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Simple Machines :: essays research papers

Simple MachinesDefinitionsMachine- A machination that makes rifle easier by changing the speed , direction, oramount of a force.Simple Machine- A device that performs make with only one movement. Simple forges include lever, wheel and axle, disposed plane, screw, and wedge.Ideal Mechanical holdfulness (IMA)- A machine in which work in equals work outsuch a machine would be frictionless and a 100% high-octane IMA= De/DrActual Mechanical Advantage (AMA)- It is pretty much the opposite of IMA meaningit is not 100% efficient and it has friction. AMA= Fr/FeEfficiency- The amount of work put into a machine compared to how much usefulwork is put out by the machine always between 0% and 100%.Friction- The force that resist crusade between two surfaces that are touchingeach other.What do we use machines for?     Machines are use for many things. Machines are used in familiar lifejust to make things easier. You use many machines in a day that you might takefor g ranted. For example a simple indifferent broom is a machine. It is a form ofa lever. Our country or world would never be this evolved if it wasnt formachine. Almost every thing we do has a machine involved. We use machines tomanufacture goods, for transportation, ect.     In the W=F*d equation the trade of between force and distance is as youuse a machine the force goes down and distance goes up. If thither was no frictionthey would be equal and trade.     There are cardinal simple machines. They are a lever, pulleys, habituated plain,wheel and axle, screw, and wedge. The lever is used very often an example of alever is a broom. Your reach out is the fulcrum and when you sweep it is a lever. Alever consist of a fulcrum, effort, and resistance. A pulley is used to lift orpull objects with a reinforcement. To buy the farm a advantage it matters how many lines aregoing to the load. For example if there is 3 lines to the load it is a 3/1adv antage. A inclined plain is used to lift an object easier that with more work. preferably of lifting it straight up you push it a greater distance but with lessforce. A screw is a inclined plain wrapped nigh a cylinder post. Its like aramp around the screw.A wedge is a inclined plain with one or two sloping sides. Chisels,knives, and ax blades are examples of wedges.     IMA is ideal mechanical advantage meaning a frictionless world with 100%efficiency. It is saying that work in and work out are exactly the same.

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Assiduous Athletes :: essays papers

Assiduous Athletes Not many people know the onus of being a student suspensor in college. This burden set on them has caused the grade rate of light players to average at about fifty percent from 1995 to 1998. In baffle to be eligible to play, the athletes must be bounteous- fourth dimension students , which means fetching at least twelve units a semester. Because these athletes are victorious so many pathes, they must make time for a considerable mensuration of studying and homework. Then add up the amount of practice their romp requires and I doubt they will find a second to rest. pupil athletes are the hardest working students in college.most student athletes have a demanding and rigorous schedule. This is partly because of the required twelve units minimum a semester to particularize as a full-time student. Without the full-time student status, they would be unqualified to play sports. That means at least three hours a day of courses on average. My schedule i s similar to this, in that I am taking fourteen units this semester. It averages out to about three and a half hours of class a day. Scheduling the class times can also be a burden. It took my friend, Chris Carter, who plays baseball for Chapman University, two weeks to plan his class schedule about his job and his training. An athlete can non have class on Fridays because some games find on Fridays. Therefore, it makes it even harder to plan. My physical therapist, Jim Hairston, is a teacher at Chapman University and he said that many of his students who play sports have a harder time staying cautious because of lack of sleep. These could all attribute to the recent fall in the graduation rate.Another conundrum student athletes must face is finding time for studying and homework. With classes half the day and training the other half, that leaves the night for studying. Most athletes do not get started until about eight o measure because of late practices. Mr. Reames, a teacher at Foothill High School, said that we should sway to spend about four hours a night studying , and that does not include homework. Even if the athlete had only two hours of homework he would not get to bed until two oclock in the morning. Many students have jobs to support them because they do not have full scholarships.

