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Pan’s Labrynth Newspaper Article Essay

Yesterday night, natural law took in 13 suspects who could deem been related to the brutal murder of a child.A young female, roughly senile 8 10 age was ensn be murdered outside the noted Labyrinth, El laberinto del fauno.Police have asked around the local area of Bilbao, but have asked the townspeople to come forward, as they might hold the critical information of this case. Polica Juan Margon states that We want to finish this case inwardly 4 6 weeks, we need the key to solving this murder, but someone out there holds it, not us.Police have told the public, with help from the forensics, they havefound fingerprints of the future suspects.The 13 men who are kept in for indepent interviewsHave released information about who they are and that they are part of the Spanish Maquis guerrillas.The man and his sister have also revealed a quote from behalf of two of them We knew the misfire, she was very close to us two. Once alone, the woman said The girl was like my own daugh ter. I employ to look after her as my own. I hope the police find out who done such a thing.Later on, Detective Felip Romerez revealed the names of the woman and herbrother. The woman, Mercedes Julientos, and her brother, Frederico Julientos are both suspects themselves.Whilst on the crime scene, forensics had discovered another tree trunk, one of a man, who is seemed to be aged 40 or over. During each interview, Mercedes and Frederico have both denied beholding a man at the time of the killing.At the time of the police arriving, Mercedes was holding a very young baby, who forensics say, after eximaning the body of the male, could be related to the male.The 13 suspects, along with Mercedes Julientos, and her brother, Frederico Julientos are all going downstairs for custody of the police. They all exit later be taken to chat up to be proven innocent or guilty. A later project wil be published for the court hearing.If more than 8 of the suspects are found guilty, each could be facing a minimum of 7 years in jail.Other suspects that have been interviewed and released on bail are some who were at the crime scene.2 of the 13 main suspects have tried to escape, but the cheif of the Spanish police caught both red handed. They have been told that their impede could effect their hearing and their trial.Police and forensics have partially identified the body as Ophelia Llimero, aged 8. The brother of Ophelia Llimero, is now left orphan, but will be staying with Mercedes Julientos for the time being.Sailinda Hugamos, the neighbour of Videl Llimero, said Ophelia and I were so close. She used to come to my house everyday to eat my homemade famous Salsa. My preserve and I will be extremely devestated.The area around the bang-up big fig tree in El laberinto del fauno will be closed off until forensics have fully analysed the whole area, and until further notice. totally of the area has been closed off to local people and tourists.Dates for the hearings for the 13 suspects, excluding Mercedes Julientos, and her brother, Frederico Julientos are yet to be decided.

Power Control Theory

In this paper I will describe my family surround based on Hagans Power- Control scheme, I will justify paternalistic and egalitarian families and which air my family is affected by. When comparing Hagans Power-Control Theory an individual wonders about their environment and how it affects there family. Hagan created a critical womens rightist model that used gender differences to explain the onset of criminology (Siegel, Criminology The Core, quaternary rendering , 2011).His view described crime and delinquency rates with two factors program military strength the power and family functions the soften (Siegel, Criminology The Core, Fourth Edition , 2011). My family environment is near diametric from most. In my theater of operationshold I would say our class position is a mix between under and middle class. The breadwinner within my house is my scram meaning Im in a single-parent sept. I fill in from a very strong family oriented surrounding and my set and belief has carried on from when I was a child to now. Even though Im in a single parent family line family members were always there to help if help was needed.I was b slighted with the extravagance of my mother and beat providing me with everything I ever needed whether they were together or not. They have always certificationed my decisions whether right or wrong. I mean that even though I was in a single-parent household my mother gave plenty of ground rules and responsibilities to follow. I never air currented into deviant or furious behavior I always had and still have love and support from my family no matter what. Paternalistic families are the families in which a breed takes the traditional role universe the breadwinner (Siegel, Criminology The Core, Fourth Edition , 2011).The mother on the other hand remains home and does the domestic labor of provision and cleaning. Young boys growing up in households like this head for the hills to very much steer out of control because they have more freedom and less parenting. Young girls are less likely to steer out of control because they have the view of what there mother does and that often influences them to be docile in a way. Egalitarian families are when a mother and father share similar roles and positions of power within the household and workplace (Siegel, Criminology The Core, Fourth Edition , 2011).Young girls have more freedom and lack enate control they violate law and often their behavior reflects on young siblings. Hagan guessd that young girls engage in adult status behavior sort of than deviant (Siegel, Criminology The Core, Fourth Edition , 2011). Hagan also suggested that single parent household children are more likely to deviate and have bad behavior due to an absent father (Siegel, Criminology The Core, Fourth Edition , 2011). I believe that some of what Hagan suggested is true on the other hand because I come from an egalitarian family I think other wise.I believe being in a single-pa rent household you tend to have more business especially when other siblings are involved. Being an older sibling to tend to want to be that role model for your young brothers and sisters in a positive way you never want them to deviate or steer out of control and go on a negative path. When comparing Hagans Power-Control Theory an individual wonders about their environment and how it affects there family. As you can see the Power-Control Theory Hagan created holds some truth. I believe that its different strokes for different folks all people react to their family environments differently.

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Aice Biology Nuclear Division

11/9/2011 AICEBiology Ch6JonesCh10RavenContent Replicationandsectionalisationofnucleiand carrellular telephones Understandingofchromo roughlybehaviorinmitosis trainingOutcomes Candidatesshouldbeableto (a) explicatetheimportanceofmitosisintheproductionofgenetic ally identical mobile phones,growth, neuteringandasexual duplicate (b)PAdescribe,withtheaidofdiagrams,thebehaviorof ( ) chromosomesduringthemitoticcell oscillationandtheassociated behaviorofthenuclear envelope,cellmembrane,centrioles and spindle(namesofthemainstages beexpected) (c)explainhowuncontrolledcell fragmentcanresultin crabby personand identify grammatical constituentsthatcanincreasethechancesofcancerousgrowth (d)explainthemeaningsofthetermshaploidanddiploidandtheneedfor areduction subdivision( myosis)priortofertilizationinsexual reproduction (e)usethe familiaritygainedinthissectionin brand-newsituationsortosolve connectproblems. ? Multicellular organismsbeginasasinglecell ? Mitosis ? cadredivision ? Alsousedinrep air ? Asexualreproduction p Cell Size ? Bacteria ? E. Colidoublesevery30minutes ? Heart&nervoussystemcellsrarelydivide,ifatall ? Skincellsanddigestivetractcellsdividethroughoutlife ? several(prenominal)(prenominal)every6hours ? Growtoa indisputablesizeand immobilize ? Controlsareturnedonandoff ? Duringinjury,cellsarestimulatedand promptlydivideandgrow producesnewcells,. i. e. ealing ? Afterhealing,cellgrowthslowsandreturnsto approach pattern ? Uncontrolledcellgrowthresultsincancer Surface rural area (length x width x 6) Volume (length x width x height) Ratio of Surface Area to Volume ? Surfaceareaand mountaindonotincreaseatthesamerate ? biggercellshavedifficultyexchangingoxygenandwastein andoutofthecell ? Beforecellbecomestoolargeitundergoescellulardivision and homunculuss2 girlfriendcells 1 11/9/2011 Cell Cycle includes G1 kind 2Gphases andSphase makeup Interphase Interphase M phase (Mitosis) M phase Sphase is shared out into is divided into G1 phase S phase G2 phase Prophase MetaphaseAnaphase Telophase G2 phase Thecellhasseveralsystemsforinterruptingthecellcycle ifsomethinggoeswrong ? Checkpointat expiryofSphase ? MonitorforpresenceofOkazakifragmentsonlagging brink during restitution ? Cellisnotpermittedtoproceedinthecellcycleuntilfragments ? DNAOverload ? mustbeenoughDNA satisfyinginthenucleus ? Largerthecell=informationcrisis ? Materialsmustbeabletopassthroughthe aregone cytoplasm chop-chop ? Speedisdeterminedbysizeofcell ? Rateatwhichfoodandoxygenareusedis ? DNADamagecheckpoints ? mavenDNA abusebeforecellentersSphase(G1 checkpoint) ? DuringSphase ?Read also Lab 2 BiologyAfterDNA heel counteratG2 checkpoint ? SpindleCheckpoints ? get windanyfailureofspindlefibers ? Detectimproperalignmentofspindleitselfandblock cytokinesis ? Triggerapoptosisifdamageisirreparable determinedbyvolume ? Volumeincreasesfasterthan outareaas cellssizeincreases ? CellsDNAnolongerabletoservetheincreasing ineluctablyofthegrowingcell ? Cellsconstantly divide ? Deadcellsrepla ced bynewcells ? malignant neoplastic disease ? mistakeincell cycle ? cancerouscells formtumors (massesoftissue) ? tumorsdeprive normalcellsof nutrients 2 11/9/2011 ? Mutagen ? Afactorthatbringsaboutamutation ? Genetic ? Mutations ? Oncogene Carcinogen ? Any componentthatcausescancer ? Somefactorswhichcanincreasemutationrates,thus promotingcancer ? IonizingRadiationXrays,gammaraysparticlesfrom ? Environmental ? cigarettesmoke ? airand piddlepollution ? UVradiationfromthesun ? viralinfections ? Carcinogen ? Any center fieldthatcaninduceorpromotecancer ? Mostcarcinogensaremutagens(changeingenes) radioactivedecay? breakdownofDNAstrands ? Chemicalstobaccosmoke,certaindyes ? VirusInfectionLymphoma,Papilloma viruses ? Hereditarypredisposition genetic amour ? BenignTumors(tumours) ? Donotspreadfromtheirsiteoforigin thocancompress nddisplacesurroundingtissues ? Warts,ovariancysts,somebraintumors ? Malignant ? Cancerous ? Dangerousandspreadthroughoutthe organic structure ? Invadeformer(a)tis suesanddestroythem ? Healthy ? Cancer yellow espy ? Stagingisimportanttodetermineifthepatientis potentiallyinacurableearlystageorotherwise ? compass point0? CancerinSitu ? formatI? Cancerislessthan2cm. ? StageII? Cancerisbetween2to5cmwithorwithout involvementoftheglandsinthearmpit i l f h l d i h i ? StageIII? Cancerislargerthan5cmor thereisextensive involvementoftheglandsinthearmpit ? StageIV? Cancerhasspreadoutsidethebreastand nvolvesotherorgansinthe system Causeof1outof17deathsinBritainin1990 1in13deathsinmen1in27deathsinwomen ? StageI&IIareconsideredearlyandcurable. ? StageIVdiseaseisnotcurable. 3 11/9/2011 ? Chromosome ? bothidenticalhalves connectedtogetherbya centromere ? Ch Chromatid tid ? halfofonechromosome ? Containsonecompleteset ofinformation ? Copiesitselftomakethe otherchromatid Centromere Twochromatids,eachmadeof identicalDNAmolecules ? Thekaryotype ofanormal humanfemale contains23 pairsofhomologous chromosomes ? 22pairsofautosomes ? 1pairofXchromosomes ? The karyotype ofanormal umanmale contains ? thesame22pairsofautosomes ? UncoiledDNAcalledchromatin? betweencelldivisions ? Happensduringcelldivision ? DNAwrapstightlyaroundproteinscalledhistones ? oneXchromosome ? oneYchromosome 4 11/9/2011 Sex chromosomes Spindle forming Centrioles Nuclear envelope Chromatin Centromere Chromosomes (paired chromatids) Centriole Interphase Cytokinesis Telophase Nuclear envelope reforming Prophase p Spindle Centriole soulfulness chromosomes Metaphase Anaphase ? girlfriendcellsgeneticallyidenticaltoparentnucleus ? Replacement/repairoftissues ? Skin ? Liningofgut A sample of cytoplasm is remote from a cell in mitosis.The sample is injected into a consequence cell in G2 of interphase. ? Basisofasexual reproduction As a result, the second cell enters mitosis. Cyclinsregulatethetimingofthecellcyclein eucaryoticcells 5 11/9/2011 Golgi apparatus produces vesicles ? haploid(n)anddiploid(2n)chromosomes Twochromatids,eachmadeof identicalDNAmolecules Centromere ? reductiondivision(meiosis)priortofertilizationinsexual reproduction Chapter17Meiosis, geneticsandgenecontrolgoesinto moredetail Geneticvariation trackoverin ProphaseI 6 11/9/2011 maternalistic set of chromosomes Possibility 1 Paternal set of chromosomes Possibility 2Two evenly probable arrangements of chromosomes at metaphase I Metaphase II Prophase II Metaphase II Anaphase II Telophase II Meiosis II results in four haploid (N) daughter cells. Meiosis I results in two The chromosomes line up in a The sister chromatids haploid (N) daughter cells, similar way to the metaphase crystallize and move toward each with half the number of stage of mitosis. opposite ends of the cell. chromosomes as the original. Daughter cells Combination 1 Combination 2 Combination 3 Combination 4 Prophase I of meiosis Nonsister chromatids MITOSIS Parent cell (before chromosome replication) reduction division Chiasma (site of crossing over) MEIOSIS I ProphaseProphase I Chromosome replication Chromosom e replication 2n = 6 Tetrad Duplicated chromosome (two sister chromatids) Chiasma, site of crossing over Metaphase I Tetrad formed by synapsis of homologous chromosomes Metaphase Chromosomes positioned at the metaphase plate Tetrads positioned at the metaphase plate Metaphase I Metaphase II Anaphase Telophase Sister chromatids separate during anaphase Homologues separate during anaphase I sister chromatids remain together Anaphase I Telophase I Haploid n=3 Daughter cells of meiosis I MEIOSIS II Daughter cells 2n Daughter cells of mitosis 2n n n n n Daughter cells of meiosis II Recombinant chromosomes Sister chromatids separate during anaphase IIGeneral Biology Ii Study fly the coop (Online Class)

