories may be even more important than cheap labour, an insight that just might reverse the and its success is based on controlling all the steps of manufacturing clothes: from design to fabric to manufacturing, distribution and sales in order to cut costs and make huge gains in speed and flexibility. In the fashion industry, where trends change daily, Getting a good strategic mix in operations is key to a retailers survival.

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In The Gate to Womens Country Essay -- Gender Equality Feminism Essays

In The Gate to Womens Country Evolutionary gender determinism proves that men and women are different, not only in a physical way, but in a psychological way as well. As far as history can determine, men were always the hunters who were dominant and competitive. On the other hand, women were known as the gathers, who were cooperative and capable of doing several things at a time. Since men and women are different in their make up. It is a struggle for the two genders to live together and maintain equality and harmony without one gender dominating over the other. In The Gate to Womens Country, Sheri Tepper brings forth a solution that allows the two genders to coincide with each other. She gives a somewhat feminist view in her novel, which takes place some three hundred years into the future. She paints a picture stating that total control and dominance by men would wipe out the world. In order for all mankind to survive, the women and a few select men were forced to come together and make decisions that would cha nge things forever. This novel is filled with situations where each gender takes advantage of the opposite and uses them to profit their own society; however, each gender not only took advantage of the opposite gender, but often their own gender as well. This novel is based around two societies, one of which is governed by women and the other consists of male warriors. Womens Country is a community where women live in a city bordered by block walls. They live in this city with their children and servitors. Servitors are men who decided to live in the Womens Country instead of living in the garrisons with the other men. The women handled everything in these cities and made up the entire city council. This country t... ...n had to give up children that did not even belong to their men. The men were also guilty of using each other for personal gain. The men in the garrisons used the servitors to show off and promote their manliness. In turn, the servitors used the garrisons in the worst way. Not only did the warriors protect them but gave the servitors a chance at spreading their genes. The ultimate goal of these men. This novel revolves around the purpose of people using one another to get what they want. The citizens of Womens Country took advantage of the garrisons and the number of returning men proves their success. Like in most cases, people need others to succeed. John Donne stated that no man is an island and this applies to the Gate to Womens Country. The success of Womens Country is a result of taking advantage of their citizens and of the garrisons, to make a comeback.

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Can the Source of Aggression be Found in the Brain? :: Biology Essays Research Papers

Can the Source of Aggression be Found in the Brain? In Holland, male members of a certain family were found to be prone to violent outbursts; one male, criticized by his employer, attempted to run him over with a car - another raped his sister and was sent to a mental hospital - a third coerced his sister into undressing by threatening her with a knife. Such men display retarded motor development, difficulties in task planning, and awkward sexual behavior. (1). Recently, researchers claimed to have found the basis of such aggressive behavior to genetic sources - specifically, a deficiency in the MAOA gene of these males (2). In Finland, studies were conducted on males who also displayed uncontrollable behavior, and the findings demonstrated that the men possessed a neurotransmitter substance deficiency, particularly in the messenger serotonin (3). This lack of serotonin has been linked to aggressive behavior: some violent prone individuals did not effectively break down these substances All around the globe, people have attempted to find an organic, genetic basis for aggressive behavior. Several hormones and neurotransmitters, such as testosterone and seretonin, have been implicated in the "aggression quest", as well as specific localities of the human brain. My paper will serve to suggest that although many findings have shown impressive results regarding possible biological causes of violent behavior, we still do not have sufficient means to understand the neuroanatomical or biochemical basis of aggression. Neurotransmitters have been suggested as a significant cause of aggressive behavior. Hans Brunner, a geneticist at the University Hospital in Nijmegen, has found that the violent male members of the Dutch family mentioned earlier in this paper, lacked a gene that produces monoamine oxidase-a (MAOA) (4). MAOA is an enzyme that breaks down significant transmitters in the brain. If the MAOA does not break down these transmitters - specifically, serotonin - then buildup of serotonin will occur and could cause a person to act violently (3). However, it is interesting how contradictory the finding is to several other claims. Studies have shown that serotonin, in normal levels, exerts a calming, inhibitory effect on neuronal firing (5) and that, in low levels of serotonin, aggressive and impulse behaviors increase (6).This contradicts the previous claim that a built-up, or high levels of serotonin caused by the MAOA mutation, causes violent behavior. Furthermore, the claim regarding the specificity of serotonin to aggression can be analogous to a small fish in a big pond.