Molecular Biology Paper

Lab Report 1 Introduction A cells germ plasm tissue layer is known to be selectively porous. This implies that the tissue layer is selective on what substances can puff in and emerge of the cell. There ar both methods of transit that occur by means of the plasma tissue layer. genius method of transport is called active process which uses ATP skill to transport substances through with(predicate) the tissue layer. The early(a) method is called static process which does non require the use of ATP energy. During prolongive processes, molecules argon transported through the tissue layer by differences in absorption or twinge level betwixt the inner(a) and out slope of the cell.Two important types of passive process are distribution and filtration. Every cell in the human body uses diffusion as an important transport process through its selectively permeable tissue layer. During diffusion, molecules that are small enough to pass through a tissue layers decocts or mo lecules that can dissolve in the lipid section of a membrane move from an area of higher preoccupancy to an area of set about meanness. The kinetic energy that all molecules possess is the motivating force in diffusion. Facilitated diffusion occurs when molecules are also large to pass through a membrane or are lipid insoluble.In this process, immune carrier protein molecules turn up in the membrane combine with solutes and transport them down the dousing gradient. Filtration is another(prenominal) type of passive process and, unlike diffusion this is not a selective process. The pressure gradient on for each one side of the membrane as well as the membrane centralize size depends on the amount of solutes and fluids in the filt compute. During filtration, water and solute molecules pass through a membrane from an area of higher hydrostatic pressure to an area of lower hydrostatic pressure.This means that water and solutes would pass through a selectively permeable membrane along the pressure gradient. To gain a better judgement of a cells selectively permeable membrane and the passive processes of simple diffusion, facilitated diffusion, and filtration, three proves were conducted. Materials and Methods Activity 1 Simulating Dialysis (Simple Diffusion) Materials ? two water ice beakers ? four dialysis membranes 20 (MWCO), 50 (MWCO), c (MWCO), and two hundred (MWCO) ? membrane bearer ? membrane barrier ? four solutes NaCl, urea, albumin, and Glucose declaration dispenser ? deionized water ? mr ? beaker flush This audition was conducted first by placing the 20 (MWCO) dialysis membrane into the membrane holder. The membrane holder joined the two meth beakers one on the left-hand(a) side and one on the duty side. Then, 9. 00 mM of NaCl concentration was dispensed into the left beaker. Deionized water was dispensed in the undecomposed beaker. When the horologe was started, the barrier that surrounded the membrane holder was lowered to allow the contents of each beaker to get hold in contact with the membrane. subsequently the 60 minutes of compressed beat elapsed, results were read and recorded. Finally, each beaker was then flushed for preparation of the next experiment evaporate. These exact steps were followed using each dialysis membrane size (20, 50, 100, and two hundred) as well as with each solute (NaCl, Urea, Albumin, and Glucose). There were a total of cardinal runs in this experiment. Activity 2 Simulating Facilitated Diffusion Materials ? two glass beakers ? membrane builder ? membrane holder ? glucose concentration ? solution dispenser ? deionized water ? timer beaker flush In this experiment, the first step was to adjust the glucose carrier to vitamin D in order to correctly build the membrane. Next, a membrane was reinforced in the membrane builder by inserting 500 glucose carrier proteins into it. Then, the impertinently built membrane was displace into the membrane holder that joined the two gl ass beakers. The two glass beakers were joined on the left and right sides of the membrane holder. After that, 2. 00 mM of glucose concentration was dispensed into the left beaker. The right beaker was fill with deionized water.The barrier around the membrane holder dropped when the timer was started. After 60 minutes of compressed time elapsed, the results were read and recorded. Finally, both glass beakers were flushed to prepare for the next experimental runs. The above mentioned steps were tell by increasing the glucose concentration to 8. 00. Both the 2. 00 mM and the 8. 00 mM glucose concentration solution were time-tested using membranes built with 500, 700, and 900 glucose carrier proteins. There were a total of six experimental runs. Activity 4 Simulating Filtration Materials ? two glass beakers membrane holder ? 4 dialysis membranes 20 (MWCO), 50 (MWCO), 100 (MWCO), and cc (MWCO) ? 4 solutions Na+Cl? , Urea, glucose, and powdered charcoal ? solution dispenser ? pressure unit ? timer ? filtration mark indicator ? membrane residue outline analyzer ? beaker flush In the last experiment, the two glass beakers were placed one on top of the other with the membrane holder between them. The pressure unit that rested on the top beaker was used for forcing the solution from the top beaker through the selected membrane and into the bottom beaker.The bottom beaker contained nothing however, the filtration rate indicator was attached to it from one side. The experiment began by placing the 20 (MWCO) dialysis membrane into the membrane holder. Then, 5. 00 mg/ml of each of the following solutions Na+Cl? , Urea, glucose, and powdered charcoal were dispensed into the top beaker. The pressure unit was familiarised to 50 mmHg of pressure. The timer was set to 60 minutes of compressed time and when the timer started, the membrane holder retracted. The solution then flowed through the membrane and into the beaker underneath.When the timer stopped, the membrane was then placed in the membrane residue analysis analyzer. The results were read and recorded and the beakers were flushed for the next experimental runs. in all the above steps were repeated using the 50 (MWCO), 100 (MWCO), and 200 (MWCO) membranes. Results Table 1 Activity 1 Simulating Dialysis (Simple Diffusion) Key Solutes that were able to penetrate into the right beaker are indicated by a +. Solutes that were not able to permeate into the right beaker are indicated by a -. Membrane (MWCO) Solute (9. 0 mM) (Pore Size) NaCl Urea Albumin Glucose 20 50 + 100 + 200 + + Graph 1 Activity 2 Simulating Facilitated Diffusion Glucose Transport appraise (mM/min) pic Table 2 and 3 Activity 4 Simulating Filtration Table 2 Solute Residue presence in the Membrane Key If solute residue was posit on the membrane, it is indicated by a +. If solute residue was not present on the membrane, it is indicated by a .Membrane (MWCO) Solute 20 50 100 200 NaCl + + + + Urea + + + + Gl ucose + + + + powdered Charcoal + + + + Table 3 Filtration Rate and Amount of Solute Detected in Filtrate Membrane (MWCO) Solute 20 50 100 200 Filtration Rate (ml/min) 1 2. 5 10 NaCl in filtrate (mg/ml) 0 4. 81 4. 81 4. 81 Urea in filtrate (mg/ml) 0 0 4. 74 4. 74 Glucose in filtrate (mg/ml) 0 0 0 4. 9 Powdered Charcoal (mg/ml) 0 0 0 0 Discussion The first lab experiment, Simulating Dialysis (Simple Diffusion), demonstrated how hardly certain molecules pass through a selectively permeable membrane down its concentration gradient. The four membranes utilized in this experiment consisted of each one macrocosm different in pore size (MWCO). The smallest pore-sized membrane was 20 (MWCO), and the largest was 200 (MWCO). The solutes that were tested in this experiment were NaCl, Urea, Albumin, and Glucose.The first solute tested, NaCl, showed that with a 20 (MWCO) membrane, no diffusion occurred into the right beaker. (Table 1) The NaCl molecules we re evidently as well large to pass through the 20 (MWCO) membrane because its pores were too small. Membranes 50, 100, and 200 (MWCO) did allow the NaCl to pass through. (Table 1) One of the reasons this occurred is because the pores in the above mentioned membranes were large enough to permit the passage of the NaCl molecules. The other reason diffusion occurred is because the NaCl molecules moved down its concentration gradient and into the beaker filled with deionized water. For all three membranes, equilibrium was reached in ten minutes at an average diffusion rate of 0. 0150 mM/min.As for the solute Urea, the experiment conducted showed that no diffusion occurred with all four membranes. (Table 1) Urea should have passed through membranes 100 (MWCO) and 200 (MWCO) for the reasons that its molecules are small enough and Urea is also soluble. This experiment showed that none of the Albumin molecules diffused through any of the four membranes tested. (Table 1) This is because the Albumin molecules were too large to pass through the pores of all four membranes. The last(a) solute tested in this experiment, Glucose, showed that the molecules only diffused through the 200 (MWCO) membrane. (Table 1) balance wheel was reached in thirty-seven minutes at an average diffusion rate of 0. 0040 mM/min.The Glucose molecules were too large to diffuse through the 20 (MWCO), 50 (MWCO), and 100 (MWCO) membranes. The second experiment, Simulating Facilitated Diffusion, explained how carrier protein molecules in the membrane effectively transported molecules that are too large or are insoluble to diffuse through the membrane. The carrier proteins in this experiment were glucose carriers and the solution was a 2. 00 (mM) and an 8. 00 (mM) glucose concentration. The 2. 00 (mM) glucose concentration was tested first with the 500 glucose carrier protein membrane then the 700 and 900 glucose carrier protein membranes. The glucose transport rate for the membrane with 500 glucose carrier proteins was 0. 0008 (mM/min). Graph 1) The membrane with 700 glucose carrier proteins showed a rate of 0. 0010 (mM/min) and the 900 glucose carrier proteins membrane had a rate of 0. 0012 (mM/min). (Graph 1) The 8. 00 (mM) glucose concentration also showed and increase in glucose transport rate with membranes that contained more glucose carrier proteins. The membrane with 500 glucose carrier proteins showed a rate of 0. 0023 (mM/min). (Graph 1) Membranes that had 700 and 900 glucose carrier proteins showed a rate of 0. 0031 and 0. 0038 (mM/min). (Graph 1) These results show that with an increase in amount of glucose carrier proteins in the membranes, transport of the glucose molecules in the concentration is more effective.A higher concentration of glucose (8. 00 mM) also increases the rate of glucose transport in a membrane with the uniform amount of glucose carrier proteins as a lower glucose concentration (2. 00). The final experiment, Simulating Filtration, four differ ent solutes were forced through four membranes that contained separate pore sizes by the use of hydrostatic pressure. After each experimental run was conducted, the membrane analyses showed that residue from all four solutes were detected on each membrane. (Table 2) This indicates that some solutes did not filter through the membrane. The filtration rate (ml/min) increased as membranes with larger pores were utilized.This happened because the solute molecules were able to transport through a particular membrane at a faster rate being that the membranes pores were larger. The filtrate in the bottom beaker was analyzed and no solutes were detected with the 20 (MWCO) membrane. (Table 3) With the 50 (MWCO) membrane, only NaCl was detected in the filtrate at 4. 81 (mg/ml). (Table 3) The 100 (MWCO) membrane showed to have NaCl at 4. 81 (mg/ml) and Urea at 4. 74 (mg/ml) present in the filtrate. (Table 3) Glucose and powdered charcoal were not present. The last membrane with pore size 200 ( MWCO), had the solutes NaCl at 4. 81 (mg/ml), Urea at 4. 74 (mg/ml), and Glucose at 4. 39 (mg/ml) detected in the filtrate. (Table 3) Powdered charcoal was not detected in this filtrate. Table 3) The molecules in powdered charcoal were too large to pass through any of the membranes tested. The 20 (MWCO) membrane pores were too small to allow any solute molecules to pass through. The membranes that contained larger pores allowed the solutes with larger pores pass through. The amounts (mg/ml) of the same solute detected in the filtrate were the same for each membrane. (Table 3) This is because the pressure that was released into the top beaker remained at 50 (mmHg) for all experiment runs. References Marieb, Elaine N. , Mitchell, Susan J. (2008). Exercise 5B. humanity Anatomy &038 Physiology Laboratory Manual Ninth Edition (pp. PEx-5 PEx-13). San Francisco, California Pearson gum benzoin Cummings.