Rain Water Harvesting: A Solution To Water Crisis

Water is an essential resource. No one groundwork live and survive without piddle. Hence, we should not let the source of the life waste, kinda we must store it. We do-nothing do so by the methods of fall irrigatefall Harvesting. Rain irrigate Harvesting refers to the process of put in and storing of rain peeing. Rain wet harvesting helps in providing drinking piddle, weewee for irrigation, agricultural purposes or for groundwater recharge. It is one of the best solutions to water occupation in the beas having inadequate water resources. Rainwater systems be transparent to construct.Usually, rainwater is either harvested from the ground or from a roof. During the rainy oceansons, the rain water privy be collected and stored in the tanks. There are many methods to harvest the rainwater. Usually, the methods used are Catchments Areas i. e. the areas which receive rainfall engagely. In this, paved areas like roof of a building or unpaved area much(prenominal) as open g round or lawns stand be used for the catchment areas. Ground catchment techniques has much chances of collecting water from the larger surface areas.Storage system It is designed according to the amount of water that is needed to be stored. Storage system must be plastered and does not leak. Chlorine must be put from cartridge holder to time to keep the water clean. Conveyance systems which transfer the rainwater collected on the rooftops to the storage tanks and that is done by making connections to one or more peck-pipes connected to the rooftop gutters or pipes. The gutters must be made as such that if it rain starts,the dirt will be washed into the down-pipe and clean water comes out. Advantages/Benefits of Rain water HarvestingIt is one of the best solutions to water problem in the areas having inadequate water resources step-down of soil Erosion. Improved reference of ground water. Raising of water level in wells and borewells. Reduction in the choking of storm water d rains and flooding of the roads. Rain water flows down the hills in the unionize of small streams which join together to form rivers and lakes. And this is the important and the natural source of water for the living beings. Some of the rain water percolates down the earth until it reaches the hard surface.There it collects to form a large underground water reservoir. Such water is obtained on gibe wells and it is called sub-soil water or ground water. Thus, there are three important natural sources of water besides abundantly available sea water. The sea water being saline can not be sued as such either for industries or for domestic consumption. (a) Rain water or snow water. (b) Surface water (river, lakes, streams, canals, ponds, etc. ) (c) Ground water or sub-soil water wells and springs. Rainwater HarvestingIn urban areas, the construction of houses, footpaths and roads has left little exposed kuchha earth for water to soak in. In parts of the rural areas of India, flood wat er promptly flows to the rivers, which then dry up soon after the rains stop. If this water can be held back by storage or by trim down speed of flow, it can seep into the ground and recharge the ground water supply. This has become a very popular method of conserving water especially in the urban areas. Rainwater harvesting essentially means collecting rainwater on the roofs of building and storing it underground for later use.Not except does this recharging arrest ground water depletion, it also raises the declining water carry over and can help augment water supply. Rainwater harvesting and artificial recharging are becoming very important methods. It is essential to stop the decline in ground water levels, arrest sea-water ingress, i. e. , prevent sea-water from moving landward and continue surface water run-off during the rainy season. Town planners and civic authority in many cities in India are introducing by-laws making rainwater harvesting arrogant in all new structur es.No water or sewer connection would be given, if a new building did not bring in provisions for rainwater harvesting. Such rules should also be implemented in all the other cities to ensure a rise in the groundwater level. Realizing the splendour of recharging ground water, the CGWB (Central Ground Water Board) is taking steps to encourage it with rainwater harvesting in the capital and elsewhere. A number of administration buildings have been asked to adopt water harvesting in Delhi and other cities of India. altogether you need for a water harvesting system is rain, and a surface to collect it.Typically, rain is collected on rooftops and other surfaces, and the water is carried down to where it can be used immediately or stored. You can direct water run-off from this surface to plants, trees or lawns or even to the aquifer. Some of the benefits of rainwater harvesting are as follows I. Increases water availability II. Checks the declining water table III. Is environmentall y friendly IV. Imporves the quality of ground water through the dilution of fluoride, nitrate, and common salt V. Prevents soil erosion and flooding, especially in urban areas

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The Comedic Wave

During the time of Shakespeare, it was understood that a impart described as a comedy would be one that implies a positive understanding of human experience . . . . a marriage or at least some kind of union or reunification that resolves the conflict and brings the characters into a state of harmony (McDonald, 2001, 81).This describes the storyline of Shakespeares piddle Romeo and Juliet it is a comedy that by modern standards would be sub-categorized as unforgiving because much of the storyline isnt humorous however, the culminating events include a reunion and (a precarious) harmony among the feuding Montagues and Capulets. The plot of Romeo and Juliet is not unique the concept ofboy meets girlboy courts girlboy loses girlis the center of many other(a) stories, but the impact left by the wave of comedy which is created by such plot lines makes the theme one that is timeless.It seems inevitable that Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet allow for scale the feuding of their famil ies, marry, and live happily ever-after however, this is not to be, for the lovers are star-crossed (Romeo and Juliet, Prologue). The play builds to its dnouementthe doubled suicides of Romeo and Julietby taking the audience though the lives of the two youngsters as they strain to overcome their familial origins. By the time the audience realizes that the two lovers will unite only in death, the impact is profound.(Juliet)Whats here? A cup, closd in my true loves hand?Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end.. . . .O happy prickleSnatches Romeos dagger.This is thy sheath there rest, and let me die.She stabs herself and falls on Romeos body. (V. iii. 205-206 212-215)It is a wave that has been strengthened slowly throughout the playone that remains with an audience division perhaps indefinitely.The war between the Montagues and the Capulets has raged for years, and part of the tragedy which becomes darkly comedic in this piece is that the barrier that stands between Romeo and Ju liet is nothing but a leger specifically a surname. During her famous balcony speech, Juliet, thinking aloud to herself says,O Romeo, Romeo, consequently art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name. (II.i.7476)Juliet is asking the domain not where her love is, but why Romeo is a Montague. Ludwig Wittgensteins philosophical Investigations would describe the situation thusly one might say the ostensible definition explains the usethe meaningof the word when the overall role of the word in language is clear (Wittgenstein, L, 30). In other words, the reason Romeo and Juliet cannot conjoin has been determined by the definitionthe roletheir respective surnames play.A in truth effective comedy builds slowly, creates tension-filled expectation, and comes to a resolution that leaves a reader or an audience member with a long-lasting memory of the event. Shakespeare creates this in Romeo and Juliet by establishing the meaning of the surnames of his characters, and placing each i nto his/her respective role.ReferencesMcDonald, R. (2001). The Bedford companion to Shakespeare An introduction with documents. (2nd ed.). Boston Bedford.Shakespeare, W. (1992). Romeo and Juliet. (B. A. Mowat P. Werstine, Ed.) The revolutionary Folger library. New York Washington Square.Wittgenstein, L. Philosophical investigations. The Galilean library. Retrieved November 29, 2006 from http//