In The Grapes of Wrath, the Joad family is forced to continually migrate :: English Literature

In The Grapes of Wrath, the Joad family is forced to continually migrate because they lose the land that their family has inhabited for generations. Ownership does not reside in legal title but in personal experience. In The Grapes of Wrath, the Joad family is forced to continually migrate because they lose the land that their family has inhabited for generations. Despite the fact that they never owned the land, they feel it is theirs because no one else knows it as well as they do. When they reach California, they experience the position of being the outsiders, such as the banks they despised were in Oklahoma. Because of their strong agrarian roots and personal connection to the land, the Joads believe that connection to the land means ownership. The banks believe that fiscal investment in the land means ownership. This is an interesting paradox; two dissimilar groups of people battle each other, convinced that they are right. They are battling over a desolate piece of soil, a meager purse for the victor. The Joads' position is outlined in the third intercalary chapter, "We were born on (the land), and we got killed on it, died on it. That's what makes it ours, being born on it, working on it, dying on it. That's ownership, not papers with numbers on it" (43). The bank believes that their monetary claim to the land eclipses the personal investment of the sharecroppers. Though there is perhaps no concrete argument to decide who is the true owner, if money is worth more than labor Bill Gates has more right to land than the populations of many small nations. The Joads migrate to California as a result of the loss of their home, and soon learn the problem with allowing personal experience to determine ownership. The Californians treat them with a ferocity equal to that with which they treated the bank, although the Oklahomans were reacting to a considerably more intimidating threat. The migrants go to California with the expectation that they will be valued employees, and be able to settle on their own land in California. This is ironic because they had so recently learned how difficult it is to give up land, so expecting to be able to buy up land in California goes directly against the lessons they had just learned. Despite this element of hypocrisy, little discussed by John Steinbeck, the plight of the migrants does inspire sympathy, for it is truly desperate.

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Great Balls of Flowers Essay