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Discuss the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Movie Ma Vie En Rose

Human societies all e actuallywhere the world believe in gender identities and expect an somebody to manage in accordance to the rules of gender, laid by the lodge. When a psyche defies these rules, the connection reacts negatively and compels the mortal to distort his/her behavior. The conflicts that arise between the society and the person struggling with his/her familiar identity argon depicted in the ikon Ma Vie En Rose (My Life in Pink), enjoin by Alain Berliner. The protagonist of the characterization is a seven form out of date boy, Ludovic who believes that he is a girl and behaves standardized one.The family members of Ludovic and the neighbors are the secondary characters in the celluloid. The theme of the movie states that defying ones knowledgeable identity and behaving like the opposite sex is not an anomalous behavior, the society should realize this and consume the person as he/she is. The movie haves a touching depicting of the dilemmas faced by Lud ovic and his family members, owing to the manner in which Ludovic exhibits his cozy identify. moreover the film lacks in one aspect, for it fails to ply any insights regarding Ludovics future in a society bound by its rules.Strengths The movie focuses on the innocent world of a boy who believes that he is destined to be a woman when he grows up. Ludovic dresses and acts like a girl, and this behavior of Ludovic astounds his family members and the neighbors. Ludovic is hash out by his family members to give up his unusual thoughts and act like a boy but Ludovic refuses to listen to them. Being a seven year old boy, he fails to understand the consequences of his actions. The dilemma of the parents who discover that their child is contrastive from other children is very well captured in the movie.The fear that they will be alienated from their society if they legitimate Ludovics sexual identity disturbs Ludovics parents to such an extent that they ignore the feelings their own s on. Ludovics parents are tear between the love for their son and the expectations of the neighbors. They love their son, but dont know how to (or whether they should) relent him of his feminine obsession. The resulting stress tears at the fabric of their marriage, and their disapproval threatens to revoke Ludovic. (Berardinelli).Instead of accepting their child as he is, Ludovics parents attempt to alter his thoughts regarding his sexual identity. Ludovics persistence in his views about his sexual identity, make pass to anxiety and stress for his parents. The conservative thinking of adults is incapable of understanding Ludovics state of mind. The pain and anguish faced by Ludovics parents is very well depicted in the movie along with the confusion that prevails in Ludovics mind regarding the harsh reactions of the society and family towards the expression of his sexual identity.Weakness The movie brings forth the responses of a family and society when they realize that Ludovic is crossing the lines of sexual identity, which are drawn by the society. But it fails to comment on the future of an individual whose sexual identity differs from the notion of sexual identity held by the society. Ludovics dilemmas are resolved for the time being when his parents accept his feminine sexual identity. As Ludovic and his parents have moved in a new locality, Ludovic is as well as saved from the contempt of his old neighbors.The new neighbors understand Ludovics feelings and provide him with the freedom to act according to his desires. But what will happen when he grows up and enters the adult world? Will he be accepted by the society at that time? Or will he face criticism for being different from the other members of the society? toilet a child like Ludovic overcome the obstacles placed by society in his life and emerge as a winner? The movie fails to answer these questions. The problems that Ludovic will face as an adult are not included in the movie, which leave s the future of Ludovic ambiguous. ConclusionThe movie Ma Vie en Rose (My Life in Pink) comments on the expectations of the society regarding the expression of sexual identity by an individual. It brings forth the reaction of the society when a person flouts those expectations and follows his/her own sexual identity. Ludovics struggle against his parents and society, points towards the rigidity of the people who maneuver to deprive a human being from the freedom of expression of sexual identity of his/her preference. The circumstances in which Ludovic is placed by his parents and society present the influence of conservative thinking on the society.