‘Montana 1948’ Is About the Choices People Make

Larry Watsons novel Montana 1948 is told from the perspective of narrator David Hayden, rec all tolding the experiences of his 12 year old self. The observations he witnesses and describes reflects the choices that atomic number 18 do by the freehanded characters of the novel. Not totally changing himself but also changing the situations and surround around the small t possess of Bentrock. Davids uncle Frank played a major role in this novel displaying his selfish and egotistical choices. on with these self-centered closings, Wesley, was disunite between comforting his family and obeying the legality.These choices heavily influenced Davids own decisions therefore using his knowledge respectively. However, not every wizs decisions and choices were used. Gail the main womanhood figure in the novel had her choices declined and disregarded delinquent to the occurrence that she is a woman. These decisions and choices that were make by frank greatly influenced on the whole of t he family. Davids uncle, Frank Hayden is a highly confident, ignorant and narcissistic doctor who is clear only interested in his own priorities, status and position in the community.His choices that are presented throughout the novel do heavily influence the faultless familys decisions. Which do shape the time to come events for the family. Frank has had a broad line of being the favourite sibling between the two brothers (Wesley and Frank) due to this his father, Julian is fully aware of the fact that Frank is engaging in adult behaviours with Indian women, this had started in his early teens. Such things as these are explained when Marie stated that When he examines an Indian hehe does things he shouldnt.He takes liberties. Indecent Liberties. This account explains how the American Indians in particular, Marie feels to the highest degree frank and his methods succession examining Indian women. The choices that frank made were highly significant on the opinions and future d ecision that were made throughout the rest of the write up. Franks actions and choices caused conflict and distress deep down the Hayden family, causing rifts and a divide in the family. His choices changed the views of Wesley and his choices.Wesley, the strong, respected father and sheriff of Bentrock is torn between the decisions of protecting his family from the harsh virtue and unpleasant situations of Bentrock, Montana and enforcing the law and his duties as sheriff. Due to Franks immoral acts, Wesley is forced to decide Franks fate, whether he is to be locked up in prison because of his misconducts or, to have his crimes forgotten about to protect the Hayden name. Throughout the novel, Wesley is under a lot of stress and pressure to suffer the right decision.He is unsure and confused although he finally does sales booth up to his father and think for himself, as he was heavily influenced by Julians actions and wishes. Because of Wesleys choice to lock frank up in the base ment of their home, frank tries to convince Julian what frank has in reality done. Julian little respect for what Wesley has done to find out the truth nor will he ever have faith or effect in Wes because frank is the more favourite sibling. This is represented in the statement you-Investigating how through these two words displays how little respect Julian has for Wesley.The choices that were made my both Frank and Wesley affect the knowledge and the information that David has gained, influencing his choices. David, the innocent and extremely influential child of the Hayden family, uses his incorruptibility to his advantage. As David is the youngest character featured in the novel, he is shown as the innocent and unknowing character. David observes the on-goings of the family including, their discussions, ideas and opinions and uses his knowledge to for his own advantages.Davids decision to over-hear the conversations of the adult characters shows his curiosity and slyness, towar ds the situation. Throughout the novel, David displayed only a few decisions, including the fact that although insignificant, David did see Wesley about Frank breaking into the house and murdering Marie. As David was unconscious(predicate) of the consequences of the actions Frank committed, David was shocked and slightly scared of what might happen to him as David idolised frank, even more than his own father. Davids innocence is shown when retell what he says to his father Uncle Frank.Uncle Frank was here. , this statement shows how he had chosen to hold open the fact that frank had gotten into the house, displaying Davids anxious behaviours. As shown all of the anthropoid characters have chosen to lie and use their knowledge to use, although Gail seems to be the only character who choices were disregarded but also the right ones to make. Gail Hayden, the dominant young-bearing(prenominal) figure in the novel, discovers choices and decisions that would benefit the future even ts or situations, although they were all declined.Gail Is the come of David and wife of Wesley. This meaning that she is written to be contrasting the rest of the characters. This delegacy that because she is a female, her decisions and choices that she may or may not have made were in fact the correct choices but were declined. Gail, throughout the novel, chose to uncover the disgusting secrets of frank, and what he does with Indian women. Gail tries to confess his immoral actions to Wesley, the sheriff and brother of frank.Although these accusations made by Gail were true although as mentioned, all of Gails choices like to tell Wesley about frank shows how others do not have respect for her, therefore everything that she believed was contradicted. Although Gail was one of the main characters of the novel, all of these decisions were made inferior by the entire Hayden Family. Gail had given over up trying to convey her opinions and choices because of the Hayden family, who all made personal and non-personal choices.Larry Watsons novel, throughout the entire story every character made at least one important decision as these problems unravelled as the story progresses. Even if the choices were life threatening or dangerous to the rest of the family, all of the characters made a choice. If it was a choice to continue a womb-to-tomb lie, such as Frank. The choice to protect your family from dangerous situations. The decision to tell the truth to as higher authority. Or even if your opinions and choices were disregarded and ignored. The characters in the novel Montana 1948 all displayed choices which made up the basis of the story.

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Harmony and Dream

David countenance essays his employment as the NY Times premiere blimpish columnist in a very unique way he disregards conservatism. Now, regardless of where ones opinions may rest when it comes to political ideologies, neither a liberal, moderate, or conservative would recognize support writings as being conservative in every form. Actually, most of his writing is often self-centered and incoherent. This is most perspicuous in the extremely obtuse article Harmony and the Dream which purportedly promotes the qualities of modern mainland china and urges the United States to follow in its footsteps.The reason the backchat supposedly is used here is because Brooks writings display a complete lack of understanding of both modern chinaware and its history. Actually, it similarly displays a fundamental understanding of what makes Americas infrastructure work. take away the following excerpt, If you ask a Chinese person to describe a fish tank, the Chinese lead usually describe the context in which the fish swim. What type of silliness is this assessment? Ask a Chinese person? Does this mean every single person who lives in China depart share the same opinion?Such an assessment infers that China consists of a homogenous entity of like minded people. This is an absurd sentiment and apocalyptic of a fundamental lack of understanding of Chinese history and culture. The nonion of collective thought may be line of the rulers of the Chinese commie Party, but it is not the philosophy that the totality of Chinas existence prescribes. Also, Brooks infers that the collectivism of communistic China somehow has a alarming trait to it. It would seem Brooks points out that collectivism leads to some aeonian group salvation.He even faults the common American tradition of liberty. This is evidenced in his statement The individualistic countries tend to put rights and privacy first. People in these societies tend to overvalue their own skills and overestimate thei r own importance to any group effort. Such a statement ignores the fact that Chinese communist rule is little more than totalitarianism by committee. Really, China embodies galore(postnominal) of the qualities of a police state. Even by collectivist standards, China is extreme.In fact, if you were to consider other nations that promote strong centralized government control you will not see the repression found in China. Venezuela, for example, prescribes to Marxist ideologies but it does not use the state to sponsor murdering prisoners to sell their organs on the population market. Chinas government has engaged in this type of natural process and other insane human rights violations for years. To hint that the United States (or any nation) should face up to China as an example of how to model their society is absurd.Yes, China possesses an exploding parsimoniousness many nation envy. But, how did China arrive at such an expand thriftiness? Largely though paying laborers extr emely low allowance with no worker protections. This is certainly not the type of society to emulate even though Brooks suggests as much. The main problem with Brooks is assertion is that he does not examine the flaws present in Chinas infrastructure. For example, he praises Chinas economy but fails to name the extreme pollution caused by Chinas industry.The pollution poured in the air by many factories is so voluminous that it surely will have a serious, negative effect on the populations health. This brings about an important question what is the value of a booming economy if it ultimately reduces the quality of peoples lives. This is one of the many questions Brooks does not address. This (among other reasons) is why Harmony and the Dream remains an improbably flawed article. Bibliography Brooks, D. (2008, August 11) Harmony and the Dream. NY TIMES. 11 August 2008. Retrieved September 23, 2008 from http//www. nytimes. com/2008/08/12/opinion/ 12brooks. html

Compare and Contrast Readings Essay

You amaze suffered before as I have suffered, maybe non exactly as me, only when you have experient a fiber of suffering. Mary Row husbandryson shows us what suffering is in her harbour c eithered A Narrative of the Captivity, by creating a character who loses her six twelvemonth old kid due to an attack in her town Lancaster and unceasingly be moved. A nonher author, Olaudah Equiano, writes a story about another type of suffering in his book The evoke Narrative of the lifetime of Olaudah Equiano, by telling readers about him being kidnapped directly from his home and being brought into slavery. By reading these excerpts readers can see assorted types of suffering and how the characters handle them. The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano articulates suffering better because there are takes that intimately concourse would know about and tells how battalion around him are relations with the changes.Equianos narrative takes place in the 1800s, when s lavery started to become popular. He talks of his self becoming a slave when he was merely a kid. After, serving as a slave for different people in Africa, being detached from his family, and getting shipped off to stay a slave but in a fortune coun sift, he did not become belligerent. I did not know what this could mean, and indeed I eyeshot these people were full of nothing but magical arts, (Equiano 59). Equiano thinking the work force that are about to enslave him are full of magic proves how childly he is, too young to be a slave. A child being a slave for the rest of his or her life is a horrific way to spend ones childhood. He has suffered all of his life, beginning with the day he was taken away from his home but after all this he did not seek revenge, he became an author.Rowlandsons narrative speaks on the American Indians being removed from their native land by English people. When a reader starts reading the excerpt, one mightiness think it is only about a woman losin g her children but at a time you look at the details you will see how the events she describes relate to the event of Americans kicking American Indians off their land. The occasion (as I thought) of their moving at this time, was, the English army, it being near and following them (Rowlandson 39). The reason why readers did not know of the event from the start of the story is because the main character did not know why either. The quote gives us confirmation that the moving to different places is because of the English army, Americans, taking over their property .Both of these authors did a bulky job at helping readers view different types of suffering and how people handled it. Mary Rowlandson, the main character handles the suffering of losing her children and her home by staying machine-accessible with God, as I would. Olaudah Equiano, the main character of The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, suffers by getting stolen from his home and brought into slaver y. By looking at how Equiano deals with being a slave, it is like he just accepts what is happening and does not try to change it. Although Olaudah Equiano does not do much to change his life as a slave, he does a better job at explaining his sufferings to a point where people can relate or know a little background of the event.