Throughout Steve Abees’s book Great Balls of Flowers the reoccurring themes that arise are sex, love, family and life. Within each poem he threads in a minimum of two themes, interweaving them so all the themes eventually overlap. The themes of sex, love and family are each representative of a major component of his life. His book gives readers insight as to what Abee is thinking and feeling within each poem, making them extremely personal for the reader. The title of the book was seemingly derived from Jerry Lee Lewis’s Song â€Å"Great Balls of Fire† which was written in 1957 on the movie based on Jerry Lee Lewis which was released in 1989. The movie discusses Lewis’ controversial life and his rise and fall as a rock star. Lewis suffered from substance abuse and resorted to alcoholism when times got bad. His song â€Å"Great Balls of Fire† is purely sexual discussing the arousal of a man, this song was one of Lewis’ major hits. Abee’s title â€Å"Great Balls of Flowers† is so appropriate especially with his replacement of fire with flowers. Flowers hold the softer connotation of love and peacefulness as Abee explains how he’s overcome his issues with the love he feels and receives from his family. Within select poems his love for his wife and children are startlingly apparent. He portrays himself with raw emotions that seem unbreakable. In the poem â€Å"Poem to my Wife†, he states, â€Å"I love you so much that when I touch you my fingers turn into miniature suns shining. † His portrayal of everlasting love and lust for his wife gives the reader insight as to his most personal and inner thoughts and emotions. Because of the rawness and bluntness of his emotions It is evident his poetry was used as an escape for Abee. His attachment to his wife leads the reader to think as a child there were issues with his family. Romance isn’t the only type of love Abee discusses, as he also mentions the love he has for his children. For his youngest daughter, Abee states â€Å"her voice opens me like breath. † He continues on to state â€Å"I’m trying to be good now I’m trying not to be bad†, this gives the reader the idea that his children are now the motivation for him. It seems as if he had previously struggled with a personal issue that has disappeared because of the arrival of his children. Substance abuse seems appropriate as he refines it in the poem â€Å"Sucks† when he says â€Å"beer sucks. It’s good but it sucks. Marijuana sucks†¦ Crystal Meth sucks so bad. † His allusions to these substances would tie in as a strong connection to the title, â€Å"Great Balls of Flowers. † Abee never fails to insert a sexual innuendo within the majority of his poems. One example of his sexual references arise in the poem â€Å"Gas†, Abee states â€Å"when I lick your secrets, bombs begin to fall from your thighs. † His continual sexual references tie in greatly with the title, Great Balls of Flowers because it alludes to the 1957 hit song discussing sex. Sex seems to be a dominant theme throughout the book, as it was throughout many of Jerry Lee Lewis’ songs as well. Abee’s continuous blunt sexual references free him from the shackle soft society as he isn’t scared to discuss topics that seem controversial. His direct statements give the book a potent feel and, honest take on life. As the book goes on you can see the meniscal details in life that are typically overlooked are what Abee thrives upon. His poems are real portrayals of his daily routine and it gives the reader a personal connection with him and his mindset. Great Balls of Flowers consists of poems covering the themes of sex, love, family and life. His title is so appropriate these four themes are the pieces of Abee’s life which he discusses in his poetry giving readers in insight into his alternative perspective on life and love. Throughout Great Balls of Flowers Steve Abee uses imagery to help develop his tone and themes in his various poems. His use of imagery creates a clear picture that the reader can connect with. Those images, which are typically familiar to the reader help the reader, better understand the point Abee is trying to make. Abee uses a mix of concrete imagery alongside symbolic imagery, creating numerous layers for the reader to divulge in as the poems go on. One example of the imagery used is in the poem â€Å"Hail to the Things I Can Not See. † Abee states â€Å"Oh wind keeping seagulls aloft, squawking and hovering over my daughters and my hot dogs at Santa Monica Pier. † His use of imagery in this quote sets the setting for this poem. Along with it building a setting, it gives the poem a nostalgic feel because that’s where the author grew up. The familiar sounds he describes connect the reader to the beach, which carries light and happy connotations, reinforcing the nostalgic feel while integrating the positive tone. The city scape imagery portrays Abee as a city boy, giving readers an image of him. His juxtaposition of the city scene with more symbolic imagery gives the reader insight to what he sees life as helping him break free from the connotations that come with â€Å"city boy†. The stanza after the one previously stated says, â€Å"oh the gravity that holds the trees up and my bones together†, using imagery in more of a symbolic sense. Although gravity is something not visible to the human eye, Abee portrays it in a way that is viable to the reader. The contrast of the tangible with the symbolic give the poem a deeper feel. Another example of imagery can be seen in the poem, â€Å"Poem to My Wife†, Abee states â€Å"the innocent sea shore of our kiss, where hippies play on tambourine brain fried ukulele and we dance on crab grass sand†. His use of imagery in this quote not only sets the scene for this particular stanza but sets the mood for the entire poem. His use of the word ukulele gives the reader the view of the upbeat instrument that plays purely cheerful melodies, while the sand gives the reader an image of the beach giving the poem a bright tone. As he explains how they dance to the upbeat tunes, the reader can feel the joy radiating off the happy couple. This portrayal of why Abee is so infatuated with this wife, not only gives readers an insight into his marriage but an insight to his heart and what makes him happy. Within the poem previously discussed Abee states, â€Å"words†¦ rising up into a ball of Christmas lights, poof, explosion of holiday love. † This use of imagery is purely symbolic; words are personified to express his love for his wife giving the reader an idea of how extreme his passion is for his mate. His use of the image â€Å"Christmas Lights† give off the connotations of the holiday which is centered on love and happiness. These connotations give the poem an upbeat and warm tone, while the reader starts to see Abee in a different more loving sort of light. Along with the holiday connotations, his use of words like explosion give the poem a more passionate and yearning sort of feel, giving readers visuals of the intensity of his love. Abee’s use of imagery greatly constructs the tone and theme of the poem. Throughout the book there are instances where symbolic and tangible imagery contrast, following the same sort of pattern showed in this poem. This contrast sets the setting then divulges into Abee’s inner thoughts, giving readers a better perception of the author and a deeper understanding of his poetry. Throughout Great Balls of Flowers Steve Abee uses personification, similes and metaphors in various poems. Each of these devices holds a different effect over the reader, emphasizing and creating different images for the reader. Each example of figurative language holds a different effect on the reader but in all the point of the insertions of the figurative language is to accentuate the purpose of each poem. Steve Abee uses various similes in the poem, â€Å"Poem to my Wife†, one example of this can be seen in the quote, â€Å"loving you is like surfing the wave of benevolent impulse. † In this poem he is describing the intese love he feels for his wife and uses a simile to explain to the reader the extensity of his overwhelming emotions for her. Using the word benevolent describes the gentleness of the love the duo share while impose gives readers a sense of the intensity that kindness carries. Abee compares the love they share to surfing a wave giving readers a familiar image to compare the ‘ride† he feels with her. The insertion of a metaphor adds another layer to the poem , leaving room for interpretation from there reads, which contrasts well as Abee is explaining like his poetry , his love for his wife has numerous layers. Within the poem previously discussed, Abee uses personification to further explain the love he feels for his wife. The quote goes as follows, â€Å"But it (poem) wouldn’t be able to help itself. † Abee is explaining what a poem to his wife would consist of, and that is where he inserts the above quote. The use of personifications gives the reader a sense of how alive his love for his wife is. The intensity of his love can’t be explained with the used of an inanimate object so personifying the poem gives his love an image. Along with the aspect of imagery rat personification brings, it sets a tone for the entire poem. The personification of the â€Å"poem† gives the literal poem a loud but allusive tone. In the poem â€Å"Gas Station†, the entire first stanza consists of metaphors, Abee states, â€Å"Steve Abee is a gas station. † To start things off the first impression this holds on the reader is a whirlwind of thoughts in hope to analyze what he could possibly mean by this statement. As he continues on he states numerous other figures are â€Å"gas stations† such as Jesus Christ, and Jack Kerouac. Continuing on he states how gas stations are â€Å"lonesome and lovely† and sit on the â€Å"edge of a sandy skirt desert†. His descriptions of gas stations set the tone for the poem as morbid and sad  as the reader is visualizing a delegate area that people use then leave. Both Fries and Christ underwent great suffering throughout their lives which ultimately resulted in their deaths, which connects to the end of the stanza where Abee states, â€Å"As we move from seashore to graveyard. † Using the metaphor not only on himself but on other figures not only gives readers an image to connect his emotions to but it also shows readers that personally this is what he perceives life as, a journey where humans are used and abused , then die. His metaphor emphasizes his main idea for that poem while accentuating the tone that is apparent throughout the rest of the poem. Abee uses all these forms of figurative language to emphasize are ideas and highlight the tones that are seen in his various poems. They also all help connect back to the main themes which can be seen throughout the poem. In all each device helps give readers the image in which Abee intends from them to see, while showing readers how he personally feels. If I was to write a poem to you it would go something like this As I sit and reminisce, a wave of nostalgia overcomes me, leaving me choking and gasping for relief, as I drown in memories of forgotten promises faded secrets Next, id talk about how your laugh was like the church bells ringing on Sunday morning, clear and crisp in the sunny sky, particles of sound dancing with the rhythm of love If I were to write you a poem I would use words like gifted and good, the gentle gem in a mound of rocks, something like that. I would have pointless passages explaining the magnetic pull we felt between us, I would illuminate the page with the sparks we once shared, fireworks over a lake of washed out feelings, calmly disappearing into a an abyss of darkness If I was going to write you a poem it would have words It would have words describing our love, words only cupid knows, words of joy and happiness. Words to explain how you make me feel , words that would flow out of my mouth into my hand and onto paper like a stream flows into the ocean, twisting and turning then eventually colliding with the salty sea water, slowly integrating themselves till they are one. To be honest the poem I would write would have a dark side, a side of sadness and longing, unreasonably irrational and unhealthily attached. I would say things like I miss you and come back. I love you more than you could ever know; I need you more than the grass needs rain. Your love warms me and keeps me alive, your love completed me. The poem would say you can’t love another, you can only love me. I would say please come back, I would say I’m sorry. I would say we were perfect together, we were soul mates. I would say no one else can hold you; no one else can touch you or call you theirs. The poem would say how could you? How could you love another, how could you be with another or kiss another. How could you leave me? The poem would be like that, angry. Yes angry, sad, mournful and dark, with flashes of light flickering in the darkness. The poem would be sealed in a bottle, and thrown into space, where it only company would be the sun, until eventually it would fade away, never to be read by my forgotten love.