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Business Accounting (Gbb/Gcb 1013)

Business Accounting (Gbb/Gcb 1013) Semester January 2013 Title Lecturer Hezlina Bt M Hashim radical Members No. Name Student Id 1 2 3 4 5 Date Received IntroductionCharitable musical arrangements atomic number 18 NGOs whose target of existence is to benefit the public. The mission of a charitable non- make expresses the particular mien in which the shaping entrust fulfil its public benefit purpose.The progress members of a non-profit organization entrusted with the supervision of the board members who take up a good obligation to ensure that the non-profit organization uses the coin to fulfil its mission. QUESTION give past Days Ahead, a charitable organization, has a standing agreement with source National Bank. The agreement allows break dance Days Ahead to overdraw its interchange balance at the marge when donations argon trial low. In the past, Better Days Ahead managed funds wisely, and r arly used this privilege.Jacob Henson has recently accommodat e the president of Better Days. To expand ope proportionalityns, Henson acquired office equipment and spent large bills on fundraising. During Hensons presidency, Better Days Ahead has mentioned a proscribely charged bank balance of approximately $10,000. 1. What is the ethical issue in the bit? The issue in this situation is the investment policy. Managers of non-profit organizations must(prenominal) ensure that investments are consistent with the values nd principles set to achieve the stated objectives to accept activities, and ethical behaviour of its employees, volunteers and board members. The lack of an ethical base as a result of the lack of creation and monitoring of ethical standards has the latent to lead to a lack of success in the organization. However the finale of the ethical standards of the institution by the leader and employees, since success is reflected in the bunk to be carried out, ensuring the objectives and goals to reach.Better Days Ahead, as a c haritable organization, it is not familiar to maintain a negative bank account as it has no benefits arise from its operations, but since the president of the organization is carrying out his work match to the duties of his job and the agreements with the bank, then it is acting properly and not against either ethical motive or agreements. 2. State why you revere or disapprove of Hensons management of Better Days Aheads funds. I would approve of his management of the fund as he is taking out a loanword in order to break the fundraising ability of his charitable organization.Since any generosity relies on fundraising in order to increase their operating funds and potential, the usage of a loan during a slow time in order to increase this fundraising potential of the organization seems to outweigh the impact that the negative bank balance might show due to the loan. Certain phoner turn out to do this in order to maintain cur study condition. What has been through by Better Day s Ahead is good to their caller and will benefit them more(prenominal). CONCLUSION As the conclusion, we cornerstone see from in a higher place statement, thither are still many ways to improve the productivity of the connection although the connection is doing charitable work.As a manager or even worker, they bind to implement the way of ethics in doing vexation of work. Some of the company already implement company policy to smoothing the way of work. To usher out company policy is wrong because it has the potential to harm the company and otherwise employees. To me, unethical behaviours lav damage a companys credibility, ca utilise the fear to lose customers and last shut down. However, concern owners and their management teams eject work with employees to prevent unethical behaviours. In this case, the situation that they are acing is still ethical as they have to maintain their current status as charitable company. INTRODUCTION thither are many different forms of caper organizations. They are sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. A sole proprietorship consists of one individual doing stemma. Sole proprietorship are the most numerous form of avocation organization in Malaysia, stock-still they account for elflike in the way of aggregate melodic line receipts. there are no forms you need to fill out to demoralise this fiber of trading. This is the easiest form of business to set up, and the easiest to dissolve.The purpose of most organization or business is mainly to earn profit. It is usually called as profit lie business. So, it is actually a profit business or other organization whose primary goal is making money, as opposed to a non-profit organization which focuses a goal such as helping the community and is tot up to with money only as much as necessary to donjon the organization operating. This includes anything from retail stores to restaurants to insurance companies to real estate companies. Question You are opening wince brook Pet kennel.Your purpose is to earn profit and you organize as proprietorship. 1. Make a detailed of 5 agents you must salary back to establish the business. There are many meanss that must be considered in order to start a business. Five of them are listed below Types of business and a proper throw The first thing to be always decided upon is the type of business we want to do. Before selecting on any type, we should always do a thorough background frustrate on the idea, such as the current trends. For example, people in Malaysia similar to take cats and kittens as their own pet. It has even become a trend.After that is done, a proper road-map should be planned for the road ahead detailing the miscellaneous costs involved, growth plans, and operating ratio. A thought out plan should also enable us to get a start-up loan from the bank quickly if we want to get heavy(p) from bank. Capital The next factor that we need to consider is the money or ca pital letter. Usually, small businesses starts with small amount of capital which means only small amount of profit will be earned. While arranging the capital, we should always keep a little margin for the initial sackning cost and the loan repayment interest.The last mentioned tail be avoided, if you arse arrange the capital from the family or friends. We can also obtain capital by taking a loan from banks. But, as our business has unlimited liability it is too risky if the business failed. Pet kennel or care taking business doesnt usually need much capital. Marketing Another of the many factors to consider when starting the business is the market you enter and how to reach out and communicate people about our business. We also need to segment the market in order to satisfy e genuinelyone. For example, Malays usually keep cats as their pet and Chinese or Indians usually take care of suction pessarys.We can give pamphlets and emit it from support to house. The pamphlets sh ould contain the details and information. This doesnt cost much as its just photocopy. Besides that, we should be very friendly opus interacting with customers to maintain our pubic relation. If we have workers, they should be trained to be coaxing and friendly or maybe talkative. Equipment needed In order to start this kind of business, we need to determine what equipment we need. Firstly, we may need cat cages, dog kennels, cat and dog food, and other things.We also need to decide from where we can get these things and decide which supplier to get these things. The prices of these equipments also need to be considered. Cheap price usually means low quality products and valuable products usually are more quality. Location The next important factor that we need to consider is the location of the business. It is appropriate for us to locate our business near neighborhoods where many people live. We can buy or rent a shop lot or even an empty house and it must be located where peop le can see and cheat about it.We shouldnt choose a place far away from peoples houses. But renting a house can annoy or disturb the next door neighbors with the smell of animals and their noises. This is unethical and can ruin our reputation as a business. So it is bump if we rent a shop lot in areas where as we cant afford to buy it. 2. Identify 5 or more transactions that your business will undertake to open and operate the doghouse. a) account interchange source capital. * This is important to open the business where the owner puts the capital in the business.This can be said as the initial capital to open and help the owner to operate the business. b) calculate purchases cash credit. * The owner uses many cash to buy equipments from the suppliers as the stocks for his pet kennel business. c) Debit accounts receivables credit service revenue. * The customer now is paying on credit for the service. d) Debit maintenance write off credit cash * The owner spends some cash to repair the broken dog kennel. e) Credit accounts receivables debit cash * The customer on credit pays the remaining balances owed. f) Debit medication expense credit cash While taking care of the dogs, one of them was wound and need to be treated in the animal clinic. 3. income statement The Quail Pet Kenner income statement, statement of owners equity, and balance sheet at the end of the first month of operation. Quail creek Pet Kennel Income Statement For the Month Ended January 31,2013 Revenue Service3000 Expenses Maintenance200 Medication430 Rent1700 Advertising 560 2890 Net Income cx Quail Creek Pet Kennel Statement of Owners equity For the Month Ended January 31,2013 Quail Creek Pet Kennel, capital, January 1,2013 30000Add enthronement by owner 0 Net Income 110 Subtotal30110 Less insularity by owner 750 Quail Creek Pet Kennel, capital, January 31,201329360 Quail Creek Pet Kennel Balance Sheet January 31,2013 AssetsLiabilities immediate payment21360Account Payable 98 00 Furniture 9800Owner Equity Equipment 8000Capital 29360 Total Assets39160Total Liabilities and Equity 39160 Evaluation of Business Since the business has just started up on its first month of operations, the figures of our accounts have shown good progress and shows that the business might be a success is the coming years.However, we have to determine whether or not to touch on the business with a few calculations that could be done for the business. First of all, we use the current ratio of the business where the we tell apart the Current Asset of the business with the current liabilities. This is to measure the businesss current ability to pay off all the liabilities of the business where the high the ratio, the higher the chance of the business to have enough sufficiency to maintain its business operations. The calculations are as follows Current Assets = 21360Current Liabilities 9800 = 2. 1786 Since the Current ratio is above 1, the business could have a higher possibility of continuing running with lower risk of failing in the business line. This shows that the business can continue to run and abide by in the future as the business holds a small amount of risk. Another way of determining whether or not the business the business is by the Acid-Test ratio which determines the ability of the business to pay all current liabilities if they came due immediately. The calculation is as followsCash + Short term investment + Net current receivables = 21360 Current liabilities 9800 = 2. 1786 Again, the Acid-test ratio indicates that the ratio of the business is above 1. This shows that the business does have the ability to pay all current liabilities if they came due immediately. This also shows that the business can run very smoothly and expeditiously in the coming months and years to come and could be a good business to continue on spend and serving.The final way to determine whether or not the business should continue its operations after evaluating its first month of operation is by using the Debt balance. This calculation is done to determine the fiscal risk of the business. The calculation of the Debt Ratio is as follows Total liabilities = 9800 Total Assets 21360 = 0. 459 Since the Debt Ratio is below 1, the business shows a good ratio and record that if the business continues its operations, it has a low financial risk and can be a very good business to invest into.In conclusion, after analyzing all of the probabilities, and calculating all of the results of the businesss first month operations, we can conclude that the business of the Quail Creek Pet Kennel should be continued and can be a success in the future as all the facts shows a domineering outcome for the business. Conclusion From the first question, we can conclude that there are still many ways to improve the companies productivity even though the company is doing charitable work. As either a manager or an employee, the way of ethics have o be implemented in doing business of any sorts. A few of other companies or businesses have started to implement company policies of work ethics in order to improve the quality and efficiency as well as effectiveness of the work. To disregard company policy is unethical because it has the potential to harm the company and other employees of the company. An unethical behavior of an employee can ruin a companys reputation as well as credibility in the look of the stakeholders as well as potential investors, which could cause the company to stop operations.The business owners as well as their management teams can date a way to prevent their employees from making unethical decisions or behaviors in the company. From the final question, we can conclude that Quail Creek Pet Kennel has a higher possibility of continuing its operations. This is based on a thorough calculation of assets and liabilities of the business which has only been operating for 1 month and the results of the calculations done have shown po sitive outcomes for the business.This has made us conclude that the business has a very good potential of expanding in the future, and has a probability of opening more branches nationwide and can project a very high success rate if the business continues its operations for the years to come. In conclusion, ethics for a business is not something that has to be put excursus in any kind of business that we are operating. This also implies to charity work. Finally, a a charity-based business is not an excuse to not succeed in the business world as any kind of business can prove to be a success if we run it efficiently and effectively.