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Marketing Mix of Mcdonalds

Marketing Mix Marketing mix moldiness(prenominal) focus on the yield, pricing, promotion, and placement of item in order to make it advantageful. Marketing strategies must feature customer orientation, input, and accessibility in the fight to the top of the merchandise. McDonalds is no different. An example of this is illustrated with a comparison of McDonalds and Wendys. At first glance, they may come break through of the closet to have roughly the homogeneous trade mix and target foodstuffs. both(prenominal) ar fast food and provide similar products. However, feeling closer, sensation base recognize that McDonalds primary target commercialise is children ages 3-11 and their call forths.McDonalds unders in desire mannerd that the p arnt was do the purchasing decision, close ilkly based on expenditure. What McDonalds merchandise executives did was ingenious. They put a $. 50 toy in with the hamburger, french fries, and inebriety and gave it a special name, t he blessed repast. Then McDonalds marketed the Happy Meal to the kids. If you have you ever asked your child where to bargain for a Happy Meal, they leave tell you that there is only one place you can buy one, and that is at Fun McFactsWhen Was Your McDonalds Favorite Introduced? 1955 Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries, shakes, soft drinks, coffee and milk 1963 -Filet-O-Fish 968 -Big mack and Hot Apple Pie 1973 -Quarter Pounder and Egg McMuffin 1974 -McDonaldland Cookies 1977 -Breakfast Menu 1978 -Sundaes 1979 -Happy Meals 1983 - sniveller McNuggets 1986 -Biscuit Sandwiches 1987 -Salads 1998 -McFlurry Desserts 1999 -Breakfast Bagels 2000 -Chicken McGrill and Crispy Chicken 2001 -Big N Tasty 2003 -Premium Salads, cuttingmans Own salad dressings and McGriddles 2004 -2004 Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips McDonalds. McDonalds has Ronald McDonald, playgrounds or PlayPlaces, Happy Meals, and fun advertisements with brightly colored Fry Guys or the Cheese Burgerler.Contrastingly, Wendys targets a more adult market and the restaurants represent a more come along atmosphere with carpet floors and Dave Thomas advertisements. Wendys does have childrens meals that offer a toy, entirely overall the atmosphere attracts a different demographic group. McDonalds restaurants have a variety of strategies that afford to product, placement, promotion, and price that makes them one of the most successful, well- k at a time organizations in the piece. harvest-time Strategies McDonalds marketing strategies should be find outed at historically in order to escort the larger picture of the rigids success.There have been so numerous strategies since the ancestry of the firm that it is grueling to account for them all, the two most memorable atomic number 18 the development of the Golden Arches and Ronald McDonald. These two icons have given customers a moral image of what to look for when they want quality food for a miserable price fast. The firm revolutionized t he fast food industry and positioned itself as the market leader with low-priced, quality food and provided an entertaining atmosphere for the children.These things were what that the market cherished at the time and the firm answered in spades. The perceived secret of McDonalds success is the entrustingness to innovate, even trance striving to achieve consistency in the subprogram of its many outlets. For example, its breakfast menu, salads, Chicken McNuggets, and the McLean Deluxe sandwich were all examples of how the social club tried to appeal to a wider range of consumers. The long history of knowledgeableness and experimentation resulted in spic-and-span profit centers like Chicken McNuggets and the breakfast menu.Innovation and experimentation also produced some disappointments like the McLean Deluxe, but inescapably experimentation in limited outlets provides McDonalds a mood to retain its detect strengths-quality and consistency-while continuing to evolve. The us e of franchising, again, provides various perspectives that, in turn, lead to innovation for products and solutions. Franchisees gibe to operate their restaurants in the McDonalds way but there remains way for innovation. Many ideas for saucy menu items come from franchisees responding to customer demand.Developing new products is crucial to any business even those that successfully relied on a limited menu for many long time. As consumer tastes change, menu innovation injects excitement allowing the firm to explore markets previously overlooked or ignored. The Egg McMuffin, for example, was introduced in 1971. This item enabled McDonalds to accommodate consumers of the breakfast market. Filet-o-Fish, Drive-thrus, and Playlands were all products or concepts developed by franchisees.McDonalds tries a few new concepts simultaneous in different part of the country to find the most promising new menu item. Those with the most authorization could be sweared out further, while the i neffective ideas could be left to die apace. This outline may be expensive, but the potential to unleash new areas of growth in a maturing market seems to be right in line with what McDonalds has always do. In conduceition to the local flavors that have been created in the US, McDonalds international restaurants have been conforming to local, regional, and ethnic tastes, in addition.In a recent McDonalds case study this was explained further For example, Maharaja McBurger is a vegetarian burger marketed in India. The special requirements for Kosher foods are followed in Israel. Similarly, McDonalds offers Halal food in Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. During promotions, McDonalds also introduces several another(prenominal) products. For example, its successfulness Burger is popular in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore at the time of the Chinese New Year celebrations.In order to respond to the developmen t phenomenon of health consciousness, McDonalds has locomote in favor of lean ground beef, 100% vegetable oil, 1% low-fat milk, low sodium, and low fat This product strategy shows that McDonalds is interested in becoming part of the culture and is looking for ways to appeal to the market internationally. McDonalds menu is based on five main ingredients beef, chicken, bread, potatoes and milk. Their main products are hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, and beverages. In addition, they serve a variety of breakfast items and desserts. every(prenominal) McDonalds is uniform you know exactly what you will get no effect what store you go in to. Although McDonalds has thousands of restaurants around the world, it standardizes menus and operating procedures in these restaurants to envision consistency through with(predicate)out. To maintain consistency in the current menu while the firm tests new products to expand the product line, McDonalds relies on test marketing new menu items i n pilot locations. New products are stringently market tested so that the franchisee will have a mediocre idea of its potential before it is dded to the menu. The introduction of new products, which have already been researched and tested, considerably reduces the risk for the franchisee. The franchisees additionally benefit from the extensive national market research programs that assess consumer attitudes and perceptions. What products do they want to buy and at what price? How are they performing compared to their competitors? This approach allows the firm to identify which items are likely to prove popular with consumers while ensuring that the union can deliver new products with consistent quality nationwide.McDonalds already has a history of doing this so it will not require major changes to its operations strategy-at least initially. If the product line-up gets too large, then the task of maintaining quality becomes exponentially harder. The trick is to consider how to fleet some of the existing menu items when you introduce new ones, while making sure the staff is fully trained in how to execute these products successfully. McDonalds serves the world some of its favorite foods Fries, Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Chicken McNuggets, and the Egg McMuffin. To this end, McDonalds had done well with a limited product range.Declining per unit sales and competitors gaining ground, may indicate that McDonalds menu needs a face-lift. One way to do that is by inserting a couple of new, highly promoted menu items. This would refresh the product menu and provide new, satisfying experience for dinner consumers. McDonalds has the opportunity to apply its core competencies of rigorous adherence to quality standards and continual promotion of experimentation in new venues. Imagine McDonalds opening a new day-after-day dining restaurant under a different name, like Macs, and slew away from the fast food industry.The firm could franchise that concept nationwide and target the market of consumers who have grown past fast food. McDonalds, or Macs, meticulous approach to operations would ensure that consumers everywhere would experience the same dining experience at each restaurant. This consistency presents a terrific advantage for consumers who dont want to be surprised with a bad meal. Consumers would stop the same as they do currently with McDonalds-the Big Mac in Minneapolis is the same as the one in Beijing . Placement Strategies McDonalds focuses on store placement and are always looking for the best locations.This strategy created some weakness in the last 10 years because it seemed that too many stores were put in some areas, cannibalizing sales from the other McDonalds. The company has also made convenience a focus, not only through how fast it serves customers, but also in the location of its outlets. Freestanding restaurants are positioned so that you are never more than a few proceedings away by foot in the city or by car in the suburbs. In addition, McDonalds is tucking restaurants into schools, stores, and more . Because McDonalds has pretty well virtuous the U. S. arket, its only real opportunities for growth lie abroad, where the competition is not so cutthroat or by introducing new restaurant concepts under marks other than McDonalds. The organizations overall objective is to increase market share. In this instance, the focus is purely on localization with different strategies for different countries. Pricing could not maybe be standardized across the globe without alienating many countries with poorer economies, thereof defeating the initial objective. McDonalds set an appropriate price for their product by looking at its competitors in each country.McDonalds is attempting to localize marketing communications imputable to the realization that it couldnt possibly appeal to all countries at the same time. The firm sees the necessity to brand globally, act locally. For example, in China it was recogn ized that advertising on television would be a waste of bullion because commercials between programs are generally ignored. Instead, McDonalds uses newspapers and magazines to promote its image. Similarly, in East Asia, McDonalds targets children in order to gain optimum results. Of course, the ultimate message (brand) is the same the mass medium is what is strategically modified.Pricing Strategies McDonalds strategy is to offer quality food quickly to customers at a good time value. The pricing structure for McDonalds over years has supported this message. The company strives to differentiate itself from other fast food restaurants by offering a variety of menu items that appeal to a variety of people from those who just want great hamburgers, to those who just want a quick healthy meal. McDonalds differentiates itself by offering a dollar menu, compounding meals, and a free toy with Happy Meals McDonalds, over the years, has also ran many promotions to increase traffic or prod uct sales.For instance, the most recent roll out has been the 2004 Chicken Selects premium Breast Strips. Right now, you can go to your local McDonalds and try them free. With this new product is offered a variation of the public sauces for the Chicken Nuggest a Chipotle Barbeque sauce is most commonly advertised. another(prenominal) promotion was the Campaign 55 where diners could buy a featured sandwich, like the Big Mac in April, for 55 cents when purchased with fries and a drink. This scat wasnt as successful as the fast food giant assemble would have hoped.Many other promotions with food, toys, collectibles, videos, and other prizes have been used by McDonalds restaurants over the past 50-plus years. These promotions, some better than others, have helped to keep McDonalds growing and gaining in the fast food world. Value has been an area in which McDonalds has strengthen over time, not only with customers, but within their distribution, channel management, and logistics s trategies as well Distribution, Channel Management, and Logistics. A company the size of McDonalds requires the value image to be increasingly important.Not only does McDonalds want to add value for the customers, but also the firm looks for ways to improve the operations that makes McDonalds a more efficient business. Promotion Strategies McDonalds knows that some customers go to its stores to take a quick break from their days activities and not because McDonalds made the food ten seconds speedy than their competitors could. Therefore, McDonalds marketing executives then put together the phrase, Have you had your break at present? They continued to develop this idea with You deserve a break today, and now are in the Im Lovin It mantra. Im Lovin It doesnt seem to have as much cowman as the earlier overhear phrase, which still seems to be the favorite. McDonalds sees the use of these becharm phrases and the use of the Golden Arches as a very successful way of differentiating the restaurants from other fast food competitors. McDonalds has taken price competition out of the picture because the customer feels they have gotten quality, convenience, service, and value and McDonalds still makes you feel like you are getting a break in your hectic day.Creating catch phrases are only one kind of promotion, and McDonalds uses many kinds of promotions to keep the restaurants at the top of the industry. With the rise of health consciousness it has become more difficult McDonalds to compete because their reputation brands them as cheap food served fast . The firms reception to obesity claims against the organization and other unfavorable public sediment is to add healthier items to their menu and promote and offer health-conscious alternatives to the would you like fries with that legacy.In addition, McDonalds has modernized their advertisements, pamphlets, and website to include nutritional information and addressing diet restrictions. Breaking the icteric ass ociation is difficult on its own, but with media and movies such as Supersize Me adding to the fray, McDonalds has had to look for alternative strategies to keep consumers happy. Another promotional strategy McDonalds uses is the huge investment in sponsorship. This is also a central part of the image edifice process.Sponsorship of the 1998 football World Cup, the Premier League and the European Championships increases awareness of McDonalds brand . However, McDonalds still follows Ray Krocs community of interests beliefs today, supporting the Tidy Britain Group and the al-Qaida Trust, as well as local community activities. McDonalds has become a known community partner with Ronald McDonald Houses across the nation for the use of families whose children are hospitalized and getting treatment far from home.This organization has created an image of partnership and community investment with these and other kinds of philanthropic activities . Rob Leavitt, ITSMA e-zine editor, reporte d in the June 2004 version that Larry Light, McDonalds Chief Marketing Officer, railed against those claiming brands must have only one personal identity that appeals to increasingly fragmented audiences. Leavitt also reported, Identifying one brand positioning, communicating it in a repetitive manner, is old-fashioned, out-of-date, out-of-touch brand communication, he said. A brand is multidimensional. No one communication, no one message can tell a whole brand story. According to Light, marketers that continue to follow a simple mass marketing approach are committing brand suicide. find out which way to market McDonalds and its products is a very important decision that can either cause products to fail or take flight. These same decisions must be made in regards to the marketing of the company as a whole. Strategy is the name of this game.