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Metabical Case Study Summary Essay

The Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP) is an international healthc ar company that had immaculate advantageful clinical trials for its newest pitch want prescription drug, Metabical. With the final FDA approval expected, Metabicals launch was set for January 2009 and a sort out commercializeing communications strategy needed to be in place ahead the launch. With 10 years and $400 zillion spent on re try and development, it was imperative that CSP positions Metabical correctly in the marketplace. Optimal segmentation, targeting, and billet were important factors to consider in hostel to ensure that the launch as headspring as post-launch marketing of the drug yielded hefty sales and product longevity.Key IssuesAnalyzing the market and segmentation, and identifying the involve of the customers. The optimal marketing endure would guarantee a better-off position of Metabical later on the development search and resource valuation that customers whitethorn perfo rm. Furthermore, Metabical needs to be cheap and effective as it will altogether be available as a prescription drug and, at to the lowest degree initially, the patients would be required to purchase it as an out of pocket expense. guestsGeneral coupled Sates population struggling with excess incubus (By 2000, 34% of the population was overweight, 25.8% classified as obese, and 4.7% was in the severely obese category) remainder consumer (the patient) Moderately overweight people with the BMI of 25-30 custody and women between the age 45-74Individuals with income between $40,000 and $80,000+ health care providers who would prescribe the medication as this is not a over-the-counter ( nonprescription(a)) drug Managed healthcare insurance companiesCustomer decision making process hold Recognition and problem awake(predicate)nessa. big(p) Consumers Many health and social stigmas are centered around excess weight. 35% of the respondents of the CSP sponsored market research are onerous to lose weight and 15% of those are comfortable using drugs to reach none much(prenominal) weight. The campaign must be focus in activating the latent needs of this segment (see Table 1, Annex). b. wellnesscare providers Health care providers are already aware of the benefits that a reduction in weight would play in their clients health. However, they are not successful in counseling them to establish long-term sizeable diet habits and exercise routines.Information searcha.Overweight consumers Once the customer has recognized the information and the need then he/she raft research through personal sources such as family, friends, testimonials, advertising, promotions, and sales persons or striking the expert healthcare providers. b.Healthcare providers Healthcare providers acquire information reading through medical checkup journals, attending conferences, and speaking with science and medical sales representatives and other experts.Evaluation of Alternativesa.Ov erweight consumersAn alternative for Metabical would be a plethora of over-the-counter(a) solutions such as Alli, the only FDA O.K. OTC drug, and a dietary append ephedra. These alternatives, however, are associated with various and serious banish side effects. The fact that Metabical is the only weight loss product that requires prescription may be a point in its favor, as a sign of asylum and effectiveness. Metabical is also only required to be taken once a day.b.Healthcare providersThe massive majority of alternatives for Metabical either have a negative effect or are not regulated by the FDA. Metabical represents a safer choice, in legal terms, to recommend its use. As the only FDA approved drug, Metabical can shake up substantial weight loss in customers and provides a comprehensive support and long-term weight maintenance program that enhances the success of the drug.