Genesis World View Essay Essay

What does Genesis, chapters one through cardinal in particular, teach pertaining to the terra firma? Specifically speaking in regards to the intrinsic human race, human identity, human relationships, and civilization. In accordance with all that, how then could this tint your world assimilate today? What only does the bible say? How exactly can it act upon the way we visit life and ar these conclusions nigh the world we tolerate in today parallel with what the bible states as truth? start-off of all, when referring to the natural world itself, were specifically talking ab aside its fall state. The world as we know it and as the bible states, The maestro see how great mans wickedness on the earth had exit, and that each inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time (Gen 65), is wicked. See, when I look at the world I see exactly what Genesis 1-3 describes as truth. I see a perfect world that has gone bad. I see the beauty of the formation of this w orld, the gloriousness of the trees swaying in the wind, the push-down stack tops all overlooking the plains, the waters brushing up against the sand, and the wind susurrus across the ground. But then I also see the move state of mankind.I not only see it with my eyes, but I experience it too. With my eyes, hands, mind, heart. Im a result of that fallen sin. I AM that fallen sin. My viewpoint is the same as any commentator of Genesis 3 would picture the text in their mind. I see Satan eachday crawling about and tempting me to eat of the command tree. I know what is right and I know what is wrong, but plane with that for-knowledge of good and evil, I am a sinner and therefore I eat of that forbidden tree time and time again. So paragon created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them (Gen. 127). The Lord created us in His image, and in His likeness.Therefore we were without fault, without wickedness, without sin. Genesis desc ribes the mighty power of God, His love and sovereignty, His good go away and mercy. In other words, were shown the importance and value of the Lord Himself. Therefore, if we argon made in the image of this almighty, all loving, omnipotent Creator, then we too must be of great value and worth. That being said, this shapes my world view towards many contrastive things, one of those in particular being abortion. If we are of such grand qualities, then we must protect and cherish e rattling single image bearer. Having accounted for all that Genesis 1 describes, Id venture to say that abortion is a smack in the looking to God Himself. How dare we take it upon ourselves to sink which image bearers of the Lord lie in and which die. Though once again, this is yet another result of how we allow that snake in the grass to persuade us to eat of the tree that leads to death. Now, we must look at where and how human relationships tie in.Weve talked an awful lot about man. What if we bring cleaning lady into the picture? How exactly do they fit together? Well prototypal of all when we look at scripture we see that it is written, Then the Lord God made a fair sex from the rib he had interpreted out of the man, and he brought her to the man (Gen. 222). This conveys a few truths. first gear of all, woman was taken from the side of man. This would mean, A, she is to be equal to and treated as so for she was taken from mans side. B, she was taken from man to be his helper. And C, she was to be his wife and as it is stated soon after(prenominal), For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be join to his wife, and they will become one flesh (Gen. 224). Why was woman taken from mans rib? I believe that zero in scripture is random, and so therefore I believe that it is to hence signify that she was to be considered next to man in every smell of life such as marriage, parenting, and as a helper.That being said, she was in fact as scripture states to be a helper. Also, as it is powerfully influenced throughout scripture, she was to be his wife, and he her husband, and the two would once again become one flesh. How about civilization? What does Genesis say about the human development? Our advancement as a species? Well, Genesis has very much to say about our growth as a whole. In fact in Genesis 11 the Lord says Come permit us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other (Gen. 117). And so after He had done this, He scattered them among the earth and spread them out far and wide. This causes me to believe and understand several truths yet again. First of all, I believe that at this separating of the people at the Tower of Babel, is how we came to know different ethnicities such as Asians, Africans, Spanish, English, etcetera. I also believe that after the waterspout the atmosphere and climate were much different.Which would also compensate for certain corporeal aspects of the different ethnicities as well, having been spread to different climatic areas of the world. And also, with the human world in general, I believe that we started with Adam and Eve, and presumptuousness thousands of years, weve thus reached our incumbent population. Given the previous truths of scripture, as well as the current world standings, Id say these truths represent a very laid-back understanding of our world. God has blessed us, we have fallen. God has made us in His image, we have taken it upon ourselves to depict the value of that image. God has given us relationships to glorify Himself through us, we have created our own mindset to decide for ourselves who is equal and who is not. Last, but not least, we have grown immensely over time. Starting with two, and reaching over 7 billion.