Ethical Dilema Essay

In this paper, I go away discuss the estimable dilemma faced by a bear who is caring for an eight month old patient of, who radicals with his mother to the want get on with a suspicious fr characterizationure. The mother provides a plausible story, and the physician knows the family and does non suspect squall. I will discuss the action I would canvas in order to provide the appropriate care for this patient. As a registered professional hold dear, I feel the only approach to the case is to report card the stain to Department of Family and Childs Services (DFACS) for their investigation. When a report is made, DFACS will complete an investigation and make the ultimate decision if ill-treatment or neglect was the cause of the injury. Each bind has a handicraft to report all suspicious injuries to DFACS, regardless of her feelings on roast or neglect. This is true even when the physician knows the family or does non suspect detestation.The nurse is responsible for her own actions. In order to provide the best fictitious character of care for this patient, I would take the statement from the parent about how the patient was injured, and then talk to the physician to gather the physical finding, which may acknowledge x-ray reports after this information is ga in that locationd, I would report the case to the local anaesthetic DFACS. Anytime on that point is a suspicious injury regardless of the plausibility of the story, or if the physician knows the patient and does not suspect the parent, the DFACS case must be reported. The nurse in this situation has a duty to report this injury and let barbarian services decide if the patient is in danger. I would perform a complete examination of the patient and communicate with the physician, in addition to noting some(prenominal) other signs of ill-treatment, along with paying close vigilance for indicators of abuse. Indicators of abuse can warn healthcare providers to pay closer watchfulness to situations that may indicate abuse or neglect and sometimes there are not indicators even though the child may be abused (Henderson, 2013).Three indicators of abuse or maltreatment include physical, child behavioral and parent behavioral indicators (Henderson, 2013). These indicators should not be considered in closing off but should be considered along with the childs condition in the context with overall physical appearance and behavior however, it is conceivable that a single indicator may be consistent with abuse or neglect (Henderson, 2013). Considerations of abuse are raised by injuries to both sides of the ashes and/or to soft tissues, injuries with a specific pattern or injuries that do not fit the explanation, delays inpresentation for care, and/or untreated injuries in multiple stages of healing (Henderson, 2013). It would be helpful to check the patients record for previous unexplained injuries or history of frequent visits to the emergency room or physicians office. Any burns or patterns of bruising during the examination would warrant further investigation.Other signs of physical abuse I would monitor for include signs of pain where there is not indubitable injury and lack of reaction to pain. I would also note any emotional signs of physical abuse, which include passive, withdrawn or emotionless behavior, and business when seeing parents. Any symptoms noted on exam should include this in the report to DFACS. Since the physical signs of abuse are often visible, most cases of abuse are recognized by a healthcare provider (Padera, 2009). These signs may be noted at routine appointments or while providing smashing care. The ethical convention of non-maleficence and beneficence are addressed with this case. The ethical principle of non-maleficence helps to tell that healthcare providers do not harm to their patients. If I did not report this case to DFACS for investigation and the abuse continued causing any harm to the patient, this would be an ethical violation of non-maleficence on the part of the nurse.The ethical principle of beneficence ensures that health care providers actions pull ahead the patient. By choosing to report this case to DFACS, my actions would benefit the patient and help ensure that the patient was no longer being abused. As a nurse, if I did not report this to DFACS for investigation, I would be in violation of the nurse practice act, and I could be held liable if the patient suffer more(prenominal) injuries or death at the hand of an abuser. My report of child abuse or neglect is confidential and immune from civil or immoral liability as long as the report is made in good faith and without malice (https// Provided these two conditions are met, as a nurse, I am immune from liability if they are asked to participate in any judicial proceedings resulting from the report (https// conclusion, mandatory rep orting can produce unanticipated and unwanted consequences (Buppert & Klein, 2008). Nurses may be touch about reporting suspected abuse especially, when the investigation is completed, no abuse or risk to the patient is found (Buppert & Klein, 2008). Boards of Nursing rarely retard nurses for failure to report and nurses are covered with their nurse practice act when they make reports in good faith (Buppert & Klein, 2008). Given this information there is no reason not to report this mother to DFACS for investigation.ReferencesBuppert, C. & Klein, T. (2008). Dilemmas in requisite Reporting for Nurses. Medscape. P. 4- 16.Henderson, K. L. (2013). Mandated reporting of child abuse Considerations and guidelines for mental health counselors. journal of Mental Health Counseling, 35(4), 296-309. Padera, Connie. (2009). Nursing, Child Abuse, and the Law. 7(37). P. 122-126. When you suspect child abuse or neglect A general guide. Retrieved from https//www.oag. .shtml

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How useful are the views of Anzac soldiers at Gallipoli suggested in Source A, B and C

All the semens ar profitable because even though they may not be reliable, they bear witness the concourses opinion of the Gallipoli campaign. Sources that fancy mints opinion back tooth be employ to opine for how the solders felt through out the wars. Source A was published in 1916, just one year after the Gallipoli campaign. This excites it a primary address, which could beggarly that its more(prenominal) reliable as it was write nearer the measure, and details dupe had less time to be forgotten.It was made on the Gallipoli peninsular, which shows that the artist had an affection witness account this would close he was relying on his own companionship not someone elses. Although it as created by an Australian artist, which might mean it, is biased or amplify because he might want to make the Australians look better, it shows both the good and bad side of the war. The cartoons show both ANZAC soldiers as they looked during the Gallipoli campaign. The eldest c artoon shows a man in a large over coat, shoes that are to big for him, a gun, hes take a breath and has skinny legs.The large coat and shoes that are to big for him advise that the supplies arent getting through and they are in truth low on re microbes so he has to use anything he dissolve get. The skinny legs also show that there is a lack of food and that the soldiers are very weak. I get by from my own knowledge that supplies werent getting through and that food supplies were very low. Also there were thousand of flies, which infected the food so that the shortsighted food that was left was not edible.The title another hopeless chatter shows the soldiers feel that they are not getting anywhere and that they are not going to progress anywhere with the k sweet day. The source is quite reliable and is useful because it shows an actual account of the soldiers time in Gallipoli and is not over inflated to make them look better as it shows the positives and negatives. Therefore it can be use to show how the conditions affected the soldiers, it also shows what the soldiers looked like during the war. Source B is useful because it provides a historical account.However it maybe bias as an Australian writes it and he might want to make his army look better. It is a secondary source so it might be more reliable because there might be more sources available. Also the people who have written the sources hes based his book on have had time to recover from the shock they may have suffered and write the sources more accurately. I know department of it is truthful and is reliable, as I know that the citizen soldiers were apt from an early age for military. It is also similar to the feeling in Britain to be left behind was unthinkable. So we know that this part is truth and reliable. However, part of the source is unreliable as it is just one mans opinion (John Kegan). in the raw Zealanders skills with the rifle and spade would win them a reputation as the best (p) soldiers in the war during the 20th Century. We know this is not true as the New Zealanders lost their battle at the Gallipoli campaign to the Turks. As the British and French troops won most of their battles during the first and Second manhood War it could be argued that they were the stronger and better troops of the 20th Century. It also says in the source ormidable offensive power, as the Turks were soon to discover we know this is not true as they lost to the Turks. I also know the landings at Sulva bay went wrong for the ANZAC troops and also the landings at ANZAC cove and Cape Helles border failed. This shows they cannot be the formidable offensive power the author makes them out to be and that he is maybe exaggerating what happened to make it his troops sound better. This source can be apply as an insight as to what happen when the new Zealanders got called up to war, and what the New Zealand people thought of their troops.Source C is written by a reporter, but it is not clear as to what province he is from, the way he talks about the Australians suggest that he is not from Australia, but is impressed by them. He seems to over exaggerate the part they played in the war and the way they dealt with it. This would suggest the source is unreliable as it is his own opinion not actual facts. This source shows what some people thought of the Australians it was great to watch them as they went.It shows the gamey moral and ANZAC spirit that was present through the campaign, I know this is belike true because is very similar to what happened in Britain through out the first and second war there was arguably very high British spirit. It also has some inaccurate points i. e. absolutely unaffected by the bullets this cannot be true as many troops were killed by bullets. I know that there were 200,000 allied casualties and some of these were from the ANZAC troops, therefore they werent unaffected by bullets.This source is best used as an opinion and insi ght into what was thought of the Australians rather than as reliable account of what actually happened. In conclusion Sources A, B and C are useful in different ways. Source A is the most reliable and accurate account of what actually happened and could be used to show what actually happened. Source B and C is best used as opinions of what happened, where the truth may have been exaggerated or distorted. It can be used to show an account from the ANZAC point of view and how their people felt towards the campaign.

Explain Erich Fromm’s twofold meaning of human freedom Essay

Erich Fromm is a German psychologist explored human license. He wrote about the two folds of human liberty, which atomic number 18, the freedom from traditional authorities such(prenominal) as the state and (2) the freedom for actualizing champions individual destiny. In his work about the Freedom in History, Fromm argues that the great deal came to understand the real meaning of freedom in the twentieth century. They thus fight to defend it. This is because it brings a lot of joy to the people, accordingly prompting them to devise ways of primary(prenominal)taining it.Through his work, he tries to justify the main cause leading to the fall of the previous social club. In addition, it has lead to the rise of a new generation of independent beings who are trash for direct high-quality future. This development makes them to have a feeling of non on the dot fulfilling their socioeconomic role in the society, but also contemplating their future Secondly, Fromm tries to expla in the way the people are Escaping freedom through his suggestions that people are successively attempting to lessen negative effects although expanded thoughts and behaviors provide them with security.He explains three forms of escaping freedom whereby he suggests that the dictatorial personality contains a lamentable and masochist element which gains control over the other people. Such control imposes order in the world. The ambiguity of human freedom is especially evident when do important life choices, for example, who we want to be and how we want to live our lives. Fromm holds that although people in advanced societies have been freed from the bonds of preindividualistic society, which gave them both security and limitations, they have not gained freedom in the positive sense of realizing their individual selves.That is, they have not found an outlet for the optimal expression of their intellectual, emotional, and social potential. We have freedom to direct our livesfrom the details of daily life to the more crucial choices such as our careers. Karen Grover Duffy and Eastwood Atwater (2008). Psychology For Living Adjustment, Growth, and Behavior Today (9 ed. ). Upper attach River, New Jersey Pearson/Prentice Hall.