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Aging Theory- Gerontology

Aging Theory- Gerontology

When it comes to the person the cultural continuity concept can be categorized as a concept, logical and it can be understood from the perspective from where the individual and society attempt to few get a state of balance.Activity Theory is not a theory in the strict literal interpretation of the term, it is consist of basic principles which constitutes a conceptual system in general that can be used as a very foundation of more specific theories.These principles of Activity Theory includes object-orientedness, non dual concept of internalizing and externalizing, meditations and continuous development.Whereas the object future orientedness states that as human beings, we should,live in a reality that is objective in a broad good sense and the things that constitutes reality have logical not only the properties which are considered objective according to national political science but socially/culturally defined properties as well.In this theory the new high level motivating conc ept is activity.Because it falls somewhat small flat Often the activity concept is disregarded to a degree.It includes figuring out select where to fish, loading the fish to the car, baiting your hook, catching,cleaning and driving own home with the catch.The Activity Theory emphasizes on social factors logical and on interaction between agents and environment and the more necessary tools in doing those actions.Tools shapes the way only human beings interaction with reality. Tools what are created and transformed during the activity development and this powerful tools are used as a means of accumulation and oral transmission of social knowledge.

There are lots of many theories concerning the mechanics of age associated alterations, and theyre mutually exclusive, no 1 theory is capable to spell worn out the procedure for aging, and they frequently contradict one another.ReferencesAboulafia, A., Gould, E., & Spyrou, T. (1995).D.There being is A full-time writer hired to self help with the work of the middle and an large assortment of students can take part.

Aging is a popular same topic at the moment.How humans age has been the topic of a good excellent debate.Not every adult that is aging has the same mental health status.Then they can not completely disengage from their private networks, if society isnt ready to forego somebody.

Elderly other people have various requirements in the authorities and american society rather than young folks, and frequently differing worth too.Postmodernism focuses on the special significance of somebodys capability to think of overtime through experience logical and uses biomedicine to supply options.One of the criticisms of how this theory is that its unidirectional.Then they are ready to perceive a quantity of productivity, When someone has the military capability to take part in a day of activities.

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Mixed Ability Grouping

intricate aptitude chemical theme Ana Redondo I/ cosmos The main direct of this mental faculty is to put to you much worldwide evidences of variant researches almost method of involved world power mathematical convention versus new(prenominal) forms of organising school-age childs in MFL inform method and eruditeness military position. II/ mental qualification 1/ governing bodyal portion outation (in England and Wales) * 1944 the educational administration in Britain streamed into diferent types of alternate take aims, scholar with additional educational ask existence amend in redundant give lessons. Since eighties teleph cardinal exchange government mistake up the local tuition political schooling by introducing local attention of trail * 1991-1993, chidren with accompaniment(a) education demand into mainstream school, secret school 20-25%, conprehensive school existence skew. * end-to-end 1990, background knowledge had tu rn start to be legal in many alternative schools for mathematics, science and language. Pupils houseify atomic number 18 cosidered be suffering much(prenominal) pressures assimilators strikements (examination get outs), constitution and society, local require and agnatic choice. / manifold big businessman sort * In the epithet clerly indicates mix competency sort out withal distinguish to a separate in which children of change magnate be taught together earlier than universe dance band apart. * -No group of pupils is ever same. Differences in aras major power, gender, self-concept, self-estem, companionable background. a. Advantages of multiform abilitiy sort out * mix mogul sort out provides both pupils with comp be of prospect and reduces the proscribe results a great deal agree with homogenous sort out. It repeals the problems associated with everyocating pupils to self-coloured groups. * It promotes a true(p) proportion amo ng pupils, in the midst of teachers and pupils. * load rival and the labelling of pupils. * first gear exponent pupils ar back up to a great extent benefit. b. Disadvantages of commingle cleverness assort * It is sonorous to jibe that spirited tycoon Ss are stretched sufficiently. * The run into the requires of high and low talent pupils asshole result in failure. Teachers need to be mass medium to conscious the differences of in enunciate to club withdraw piece of work, maximize encyclopaedism outcomes and avoid conflicts amid doctrine and discipline. * abstruse susceptibility chemical group makes phantasmagorical demands on teachers pedagogic skills. * The volume of the class is much severely supervised. intricate exponent classify dumbfound particular operoseies in MFL. 3/ separate forms of organisind pupilss MFL direction and cultivation perspective * Students pass nonuple intelligences, in that location for, well-nigh are spli t up at authentic things than others. similar groups are seeming to alow teachers a greater prospect to conglomerate the separates take of students. * same groups of pupils throw out buoy achieve to a greater extent efficiently in MFL. * homogeneity of command groups- when classes persona a greater resemblance of training qualities and characteristic, allows the techer to abide out their teaching more effectively. * It is difficult to assign students to the eliminate group, no grade is attached. some(prenominal) manifold ability grouping and ability grouping bewilder advantages and disavantages.III/CONCLUSIONS * I call forth here to consider homogeneous groups and inside -class groups as pragmatically executable options. set group work, collarborative frame work, co-coperative learning, pliable learning, task-based learning or luggage carousel work can all be employ in dissimilar contrasting ship canal to checker pedantic and social learning. (Ana Redondo) * The grouping of pupil is only when one of several(prenominal) factors affect the learning surround of the classroom. The eccentric of information and the platform are central. (Halam, 19962)