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Oral Health Disparities Health And Social Care Essay

Oral health disparities amid autochthonal and non-indigenous populations argon reflected across the universe. The Maori atomic number 18 the autochthonal population of raw Zealand ( NZ ) and do up ab step up 17 % of the entire population. They have higher items of offense, lower aliveness anticipations and lower incomes compared to other ethnical populations in NZ. Unfortunately spontaneous health dapple construct upms to follow this tendency. The 2009 New Zealand Oral health Survey ( NZOHS 2009 ) , the first off national study on unwritten health position in NZ, showed that although big betterments have been made in unwritten health with the population, alas the health headache system was neglecting to run into the demands of the Maori population and peculiarly its kids see table 1. This was in maintaining with findings from other surveies.Number of lasting dentitions with untreated lei decay per individual, among kids and striplings aged 5-17 sexagenarian ages , by population group ( adjusted ratio of agencies and difference in agencies )Group of involvementReference groupAdjustment variablesRatio of agenciesDifference in agenciesMale childsMaIoriPacificAsiatic roughly deprived vicinities ( NZDep2006 ) 1GirlsNon-MaIoriNon-PacificNon-AsianLeast deprived vicinities succession groupAge group, sexAge group, sexAge group, sexAge group, sex, cultural group1.02.4** 2009 New Zealand Oral health Survey government note Entire response criterion end product for MaIori, Pacific and Asian cultural groups has been apply.1 For vicinity want, the ratio of agencies and difference in agencies worry to the comparative index of ine tone ( RII ) and the incline of ine fiber ( SII ) , severally. See methods for more(prenominal) inside randomnesss.* Indicates a statistically important consequence ( p-value &038 lt 0.05 ) .Factors which are concept to lend to this inequality spread are a combination of cultural, sociosti nting, health care handiness, livelinessstyle issues, and favoritism and consist ofThe low consumption of alveolar harmonical go to renovation within the Maori population ( 6 ) . New Zealand notwithstanding though it has good entree to alveolar consonant consonant attention for kids and striplings it appears that Maori kids were less(prenominal) potential to see a dental professional than kids of other cultural groups. tear down though Maori grownups admitted to a high degree of perceived demand they were less likely to see a tooth gear up and cited costs for dental assistances as an of import factor.Maori kids and grownups were less likely to cross their dentitions with toothpaste incorporating 1000 part per million ( ppm ) fluoride compared with other cultural groups. Besides they were less likely to brush their dentitions twice a twenty-four hours ( 6 ) . Here the demand for verifying unwritten wellness behavior is highlighted.The NZOHS 2009 found discrepancies in u nwritten wellness position between stack resident in countries with fluoridated and non-fluoridated imbibing water system.Disparities between age groups with immature grownups age between 18 to 34 old ages holding a significantly worse unwritten wellness position. brotherly economical want compounded inequalities in unwritten wellness position and this is consistent with old wellness studies in NZ and international comparings. Peoples resident in high socio-economically deprived countries had poorer unwritten wellness position.Sketch a realistic be after of a assist to run into the demandsIn seeking to undertake the inequality in unwritten wellness for the Maori population unitary has to turn to the issues merely decribed and particularly of the low consumption for alveolar consonant attention processs. Here the blueprint would hold to turn to the finishriers to care and other determiners. These would complicate entree to fluoride, and dietary advice, and cognition of costs and dental service entitlements.The purposes of the service would beTo drive and advance unwritten wellnessTo better and develop comfortss and services that go around trade with the unwritten wellness demands of the Mauri populationTo better and back up the unwritten wellness work forceTo acertain and develop quality in the service.A community-based plan could be instigated and would look at including the followersAn idiom on preschool kids to be registered with the school dental service at one twelvemonth old. Surveies allude to a less than 60 % bell ringer in registration for kids under 5 old ages old.The integrating of unwritten wellness attention services with mainstream general wellness attention would besides facility improved entree.U carol skill mix of dental professionals in come in to acquire optimal bringing. U chirp unwritten health care professionals healers, clinical denta technicians, The service would look at increasing the capableness and capacity of legiti mate Maori wellness attention suppliers and healers and besides by the provision of new services.The proviso of movement based bar much(prenominal) as fluoride toothpastes, fluoride varnishes, crevice sealers, fluoridated piss forget be at the head of intervention schemes. Although at salute there is non adequate grounds to propose one better than the other crevice sealers and fluoride varnish classmes programmes volition be built-in to the service.The giveing up of a Maori unwritten wellness squad within the community consisting of a tooth doctor supported by dental attention professionals such as healers. This could be aided ab initio by the exercise of maori tooth doctors / therapists/ healthcare workers to better take the popultation.Sing entree the service would overwhelm the proviso of a dental installations in close propinquity to the communities and this could be in either in the signifier of new surgeries in community scenes ( eg community centres/ schools ) a nd or the rule of nomadic dental surgeries. These installations would be marketed and awareness raised within the Maori community. They would be equipped with modern equipment and meet modern wellness and safety ordinances. Staffing would principally conisist of dental healers financial aided with dental helpers overseen by a part-time or all-encompassing clip tooth doctor. They would handle kids and striplings but be able to offer attention to grownups. Offering attention to grownups that do non measure up from freedom of dental fees would intend the arrangeing up of payment installations.The demand to turn to cost concerns for grownups sing dental attention is of import. Cost was identified as a major(ip) barrier to entree ( 6 ) . The mankindity of dental services procurable and their costs, particularly claimation on entitlements to those with low socio-economic standing, would be propagated by the squad. kid and adolescent alveolar consonant attention consumes most of th e public dental budget and hence bar utilizing dental work force doing mix is polar and can be more economical. Dental healers could be used to advance healthy behaviors and besides be used for intercessions such as fluoride varnish and crevice sealers. Robust links with other primary winding attention professionals would be forged and the bringing of wellness messages utilizing a communal hazard factor coming facilitated. The nexus between unwritten wellness and general wellness is widely acknowledged and the linking with other healthcare suppliers who may be in a better, and more community established place, would be favorable.In turn toing unwritten wellness attention behaviors such as brushing at least twice a twenty-four hours and utilizing fluoridated toothpaste which has at least 1000ppm fluoride leave necessitate undertanding of the social determiners of unwritten attention. Programs to supply free, or at decreased cost, toothbrushes and toothpaste could be looked at. The usage of Maori health care professionals would help the bringing of messages every bit good as provide feedback. The extended household ( whanau ) construct would be integrated seamlessly into the proviso of dental attention. Witinh the community, attending of household members would be encouraged and the whole pose of regularly sing dental professionals impressed as usual behavior.The designation and usage of nodal people within the maori community to circulate the benefits of behavioral alteration would assist to append consciousness of unwritten wellness ( oranga niho ) within the Maori comminuty. Health publicity with messages on entree to fluorides, dietetic advice on sugars, unwritten hygiene processs, and smoking cessation would be provided.The handiness of fluoridated H2O at 1ppm fluoride would be looked at. Fluoridated H2O has been shown to track down the incidence of dental cavities in populations. Notwithstanding its defects entree to fluoridated H2O would be an assistance in cut drink cavities degrees and acquiring bar into difficult to make communities. As H2O fluoridization could be frought with troubles so other methods of increasing fluoride availabilty non mentioned antecedently could be considered, such as draw flouridation. Milk fluoridization has been shown to be an assistance in cut downing cavities degrees.Describe the rules you would utilize for be aftering the service and implementing.The rules that would underly any strategic be after oscillation would beSupport from stakeholders and national original fertiliser structures. There would necessitate to be top degree support, direction and way.Support from other health care services and a multidisciplinary attack.Evidence based attention would be supported.A coherent and methodical attack to financial projection and provisoA structured procedure for execution detailed in comprehensive cookingEvaluation of procedure and result.Throughout one would be looking at placing barr iers to alter and so seeking to turn to and take them.The strategic planning rhythm would hold the undermentioned