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Module One Wellness Plan Essay

Include your goals for each area of wellness before complementary the reflection question.1.Physical I will go to the gym ever soy Monday and Wednesday for 1 hour for al least 1 month.2.Social I will occasion an otherwise club for this school year3.Emotional I will cross out weekly goal every week for 1 month4.Academic I will get at least 200 more usefulness hours by the give the axe of the year.Goal Reflection forelandWhich of your wellness goals is the nearly important to you? develop why. My academic goal is to the highest degree important to me because nowadays that I am older and about to start college I hire to get more service hours to get a scholarships. I line up that its something I essential do no matter what and in the end if it doesnt help me then so be it but I know I helped others and helped my community.Were you able to maintain your workouts within your reportd seat heart reckon zone? Explain which activities you enjoyed most and which best helped you hitch in your THR zone.Because of how hot Florida get I dont manage disposening outside, not saying that I dont ever do it but its just not my thing. I prefer to run on a treadmill. That always keeps me in my target heart rate zone.Fitness Assessment Reflection QuestionsExplain how you feel about your hemorrhoid when compared to the Healthy Fitness Zone Standards. I think that in most areas i harbor been doing pretty good in the healthy physical fitness standards. Although there is plenty of room to improve also in two my curl ups and my push ups but im still doing pretty good for my age. Explain how your activity routine is improving each of your health-related components of fitness (flexibility, muscular attitude and endurance, cardiovascular, and body composition)?Physical Activity Reflection QuestionExplain how you have applied or will apply each of the FITT principles in your workouts. oftenness Some activities, like color guard and working out at the gym, I do with regular frequency about every other day. Intensity I am working at moderate to energetic extravagance in most of my workouts. By speeding up the elliptic machine, I can push myself at a higher intensity while keeping my time on the machine the same. Time I am spending at least 30 transactions on most of my activities. My intention is to make up the minimum time to 35-40 minutes on all days. Type I am doing a lot of activities think on cardio and muscles because of color guard, so I probably need to pass on some other activities to work toward flexibility and to avoid tedium.Use the formulas to calculate your moves and complete the chart above. Average daily moves this week = Total form of physical activity minutes for the last 7 days x 26.19 Percent toward my goal this week = Total average daily moves by 12,000 Total moves this week = Total number of physical activity minutes for the last 7 days x 183.33Your parent/guardian must verify your workout during our required month ly contact.Fitness Tracker Reflection QuestionDiscuss changes you can make in your workout routine to increase your activity participation and improve on your achievements. Include adjustments to completed activities and activities you may wish to add to your routine.There isnt much I can do during my daily routine to increase my number of moves while i am in school, but on the weekends i can make an motility to wear it more and do more with it on.

Ways To Prevent Tb Health And Social Care Essay

Michael does non cognize precisely when he contracted TB, that he figures it must hold been onetime(prenominal) during August 2007 in Bangkok. Before the beginning of his symptoms, he did non go to each topographic points that seemed particularly prone to TB. He could hold caught it anyplace, in a crowded disco, a saloon, or even that sitting in a cab with an septic driver. Tuberculosis is transmitted through the disperse when soul infected with TB coughings, sneezings, tongues, laughs, or negotiations. By making these things, they ranch the terabyte sources in the air, and person can catch them from take a breathing in the sources and exposing it to their lungs or mucose membrane.The incubation period of TB is anyplace mediate ii to twelve hebdomads. Therefore, the visual aspect of symptoms whitethorn non reach until months later the first exposure to the bacterium. There ar some an(prenominal) symptoms associated with TB, notwithstanding they ar non ever a reveal ing mark of a ailment every bit serious as this and be frequently mis taken for something much less terrible. Some common symptoms of TB are a changeless cough with mucous secretion, coughing up blood, unwarranted dark workout suits, weariness, febrility, and unwilled weight loss. Some extra symptoms let in trouble external respiration, thorax strivings, and wheezing. Michael s first mark that something was untimely was a instance of the icinesss on a normal vesiculation calefacient twenty-four hours in the centre of Bangkok. A few hebdomads subsequently, he began to cough and experience a hurting which he, at that clip, thought was in his dorsum. His shape quickly became worse and worse, and two hebdomads aft(prenominal)(prenominal) his cough foremost appeared, he went to see a physician at the taking international infirmary in Bangkok. The physician cerebrate it was merely an infection and gave him some antibiotics. Of class, the antibiotics had no consequence, and so he went indorse to see a lung specializer. The specializer concluded the same as the first physician, but this clip Michael insisted on an X ray. The X ray showed big clouded countries at the under incline of the lungs. eloquent around the lung, along with swollen or stamp lymph nodes in the cervix uteri or other countries, and unusual breath sounds, are a few marks of TB. She told him that it was either lung malignant neoplastic malady or TB, and she asked him to cough up some phlegm, mucous secretion like stuff from the lungs, so it could be analyzed. She also recommended him to acquire an HIV trial because many race in Thailand have HIV before TB. Fortunately, the HIV trial came back negative, but that same twenty-four hours he was called back to the physician s and officially told he had TB. A specialised infirmary was to make a more in-depth analysis, but Michael was prescribed his discourse right off.As mentioned before, TB is extremely morbific because of its ability to be transmitted through the air. The infective period of this disease is difficult to escort as a manipulate sum of yearss or hebdomads or months. In theory, TB can be scatter every bit long as the bacteriums are actively being released from the septic individual s phlegm. However, the greatest opportunity of impartation the infection is during the period before diagnosing. The hazard of conveying the infection is greatly reduced within yearss to two hebdomads after get downing interjection. This is why it is vitally of import to acquire a speedy diagnosing of TB and get down taking medicine every bit briefly as possible.There are ways to preclude TB. The Bacille Calmette-Gu & A eacute rin ( BCG ) vaccination is effectual for cut downing TB meningitis and decease in kids, but it is merely used in relegates with elevated hazard for TB for it is merely effectual for a concise period of clip. In fact, Michael had received this vaccination when he was born in Denmark, but he was told after he was diagnosed it was no longer effectual. PPD tegument trials are avail commensurate in high hazard populations and for people exposed to TB, such as physicians and nurses. A autocratic tegument trial shows contact with the bacteriums, and prompt intervention is critical to forestall the spread of the bacteriums from people with active terbium to those neer infected.All states are required to describe information about TB surveillance to the humans Health Organization. This information is used to organize processs to command the planetary spread of the disease. A individual infected with TB should be isolated at place or a infirmary for 2-4 hebdomads till they are non transmitted any longer. TB is normally treated by a measuring six month class of the four drugs isoniazid, rifampicin, pyrazinamide, and ethambutol. It is imperative that these medicines be taken every bit prescribed to forestall the bacterium from going skanky to the medicines doing it har der to handle. If the medicines are non being taken right, patients may be sent to groovy observed therapy where they are observed taking their medical specialty two to three times a hebdomad.Michael s coughing quickly rock-bottom after being put on the medicines, and his back/lung hurting vanished after holding the liquid in his lungs removed. Remembering to take his medical specialties several(prenominal) times throughout the twenty-four hours, without of all time jumping, was a challenge, but he was determined. He was good informed by his physicians about side effects and different things he could non make. He experienced holding about ruddy piss and remembered no intoxicant was allowed during the six month intervention. regular(a) though he knew nil about TB before his diagnosing, he listened to his physicians and was smart plenty non to halt taking his medical specialty after the first few hebdomads when his symptoms went off. He knew how of import it was to remain on them o n a regular basis, and the six month intervention was a success. Terbium has the greatest opportunity of returning in the two old ages after a successful intervention, and so today, he is taking better attending of himself, doing current to maintain his immune system tight. He stays strong mentally and physically, and he is convinced he s all in TB one time and for all.Tuberculosis is a treatable disease, but certain fortunes can do intervention a more drawn-out, expensive, and hazardous venture. Suren Arakelyan is a 40 four twelvemonth old adult male in brief shacking in an Abovyan infirmary on the outskirts of Yerevan the capital of Armenia, his native place. He has been combating TB for 15 old ages since undertaking it after a short stay in a Russian prison for a eruption in St. Petersburg. Patchy antibiotics defeated the disease one time, but it returned in 2008 in the signifier XDR-TB, extensively drug-resistant TB. XDR-TB is one signifier of drug-resistant TB. Drug-resist ant TB is when the bacterium become immune to the drugs normally used to handle TB. This can go on when prescribed the incorrect intervention, dosage, and/or length of clip, when the drugs are out of stock(predicate) or of bad quality, when people do non take all of their Terbium medicines or take them on a regular basis, when they develop TB for a 2nd clip, or when they are infected by person with drug-resistant TB. Multi-drug immune TB ( MDR-TB ) is when the bacterium is unaffected by a cut back limit of INH and Rifadin, the most frequently used and effectual TB medicines. Extensively drug-resistant TB is a uncommon type of MDR-TB that is unaffected by INH and Rifadin, fluoroquinolone, and a lower limit of one of the three injectable second-line drugs ( such as amikacin, Kantrex, or capreomycin ) . XDR-TB is immune to the strongest first-line and second-line TB drugs, and hence intervention of this strain is less effectual, more expensive, and prone to more side effects. Drug-re sistant TB may necessitate up to two old ages of chemotherapy depending on how many drugs the bacteriums are immune to.Arakelyan is emaciated and despondent, and he has lost half his lung wind from the disease and much of his hearing due to the toxic drugs. He is lonely(prenominal) and separated from his household, a married woman and immature kids, who live in distant Belarus. Hopeless, he skips and refuses some of his prescribed medicines, the side effects on his organic structure excessively hard to bear, but this lone worsens his state of affairs and strengthens the bacterium s opposition. Taking all of the medicines precisely as they were prescribed and neer losing or halting intervention early are the best ways to forestall drug-resistant TB. Bing rapidly diagnosed and get downing intervention instantly and restricting exposure to those infected with drug-resistant TB will in any case assist forestall MDR-TB or XDR-TB.Scientists continually conduct research to happen better interventions for TB. Scientists at Yeshiva University in Bronx, NY are researching how TB infects/causes disease in worlds, how the human immune system responds, and placing the factors that allow the endurance and rearing of the bacteriums in the host. They are besides analyzing the mechanisms of drug opposition and how M. TB is able to last long-run drug interventions to find more effectual drugs and methods of intervention against TB. They work towards making new powerful vaccinums to break prevent and cheer against all strains of TB. Scientists at the University of Illinois in Chicago work to optimise anti-TB drugs to sweep away the bacteriums while being less toxic/non-toxic to human cells. They are besides analyzing the usage of natural merchandises against TB and developing tools to assist break the find of new drugs.Tuberculosis was nt one time called ingestion and the cachexia disease for nil. Without proper intervention, TB can be life endangering and if non can even -tempered do life hard and suffering. Precautions should ever be taken in high hazard countries until the twenty-four hours when scientists discover a definite remedy.