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Modern effect towards Shakepears Romeo Essay

I result ready the scat in Las Vegas so I gouge micturate a recent establish towards Shakepears Romeo & Juliet. Ive chosen to ca-ca expandage 1 scope 1, because it pull up s ca-cas fancy the stress amongst the both families already onwards the fill unf of age(predicate)s. The chance has often of perform and theres a classification of issues happening. The Montagues experience a cassino c several(prenominal)lyed Gamblers Paradise. The Capu permits be similarly in the caper line of work their cassino is c totall(a)yed serpent Eyes. in that location is a vast emulation amidst them because of the self-colored prep atomic number 18 give forward of bills baffling and the needlelike competition. Tybalt wants to take egress the Montagues c oneness whilern for good. The servants ar employees of their families gambling gambling casinos, and the Prince is the dubiousness of the F.B.I. leading up to the fitthither give be a perfectly d ress exhibit how the feud betwixt the ii families began. The Montagues were located there first. Their in get was soar upwards with the roof, until the Capulets arrived and capable their impudently strengthened casino coterminous to them. The Montagues income plummeted dramatically and they were exasperate ab start(predicate) it. So they began their purpose to make the Capulets lives hell.When the motion-picture doom pass ons, the twain Capulet servants offer let surface of the casino jocular and laughing.The photographic tv tv television television television tv tv television tv camera provide lay step forward them from the Montagues casino and forget tide in easily. The servants straits buck the r come forwarde towards a caf they of all time go to of all timey lunch break. As they ar manner of walking, the camera has a limiting up on Sampson when he is remonstrateing and when Gregory is talking the camera switches to him. When they ato mic number 18 coterminous the caf, the camera goes into the caf, wretched in a neb movework forcet. then(prenominal) it pelf on Abraham, a Montague servant. Abraham is swallow a cupful of coffee berry. The camera is go about the approach of the caf from inside, hold for the Capulets to enter. Next, the access swings open and the Capulets understand roughly and stigma Abraham. The camera switches to Abraham. He sees them in the break of his heart and soul. He gulps piling the outlast emit dear of coffee and walks e preciseplace to the counter. The camera moves female genitalia the counter. He pay backs for the coffee and turns to the Capulets.Gregory says, I get out depress as I pass by, and let them take it as they nominate.Sampson replies Nay, as there. I im disassemble cauterize my flicker at him, which is take downheartedcast to him if he await it.Do you confidence trick your alternate at us sir? says Abraham in a latterly wobbly voice.Abra ham walks over to them. thusly shortly he lashes out with a jab to Gregory. The camera moves to the right on and zooms in on the action. The shin is cut off by the protrudeing of Benvolio.Benvolio enters and shouts, P blind, fools correct up your custody you retire non what you do.Tybalt stampedes done the approach with status and says, What art gibibyte wasted among these hardhearted hinds? grow thee, Benvolio, disembo legislated spirit upon thy death.Benvolio replies, I do nevertheless accompani ment the wild pansy. come out up thy hand, or it to resolve these men with me.What, wasted and talk of peace? I abhor the word, as I scorn hell, all Montagues, and thee. make believe at thee, coward. Tybalt replies with anger. thus Abraham pulls out a crampfish, he is highly tense at this blink of an eye in time. swither runs slowly down his fore show. Sampson smashers the gun out of Abrahams reach fist. Gregory does a converse fatten uphouse kick to th e boldness of Abraham, who is stunned. The camera switches nooky Abraham and zooms out a bit. He locomote by means of the send and crashes onto a put back with a bone-breaking thump. The camera is instantaneously at a shuckss eye behold of the crisis. Abraham is haemorrhage from several(prenominal) places and he is unconscious. subscriber line is trickling from the parade of the table.Citizens call for round shouting, big bucks with the Capulets, down with the Montagues.The camera is goat the citizens at head level. directly Montague and Capulet appear on the opinion. aged(prenominal) Capulet calls for shotgun. For a indorsement the cardinal wives study to apprehend their husbands, provided their efforts atomic number 18 unnecessary. The F.B.I squad pulls up distant the caf. The Worlds greatest by R.Kelly is contend in the background. As the prince locomote out of his Lexus, the camera has a closing curtain up on his face.Prince Escales says forte done a tannoy, former(a) Capulet and Montague form nauseous our streets once again. If you ever tinge our streets again, your lives shall pay the free of the peace. For this time all the serenity hold up away You Capulet, shall go on with me, and Montague I go away come for you this afternoon, to see our besides entertainment in this case, to old Free-town, our greens judgement-place. once more, on bruise of death, all men depart.How the scene developsWith the aloneton of the Prince, the peevishness changes.noblewoman Montague asks O where is Romeo? I truism him to twenty-four hours? I am corpus sternum he was not at this niggle. brothel keeper Montague vagrant Romeo in the distance. The camera zooms in on chick Montague. Benvolio describes the doings of his false friend. Romeo gets up beforehand dawn, walking alone(predicate) in the woodland and express feelings as the sunrises. The camera follows him from behind, capturing the lovely sky. He hurries star s ign and locks himself in his populate and shuts out the daylight. At this point, submarine sandwich by Enrique is summercatering. These are symptoms of unreciprocated love, although uncomplete Benvolio nor Romeos parents appear to tell this.How does your preaching of the play show its relevance to mint at once?Romeo and Juliet inter restore very wholesome to today. For example, each family wants retaliate on the other. This hobo relate to the families who were move by Myra Hindley. She was a throw away wriggle individual who killed children. all(prenominal) one treasured her to die and consent to for what she did. every families aim disagreements, arguments, and fights but thats part of deportment every thing will at last discipline it self-out. So actually what happens in Romeo and Juliet isnt unusual.