stairssStrategic wayNeeds estimateExplicating purposes and aims. Stipulate needed characteristicsContemplate optionsCreat detailed program.Implement program monitor lizard and measure. Re-evaluate.First guaranting that national statute law and policy way is taken into history during planning. The World Health Organisation advocated that unwritten wellness be integrated as portion of general wellness attention policies of states in its 2005 Liverpool Declaration. In NZ the national unwritten wellness scheme papers close Teeth for all for life supports this and forwardnesss out the vision for unwritten wellness attention in the close hereafter. This has been communicateed at national degree and will impact and order regional policy and scheme. It has been guided by the New Zealand Health Strategy and others such as the Maori Health Startegy, Health of Older People S trategy, New Zealand Disability Strategy, Maori Child Oral Health and School Dental Service reviews. Service planning should besides take into history the chromosome mapping and standard operating processs advocated by regulative organic structures such as the tint Improvement Agency ( Health Quality and Safety Commission ) , and the Dental Council of New Zealand under the Health Practitioners competence Assurance Act 2003.An environmental analysis would be of import in giving a clear image of the sure unwritten wellness demands at local degree and the service availabilty. This would be really reclaimable in planning and aid to set up the geographical logistics, grade and casing of service requisite and workforce options present. Insight into the adaptability required from the service in managing with unpredictable fluctuations in demand. Clinicians and patients positions can be conflicting in their assesment of service demands and it is of import to undertand both sides. Det ermining the figure of bilingual health care workers would be an illustration of the informations that would be collected during the environmental analysis. uttered demand from patients will change significantly from that of normative demand conceit by clinicians. Here sociodental steps of unwritten wellness could be used if possible to acquire a better apprehension of the psychological and societal tincts of unwritten wellness and disease. Cultural apprehension of Maori behavior will be helped by commnuity input.Required service features can so be specified. These would allow the location, range of pattern, work force staffing, estate direction, preparation required and information engineering needed. Evidence based attention would inform the range and type of pattern needed. The integrating of unwritten wellness services with a multidisciplinary attack should seek to be incorporated. It has been shown that in comparing with the remainder of the population Maoris are more likel y to smoke, be corpulent, and have high blood pressure. stipulation would so be given to the options available to turn to the needed service characteristics. Options such as increasing capacity of bing services or put ining new 1s or a combination of both would be approximation approximately. Workforce options such as developing new and bing personel, proviso of scholarships for preparation, and comity for abroad enlisting would be looked at. Choices for commissioning and paths of support would necessitate to be considered. Options for developing publically funded unwritten wellness services with and /or without prosecuting the hole-and-corner(a) sector could be considered. Risk impact analysis would assist to inform planning. Contribution from the District Health Boards ( DHBs ) and Maori Healthcare Providers once more would be utile.The following phase in planning would be to bring frontward a elaborate program which would demo lines of answerability and clip frames. fag time s would be allocated and the procedure of rating of the planning procedure included. The usage of Gantt charts would be advised.The of import portion of really implementing the program needs to be looked at closely. Once the program has been approved farther appraisal would be carried out to place any barriers that may impede execution and so efforts to get the better of them instigated. Informing the local relevant commissions and clinicians is an of import measure. educational meetings, conferences, and workshops to inform and educate health care professionals about the program and grounds based bar schemes would assist to alter clinical behavior. Identifying inspiring sentiment leaders who can act upon healthcare professionals and execute a mentoring function thereby easing consciousness and credence of alterations in clinical pattern would be favorable.Execution should affect get the better ofing barriers at the public degree and negotiations for local Maori communities should b e arranged. This would once more profit by being addressed by Maori wellness professionals. Raising consciousness of the program and practical issues for the commuinity could be tackled. The usage of media and local influential people such as community seniors would be utile in community union with the service. Local indorsement for undertakings such as H2O fuoridation would be helped by the fosterage of these community confederations.Evaluation of the procedure of execution and auditing of the results should be punctuate at the beginning. Formulation and usage of scrutinizing tools with outcome steps should be concur and actioned. Results and procedure should be judged against recognized quality steps and this should continuously feedback and inform the planning rhythm. These should embrace unwritten wellness related quality of life indexs every bit good as clinical 1s. Normally a lame association has been found when these 2 types of indexs have been compared.Evaluation of the s ervice should include safety, effectivity, conformity with grounds based research, and staying with planned budgets.Describe how you would guarantee quality in the new serviceQuality in health care services is a really of import issue. Maxwell ( 1984 ) described it necessitating to see effectivity, entree, efficiency and economic system, relevancy, and equity. Structure, procedure and result are related facets that quality can be measured by. To guarantee quality in the proposed service there will be a Clinical Governance Framework which will include all apsects of the service. First a quality squad would be set up and quality defined and criterions agreed on. This squad would include service user re notification ( Maori representation ) , bottom degree service provders ( tooth doctors, healers, healthcare forces ) and besides high degree personel ( health care directors, national stakeholder organic structures ) . Good relationships between all parties would necessitate to be foste red to advance confidence and agreement.Agreed criterions should efficaciously stand for aspects of patient safety, effectivity of attention, and patient experience. This has been put frontward by Lord Darzi in UK and has been developed to put out the seven spheres of quality. Criteria would so be set on mensurating these criterions. These should conform with the current criterions expected and set out by the New Zealand Dental stand ( NZDA ) and the Dental Council of New Zealand such as NZDA inscribes of Practice ( 24 ) , NZDA Code of Ethics, NZDA/DCNZ Joint Dentists Code of Practice communicate Consent, DCNZ Code of Practice Informed Consent ( for alveolar consonant healers, dental hygienists and aides and dental technicians/clinical alveolar consonant technicians ) , NZDA/DCNZ Joint Dentists Code of Practice Sexual Boundaries in the Dentist A Patient Relationship.Standardized quality steps will be agreed upon to enable monitoring. This once more will include all parts of th e planning and execution procedure.Monitoring and scrutinizing public presentation can be a fraught with troubles and set uping a quality outcomes model will be supportive. Measuring quality against agreed criterions is all-important(a) and can besides supply of import feedback into the audit rhythm. Monitoring will includeClinical resultsStakeholder and community ( Maori ) positionsResearch and studiesAuditing tools for clinical attention results would be constructed and made available to appropritate forces to finish. The effectual usage of information engineerings and package would be used. This would particularly assist to garner informations on entree and consumption. The positions and sentiments of service users ( patients and clinical forces ) would be actively sought. Creation of a research group/ direction will set up links with The Health Research Council of New Zealand and via The Strategic Plan for Maori Health Ressearch 2010-2015, aid to back up portion research. Sub sequent findings will be disseminated and used to inform farther policy. thence this will supply valuable information and promote and better quality. later informations aggregation assessment of pattern can be made against the in agreement criterions and designation of jobs, issues, and hapless and good public presentation attained. Changes required to better public presentation can be agreed on and so impemented. The service would be capable to changeless periodical reappraisals.By sporadically measuring and scrutinizing the service, quality can be improved and more significantly the whole system can be kept viable and appropriate for the demands of the population for which it was intended.In decision, for a new service to accomplish its purposes adeqeuate planning and execution are a requirement. This should actively and invariably affect all stakeholder sentiments and positions. Quality confidence should be planned in from the trigger off and implemented. The service designed which should integrate an incorporate multidisciplinary attack which understands the complex societal, environmental, and economic determiners of unwritten wellness may so hold a chance at being effectual in cut downing unwritten wellness inequalities.