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Bodhisattva in relation to a discussion of love in Buddhism Essay

In chapter three of Dimensions of Love atomic number 99 & West by James A. Mohler, titled, When he (Bodhisattva) exerts himself for the good of others, he should be filled with love and love al wholeness without each admixture of expedience, we see how superstar who has set out on a invite to become a successful Bodhisattva must incorporate love for others (Mohler, 1975). The genuinely brain of the Bodhisattva is devoted to the spreading of love in his fellow men. In the coming paragraphs, light sh both be shed upon the intricacies involved in the responsibilities that unitary finds himself subjected to when he chooses to travel on the channel of the Bodhisattva.The analysis per varianted sh each be in the light of the third chapter of the book as menti adeptd above while elaborating upon the conglomerate aspects of the Mahayana Bodhisattva. As we go along with the summarization and analysis of the article, we shall observe the factors that argon of primary importance to t he Mahayana Bodhisattva and what the smell of the Mahayana Bodhisattva dictates. Karuna dictates a side of the code of study that Buddha presented kn experience as ahimsa. It is no surprise that the heraldic bearing of Karuna is in octuple religions and roughlyly in virtuosos that originated rough the same cadence as did Buddhism and Jainism.It is believed that this grammatical constituent of uniformity may have become prevalent as a result of the movement to discourage the growing bloodshed of that time. The essence of Karuna is to wangle sure that any element that net encourage or sens potentially lead to the encouraging of harm is non promoted under any circumstances. Ahimsa is a unique method of resistance that is incorporated in Kural as well as in Buddhism and in all religions it remains an political theory that speaks of replying to adversity with a unique passive resistance that is composed of exercise good in reply to evil when subjected to evil.So much so tha t Tiruvalluvar suggests that blunder outce all souls atomic number 18 equal, hence annoying inflicted by unmatchable upon another(prenominal) is zip further pain inflicted on ones self. This political orientation revolves around the c at one timept of self-giving According to Mahayana Buddhism, the last achievement of sexual peace is set down through practicable once one has committed ones self to serving others and the singular purpose of ones flavor has become the spreading of love and peace amongst others. It domiciliate be seen how this approach results in the attainment of inner peace for one.The path of success for the bodhisattva does not revolve around any segment of society only if unanimously declares that all segments of society, whether drenched in riches or brood in the bowels of evil, are to be alleviateed in their journey through life and towards salvation. To the bodhisattva, his very existence makes him responsible to save the wad in the reality from misery and pain (Rinchen, 1997). Yet modern day religious scholars a lot argue that the degree of significance that Mahayana Buddhism places on Karuna down plays the element of intelligence. non only is Mahayana Buddhism shown as an approach to life, but in Chinese Mahayana Buddhism, it is in addition given form and shape in the Goddess of Mercy Kuan-yin. Kuan-yin is a goddess of forgiveness in the sense that she looks down upon the introduction with sympathy for the less fortunate. So much so that according to an ancient Chinese proverb, it is believed that a goddess of favor dwells in every home. In order to become a bodhisattva that is have intercourse in his universe, it is necessary to commit ones being and ones life to the beating of peace and love to others.The bodhisattva is not one whose comprehension of the reality around him is dictated by the degree of fullness or hardship that it holds. The bodhisattva is oblivious to such material factors in his belief s and his world exists for the take of peace and tranquility to the worried and the pained around him. The bodhisattva does not differentiate between the beggar and the king and helps anybody who karma leads to him. They choose to stay preoccupied of infatuation, loathing and recklessness in order to develop virtue inside their being.Even the very prayer of the bodhisattva does not center around the somebody saying the prayer himself/herself but on the extent to which he can be of service to the people around him/her and lead them through the path to inner peace. The bodhisattva prays for the inner illumination of others once he/she has achieved it. The desire of the bodhisattva is only to bring others to the path of inner illumination and nirvana. In this quest, the bodhisattva does not hold back from undergoing any form of pain or vexation.If the bodhisattva must, then he/she get out gladly suffer through pain and torture if it can bring another person peace and tranquility. This aspect is dominant to such a significant degree that the bodhisattva does not compensate choose to give his family and his own being the comfort and the satisfaction that he chooses to determine for those who come to him for help and assistance and for the enlightenment that he has achieved. The love of a mother holds massive importance in the universe, and it is the nature of this very love that the Bodhisattva holds for all he beings around him (Beliefnet, 2008).To the common man, freedom and information are two of the intimately important elements of success in his life, however, to the bodhisattva, all these and similar elements remain half-size significance once he has achieved the complete incorporation of Karuna in his being. gratuitous to say, the bodhisattva feels the pain that the people around him feel and chooses to commit his being to the eradication of that pain. He considers himself to be of no more respect than the people around him and sees all the peopl e as his equal.He does not consider his world in the perception of his own being but chooses to perceive it in the perception of the people around him. The two foundations of the perception that the Bodhisattva chooses to incorporate in his being are that firstly, he never treats people with bias or prejudice but chooses to treat everybody equally as he sets closely to hold back a federal agency the misery and pain from their lives. Secondly, the Bodhisattva does not treat anybody in a way that they would not appreciate, but in a way that would make them comfortable and make them feel warm and welcomed in the breakthrough of their path to nirvana.Until and unless all the people in the world are alleviated of the pain and misery that they suffer, the bodhisattva never throws the ultimate blessing of nirvana even though it has been bestowed upon him. He believes that his true happiness will be brought by allowing the people around him to gain access to relief from twinge. He refu ses to accept nirvana as his state of mind until he has eradicated pain and suffering from the world and he chooses to spend the entirety of his life in the spare-time activity of this quest. For the bodhisattva, the consuming of flesh is another government issue upon which he exercises very besotted rules.It is believed in ahimsa that the reincarnation of a man who consumes the flesh of other aliveness entities will be in the form of carnivorous animals. Beliefs related to the discourage of the consumption of flesh are the most strongest in eastern traditions like Jainism and Buddhism. The quest for winning away the suffering from all beings at the follow of giving away ones own comfort is the most primary of priorities for the bodhisattva. The bodhisattva does not turn his back from hard times and does not feel scared of or threatened from adverse circumstances or situations that may cause any discomfort or harm to the bodhisattva.He is ever so willing to sacrifice himsel f so that others may have a better development of their soul. The bodhisattva vows and dedicates his life to fighting against all forms of pain, discomfort, evil and sin that plague the people of the world he has been made responsible for by the inner peace that he has achieved. To the Bodhisattva, the people who are spending their lives in the thirst for wealth and are engaging every instant of their limit life in the race to acquire worldly possessions and to satisfy worldly desires are people who are in the need of the Bodhisattva the most.It is these people that the Bodhisattva tries to save and tries to bring them to peace of bone marrow and realization and achievement of nirvana. Hence, it is the singular presence of all of Gods creations that the Bodhisattva gives room to in his heart. His mind and heart continue to contemplate how he can be of service to the people who are ailed with the perplexities of the material world and are lost in the pain and misery that the world captivates them in. To the Bodhisattva, the only purpose in life is to bring deliverance to these sick souls.In this quest, the Bodhisattva is willing to sacrifice his life and his lieu if the time calls for it. Not only is the Mahayana Bodhisattva willing to sacrifice his very life but he does not refrain from sacrificing every possession that he holds to his name if he can rid somebody of pain and discomfort by doing so. A person who chooses to enter Mahayana Bodhisattva works on vi aspects of his person (Essortment, 2008). These six aspects include that of generosity, ethics, patience, effort, concentration and wisdom.Generosity is a peculiarity not very commonly found in human kind, the self-giving desire, to put others wants, needs, requirements and satisfaction before ones own. One always searches for personal gain, a means to benefit oneself. But according to Buddhist teachings the potential to benefit ones self and by doing this, in turn benefiting countless others. This is the teachings of Buddhism, the need for self actualization in the form of selflessness, working for the good of others, concerning oneself with providing solutions for other suffering from the infliction of various situations. morals and moralistic virtue is one of the components of the 6 Perfections. Knowing the difference between right and wrong, good and evil and being able to hold a veneer of control over oneself, that is what Buddhism preaches. Patience corresponds to anger, and anger dominates a persons actions in negative aspects. Therefore once again a veneer of calmness must at any cost take over the sensation of effused anger. Patience gives an aspect of happiness and peace. Effort is the tearaway(a) force to achieve something this virtue is highly required to join the reputable Bodhisattva.The reason for this is that in order to join, there are many virtues one must possess and if not possess then must master within oneself, and for this relentless effort is requir ed. Another key aspect that the Mahayana Bodhisattva spends time upon is Meditation. Meditation is the key for ultimate centering. Calm concentration helps one and heals others border him. Distraction places a hurdle in focusing on things important, but meditation clears the mind of all else and focuses on what is required. Concentration creates clairvoyant abilities and provides focus on virtuous deeds.Besides mediation, knowledge and wisdom are the ultimate amalgamation of the other five perfections. To concern oneself in knowing taking precautions where necessary and controlling what when and where is the capability of wisdom. The Mahayana Bodhisattva believes that it is his purpose in life to ensure that the people who are happy always have smiles in their heart, that all the people who are plagued with disease find health and strength once more, that everybody finds the path to deliverance, that anybody who sets out on a journey reaches his destination safely and in time ( al ien India, 1998).All in all, the Mahayana Bodhisattva desires to take away all the pain in the world for his own self and replace it with nothing except joy and pure happiness. From the above elaboration of what the Mahayana Bodhisattva holds dear to himself, we can infer that the very establishment and fundamentals of Buddhism are based upon compassion.This compassion is unique in the sense that it is entirely selfless and comes from a soul that does not hold any concern for its own well being but believes that the completion of its existence will only be possible once it has spent its entire life in the quest for bringing peace and deliverance to the pained and troubled people of the world. The life of the Mahayana Bodhisattva is one plagued with pain and suffering from the apparent view of the person. But the fact of the matter remains that it is in this suffering and pain that the Mahayana Bodhisattva finds comfort.He finds comfort in knowing that he has given his share of happi ness to somebody else and has hence completed the purpose of his existence. Hence, we can conclude that attainment of material award is the least of concerns for the observer of Buddhism. In fact, Buddhism concentrates more on bringing mental hospital to people who are caught up in the web of the world and are suffering pain and misery because of it. Therefore, having become drenched in his responsibilities as a Mahayana Bodhisattva, the person becomes a reincarnation of the Buddha himself. References Beliefnet. (2008). What Mahayana Buddhists Believe .Retrieved February 13, 2009, from beliefnet. com http//www. beliefnet. com/Faiths/2001/06/What-Mahayana-Buddhists-Believe. aspx Essortment. (2008). What is Bodhisattva? Retrieved February 13, 2009, from essortment. com http//www. essortment. com/all/whatisbodhisat_rfld. htm Exotic India. (1998, October 27). The Bodhisattva Ideal. Retrieved February 13, 2009, from kheper. net http//www. kheper. net/topics/Buddhism/bodhisattva. htm M ohler, J. (1975). Dimensions of love, East and West. Doubleday. Rinchen, G. (1997). The Thirty-Seven Practices of Bodhisattvas. Snow Lion Publications.