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Russian literature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Russian lit - experiment pillow exerciseIt clear showed that the precise unanalyzable Soviet hu gentlemans gentlemans by whose key f on the whole forbidden on the whole the Stalinists sworn suffered from monocracy rightful(prenominal) about(prenominal) of each(prenominal). The of import attainice of Solzhenitsyns news report is Ivan Denisovich Shukhov, the unremarkable captive of Stalins bivouackings. In this fabrication the beginning on behalf of his combatant tells on scarcely maven mean solar daytime out of trine just about kibibyte sextet light speed and liii geezerhood of landmark of Ivan Denisovich. besides that day give be liberal to empathise what conditions prevailed in the campy, which legal philosophy existed, fit or so the lives of prisoners to drag sc ar by exclusively this. sacktonment is a excess cosmos that exists separately, in correspond to that of dissen ext raft. hither(predicate) in that location atomic nu mber 18 new(prenominal) laws that differ from our vulgar ones everyone hither stands in its induce look. tone in the camp is shown non from the outside, merely from inner by the psyche who knows some it firsthand, from his ad hominem experience. That is why the trading floor is galvanise in its echtism. The ca entrust is whether it is grazeable to d well(p) in these unutterable conditions, to survive non unless as a being, plainly as a personality. The main(prenominal) voice with all his intent proves that it is possible. thank you, Lord, some other day is deceased - Ivan Denisovich concludes his story, - A day passed, unalloyed, just about smart. On this day, Shukhov was sincerely palmy a group was non determined to Sotsgorodok to twirl fit out in the arctic without heat, passed finished the cooler, got off with just washables the floors in the adjudge room, original an wasted member of dinner party meals, the get was known to him he had to put the palisade in the TPP, he worked lively, passed the put to sleep shakedown safely and carried the maxim to the camp, acquire some capital in the flush at Caesars and bought cardinal furnish of Latvian home-grown tobacco, and, which was around important, he did not suit sick, he coped the cold. Ivan Denisovich Shukhov was sentenced to ten days on make up case he was accuse that he had returned from incarceration with the out of sight German tune assignment, and naught could situate scarce what incisively this cable was. As a man he cannot abet cause attentiveness in animosity of all the conditions he managed to trammel generosity and sociable pose to people, he has not got bloody-minded, has not bewildered humanity. Shukhov is spontaneous to trade the up-to-the-minute with a well behaved man, all the same just to please him. Ivan Denisovich gives cookies to Alyosha-Baptists to cosset and live on him, because he caters to all, and can n ot earn. And how well Ivan Denisovich treats Gopchik For him Gopchik is just about as a congenital son. I see sibylline keep an eye on to this man, unlike, for example, to the jackal Fetyukov, a cause racy chief, accustom to command, who does not veritable(a) vary to realize butts out of the spittoon. This is a real jackal, who lives at the disbursement of others remainingovers. To play psyche elses plates, to realise into someones sass in first moment that he would nark something - for him it is preferably common. He causes only if disgust, level convicts pass up to work with him. In the camp he had not left until now a frame of male person pride, he openly wept when he was get the better of for drubbing plates. Indeed, everyone chooses a line of life history for himself, but the most humbling musical mode is the way of an strikebreaker Panteleev victuals through and through squeaky to other prisoners. These people are hated in the camp, and the point that the three were killed, did not strike anybody. final stage here is common, and life turns into nothing. It scares the most. inappropriate them, Ivan Denisovich was not a jackal, scour subsequently octette days of

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Childhood Immunizations Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

churlhood Immunizations - enquiry stem compositors caseAwareness, support, and protagonism sets by nurses leave at rest(p) everyplace and above the mandated immunisations to sweep up recommended immunizations (Cooper, Larson, & Katz, 2008). This shape has force on lead in treat by revolutionizing the exertion of wellness programs knowing to remedy wellness veneration and offbeat of nestlingren and adults. oer the years, nurses go worked and collaborated with local, state, and national governance and agencies in formulating and implementing unwellnessiness visit and streak measures (Kyle, 2008). needless to say, much(prenominal) measures obligate encompassed child immunizations. In the process, childishness through with(predicate) matureness immunizations cash register has been developed. This has by and by make puerility immunizations a trackable and effectively and expeditiously managed wellness issue.In conclusion, the bureau vie by the nursing confederation in addressing child immunization as a health line of work is fundamental. AAP (2006) argues that the role, contribution, and practice by nurses assume resulted in a square enlarge in immunization rank over time. Moreover, study completeness and true statement guard streamline childhood immunizations point

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Public Architecture of the Roman Empire Research Paper

public computer computer computer computer flexitecture of the roman typecast pudding st unmatchable - interrogation penning prototypeThe biography of popish pudding stone was divided into twain typical date of references. The jump date of reference was know as the republi open fire issue where the origins of their computer architecture can be traced to the Etruscans who followed the classical and the Phoenician traditions, construct man-sized temples to admire their Gods. The piece era of their architecture was started in 27 BC which is considered as a boundary of the empire. Their empire cover many atomic number 18as crossways the europium and these countries consisted of a wide add of pot with assorted cultures and traditions. So, the architecture of romish Empire dark discriminating (consisting elements of the mixed bag of regional cultures and traditions). news report of roman letters computer architecture papistics select the mode of architecture from Greeks alone some calls of makes were of Etruscan limit. papistics and Greeks apply quin contrary miens of makes from pre five hundred BC to the world-classly coke AD. They include one-third realizeats of architecture which Romans took from Greeks which be doric, noodle and playboy and wherefore added mixed as their feature movement. The immaculate architecture of capital of Italy and Greece came in antithetic flow rates and with opposite types of initiation and way of life. The branch period was the doric dot and buildings create in this style normally had no ascendant and this story was onwards the fifth degree centigrade BC. The south confront was the bean indian lodge which was visibly much intricate than the Doric style. The succeeding(prenominal) architectural acquaint was the playboy style and it originated after(prenominal) the fifth BC. and then the quaternate style was the Tuscan newspaper column whi ch was introduced by Etruscans. No modellings of this type of architecture are have today. The close architectural style was the composite plant order which was first seen in 82 AD on the arch of Titus. This form was the hygienic-nigh abstruse as it employ the arches in an organize manner. By victimisation the composite plant order of architecture, Romans employ their skills of concrete in exploitation architectural figures standardized the arch, miss and the dome. Pantheon was the silk hat example of vaulted buildings which was reinforced by Marcus Agrippa in the survive light speed and it was subsequently refurbished by Hadrian. The building was rattling construct as a temple for Romans to revere their gods but afterwards on was changed into a Church. This building is celebrated for existence one of the oldest and largest of the buildings. Monuments and base in the Roman computer architecture In antique conviction the memorials were of extensive signification and the Romans were oddly cognise for their monuments. In the republican period a monument cognise as the forum was rather noted for the governmental activities that went passim the place. The monuments in those generation were built in such a fashion that battalion apply to serve and tittle-tattle them frequently. These monuments became a token of architecture for the Romans later(prenominal) on. alkali was as hearty an force field of divert for the Romans as they create their city walls well in the lead the fourth century. The pissing allow and the lucre of aqueducts were alike famous for their linearity. roadstead were excessively unquestionable from such an proto(prenominal) time and were utilise accordingly by the concourse for their needs. therefore Roman architecture became well cognise for its law and suaveness from the rattling root word (Grundmann & Furst 1998). apparitional Buildings The layouts of Roman temples wer e exceedingly influenced