Filipino People and Rizal Essay

Introduction During Rizals time, he showed us what a received office of a cleaning lady is on those times. He told in wiz of his letter that from his infancy wo human being argon with agreeable manners, beautiful ways, and pocket-sized demeanor. But he in addition told us that thither was in exclusively an admixture of servitude and deference to the words or whims of their so-called spiritual fathers, referable to excessive munificence, modesty, or perhaps ignorance. They seemed faded plants s have and re ared in darkness. The adult female of Rizals time responded to the first appeal in the interest of the well-being of the batch.Rizal said instantaneously that you take hold fortune an example to those who, care you, big to have their eyes opened and be delivered from servitude, new hopes are awaken in us and we instanter even dare to face adversity, be font we have you for our allies and are confident of victory. This term paper go forth cover what are the indis p otguishability of Filipina from the bypast and the women identity today. The significance of woman from the past who followed Rizals bravery to fight down for their cover and their characters, will withal essay to see what kind of woman identity should a Philippine have, the Filipino women in Rizals novel or some of our woman leaders of todays.What is a Filipina? Is she Asian or Western? Is she the reluctant leader Corazon Aquino, or is she the self-proclaimed symbol of beaut for her people Imelda Marcos? Is she the sophisticated-day Gabriela Silang who envisions and works towards cross-sectoral changes, or is she unmatched of the millions of faceless and nameless struggling multitude who does anything just to put strain on the table, the ordinary Juana de la Cruz?The implication of an early paradigm of sexuality character and equality may have, to some extent, begun the process of identity weeation. On the surface, the Philippine myth does non seem to introduce the concept of conflict. What is intercommunicate is compatibility and harmony. scantily when and how, then, did the problems of identity conflict for the Philippine woman come well-nigh? The language of the colonizer is found to not scarcely serve as a vehicle for literary expression, but also for setting onwards the rarefiedized image of a Filipina from a male perspective.A plan glance at literature shows an evolution of sorts of the Filipina from the pre-compound Maganda of indigenous folklore, to the early 1800s Laura who epitomizes beauty and faithful acceptance of her role as prescribed by culture, religion, and corporation and to the fictional characterization of womanhood drawn from two works of historic fiction by Jose Rizal, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Although Rizals central protagonists in some(prenominal) novels are men, the significance of the women characters lies in their symbolic portrayals of a people of some(prenominal) images, of a verdant torn a part by race, culture, and mannikin.In Rizals attempt to define a nations identity by reference pointing the need for subject reforms and by exposing the evils of colonialism, he may have also encouraged the need to demystify the Filipina. The colonial Spanish periods desire image of a Filipina is embodied in the character of female horse Clarabeautiful, demure, modest, patient, devoutly religious, cultured, submissive, and virginal. The blood that runs through her veins is more European than native. Her ancestry is far-famed since it has a bearing on the idealized model of a Filipina, the roman print Catholics Virgin Mary, and European and foreign. mare Clara belongs to the elite her kindness is not to be equated, however, with social awareness. She is a repressed woman and her failing and despair over a lost love overwhelm her, enable powerful and sinister forces to slowly drive her to death. Perhaps, to a certain degree, this ideal is still upheld today, contributing to t he confusion of identity formation, for the original application of the character Filipino was only for Spaniards and their descendants who lived on the islands the indigenous natives were simply called indios. The nineteenth century saw a character reversal process the last mentioned (indios) who have capitulated, are now called Filipinos while the former, mostly direct descendants of colonizers, now prefer to call them Spanish. The character Dona Victorina is a reflection of the triumph of colonialismthe alteration of behavior and thinking patterned after the characters perception of a superior race. whizz hundred years ago, in that location was a Dona Victorina. Today, the trappings of a colonial mindset persist, and are evince in the attraction to look Western and to consume Western goods.Dona Victorina is a characterization of lost identity. Her frivolity, and that of Paulita Gomez, who is greatly enamored by the trappings of the elite, who loves the man who could maintain the needs of her class, and who is a vain and flighty version of Maria Clara, may be seen today in the persona of Imelda Marcos. The identicals of Imelda Marcos also mirror, ironically, other Rizal character, Dona Consolacion, who can be described as an interesting specimen of colonial deformation. She may serve as an example of the dehumanization of the indio, a eccentric person of total alienation from her original self, or from her potential self.The character Sisa also represents the opposite image of Paulita, a contradiction of the so-called high up status and the liberated label describing the Filipino women today. She is the woman Mary Hollensteiner speaks of in her article, The married woman quietly suffering from subjugation, sacrificing to put food on the table, living only for her sons. Sisa represents the silent victims of an conquering which drove her to madness and death. at that place are millions of Sisas in the Philippines today the unfortunate women who are scavenging for food in the mountains of trash, the degraded women whose bodies are used as commodities, and the abused wives who are repeatedly beaten by their husbands. The other woman, Juli, emerges as the one character that chooses death over a life in shame. She suffers abuse and humiliation working as a servant to pay her familys debt. She brings to mind the women of today who work for famishment wages.Juli refuses to be coerced her death liberates her from oppression. Among these characters, perhaps Juli best characterizes a sense of take aim and identity. In Rizals characters, the women who seem to be able to obtain their desired needs no matter the consequences are Dona Victorina, Paulita Gomez, and Dona Consolacion. On the other hand, ill luck seems to be the fate of the women whose consciousness could be raised to levels higher than that of self- reach. The all-giving military position of Maria Clara, Sisa, and Juli leads them to their deaths.Within their social strata , each character is confronted with varying degrees of oppression which in turn defines the parameters of liberation. In their ambition to hold on to the symbols of the govern class, the former multitude has make themselves seemingly strong and highly clear handmaidens of a system which feeds on varying levels of coercion and subjugation. The latter groups retreat into death or madness carries two co-occurrent descrys 1) the strength to exercise a final liberation as a form of defiance to oppression, and 2) the weakness and inability to confront any form of injustice.Who is more oppressed? Who has really liberated herself? Perhaps, what we are seeing is the notion that oppression has slowed down the process towards a national identity in full general and towards a Filipina identity in particular. The reality is that the Philippines is a country still going through the throes of colonization. Indeed, there are those who have catapulted to the highest ranks, much(prenominal) as Corazon Aquino and Imelda Marcos, who embody differences in substance, style, and character. However, there are contradictions.Corazon Aquinos high visibility, status, and power contradicts the image of a meek and slavish wife trustworthy to the memory of her husband while Imelda Marcos, the Iron Butterfly of unparalleled extravagance, is a drastic contrast to the image of a once dutiful and subservient wife. Despite the fact that both overcame the traditional roles assigned to women of their social class by reaching positions of political power, they remain subservient to the memories of their husbands, but personify the interests of the class they represent.Class interest is perhaps the overriding difference mingled with highly visible women, such as Corazon Aquino and Imelda Marcos, and the fervent militant women carrying the bequest of an intellectualized Gabriela Silang. While women in power and women working for empowerment both affirm a heritage and demand a platform, th e contradiction probably lies in the formers subservience and the latters ability to address issues that cut across class lines.But class again diametrically separates political women from those who suffer in silence, such as the patient and unselfish women who toil to feed their families, work in sweat shops, as vendors, scavengers, and prostitutes. There are also those who come faceless and nameless for they may blow over and slide and go seemingly where the wind blows, all these, indeed a kaleidoscope of conflicting Filipina identities.Not only do Rizals novels provide a matrix for identity and conflict, they also allow a rare view of a peoples past which formed their culture today, and of a social cancer of which, up to the present, the best cure is still to be found. In the process of identity formation or perpetuation of identity conflict, the women in Rizals novels best serve as bridges in the development process, allowing the flow from the early 1800s mythical formation to the current acclivitous identity.The social, cultural and political context of both past and present are mirrored in the novels. The myth of the high status of the Filipina has caused Philippine women, wittingly or unwittingly, to become at times participants in their own oppression. This containment by elevation has allowed the essence of womanhood to be subjected to and dictated by rules and regulations theorise by and for the satisfaction of a colonial society. Philippine women find themselves attempting to wade out of a quagmire of confusion over their identity.Remembrance of Rizal is close disappearing when it ought to be cherished and honored by all Filipinos. It was he who, more effectively than anyone else among his compatriots, unified the disparate inhabitants of our archipelago into one nation. It was he who made them share a common rage against the foreign intruder and a common aspiration for the freedom of their land. Rizal awakened the national conscience from its lethargy not through the force of arms but with the armies of his pen.These were the Noli and El Filibusterismo, his Letter to the Women of Malolos, his juvenile poems for the Motherland, his Mi Ultimo Adios that he secreted in a lamp in Fort Santiago hours before his death, and other irrefutable accusations against the Spaniards. His words were like mighty legions that won for our country the freedom we now enjoy. Summary As we all see, that woman of today are very different from the past. Filipino women today are brave and strong enough just like Rizal to fight for what they think is right.There also some women from the past who fight for their rights like cultivation but as compare today woman are more confident to stand. There are woman activist who really do what a Filipino woman can do to make a stand for their fellow miserable Filipino people especially those people who are uneducated, they take everything to achieve their goals. Nowadays, we are now equal with man in almo st everything most especially in terms of culture, all people in our country, man and woman, rich and poor are now equal in meetting education.Because of it we are now challenge to face the adverse circumstances and continued to fight for changes, not just to limit our roles as housewives but also to continue battle for what is right, and thats what a real Filipino woman identity today. Just like Rizal, he focused on self-improvement, showing to Spain and the rest of the internationalistic community that, given the opportunity to achieve their full potential, Filipinos could stand on base the best in the world and were eligible for self-rule.Then he set out to apply what he had learned as an ophthalmologist, providing a rudimentary service that was badly needed by his impoverished compatriots. In his literature he emphasized the importance of education, seeing it as the path to national progress rather than armed revolt. We all know that prudence does not consist in blindly ob eying any whim of the little tin immortal, but in obeying only that which is reasonable and just, because blind obedience is itself the cause and origin of those whims, and those guilty of it are really to be blamed.Rizal said that God gave each individual reason and a will of his or her own to distinguish the just and the unjust, all were born without shackles and free, and nobody has a right to subjugate the will and the spirit of another. I hope we can bring round the reverent sentiments of gratitude to him for his efforts in releasing us from foreign bondage. Political rhetoric is not enough to keep his submarine sandwichism alive. Let us memorialise that he forsook the enticements of his youthful and gifted life and embraced instead the ultimate sacrifice for the welfare of his country.That is the best homage we can pay the greatest hero of our race. Conclusion The issue of racial equality is today hardly contend in intellectual circles. During Rizals time, however, the c laim that all races are basically equal was a highly debated topic among anthropologists, biologists, and philosophers. The readers of his novels, essays, and letters are old(prenominal) with his portrayal and denunciation of Spanish colonial rule.His insistence on the education of the native Indios, the representation of the Philippines in the Cortes Generales, and more so the recognition of the civic rights of the Filipino are all based on the belief that there are neither essentially superior nor essentially inferior races. In this belief stems the conviction that his fellow Filipinos had the capacity for autonomy and enlightenment. The present Filipino youth must know that in order to make their posture felt, they must understand Rizal.To understand Rizal, they must have the spirit and need to do so. Without such spirit or motivation, they will never be able to understand Rizals objectives or even the other heroes who fought for equality and freedom for the sake of the Fathe rland. I believe that the Filipino youth will be able to move the society through these implied teachings of Jose Rizal that will develop a new love to the Filipino Hero, I admit that I only considered Rizals Life and Works as another general education subject that is needed to be taken.But what I get is more than just knowing Rizal, but also knowing my Filipino identity and that I must fight at all live to defend my identity. A lot of what Rizal had dreamed of has now come consecutive for many people in the state. He was already a modern democrat when he advocated affaire in the state and society with education. Today, education is no longer a privilege among the small elite, for everybodys participation in all public matters has become a right and duty. Ones right to express him or her in all matters is founded on compulsory education with the required quality standards. References Jose Rizals writings in Europe and its message to the Filipino Youth Today Zaide, Gregorio F. & Zaide, Sonia M. 1998. Jose Rizal Life, Works and Writings of a Genius, Writer, Scientist and National Hero. Capino, Gonzales and Pineda Rizals life, works and writingstheir impact on our National identity Colonization Its Impact on Self-Image Philippine Women in Rizals Novels and Today By Linda Acupanda McGloin.