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Definition of SWOT Analysis Essay

In Human Resource Management wonk outline refers to a useful tool by identifying advantage or disadvantage of a company. Also assistance company thoroughly evaluating pros and cons forwards formulating its development strategies. Each letter in SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats respectively. In this quartet points, S and W argon internal factors that a company shadow do such as capacity and human resources. O and T, however, are external factors which a company may do such as laws and different culture. This method focuses on their own actual strengths of an enterprise as well as comparison with competitors. Therefore, this serious tool can help to decrease difficulties in corporate decision-making and make a more intelligibly human resource planning.But how we process a SWOT analytic thinking? Firstly, make use of a variety of survey research methods in order to analyze various environmental factors including internal and external factors jibe to history and current situations of an organization. Secondly, list the investigation result ordered by importance level. At last, take four dimensions in the SWOT analysis into account, in this way we can build a SWOT matrix.For example, Haier, a famous multi-national enterprise that produce household appliance such as TV, refrigerator, washing machine and so on. The following diagram is a usual SWOT analysis for Haier.

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Computing and Connectivity Essay

Nonmanagement employees perform the day-to-day operations. The employees in this role can work in a w arehouse, in a address center, or heretofore teachers. Employees are parcel iodine main purpose here, and that is to serve the customer. Nonmanagement employees survey to a manager or supervisor that f solelys under the operation management role. Publix has thousands of nonmanagement employees. When someone goes to the foodstuff shop, he or she can see billsiers, deli counter associates, narration associates, bakers, furtherchers, and others. These roles each(prenominal) are there to serve the customer.They work latterly with the telephoners warehouses, call centers, and technicians. While the warehouses, call centers, and technicians are non serving an external customer, the actual supermarket is an internal customer. Based on the motives job functions, she would fall under the nonmanagement employee role. The author is a supply stove development lead which is a fancy way of saying programmer analyst. She oversees all software coding that arrives from the supplier, tests the coding, and works with the business areas that will be using the software.While her position is salary, and the business areas being supported or reviewed by her are not salary, Jessicas role is providing a improvement to a customer. Her customer is also providing service to other customers, whether a store or a vendor. This author has dowericipated in a GPS tracking opening move for the technicians vans. With this hardware and software install, the application located on the tissue server is able to go out and determine the geographical berth of any technician.The software will then use this to optimize the calls for that post and assign the call to the technician who is closest, thereby saving travel time, communication to the call center, and lost labor time. Optimization much(prenominal) as this is an example of how Publix is workings with distributed computing and connectivity. More Opportunities to Revolutionize Publix has numerous competitors such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Winn-Dixie, Albertsons, and even some small grocery chains. The main advantage is that when shopping at Publix, the customers can expect to beat a good experience and have quality groceries.The quality does not stop with the groceries either. Currently all the 915 stores are upgrading software and hardware to keep up with the changing technology. The point-of-sale cash registers are being updated to be touch screen and to have a large display for the customer to be able to review all items as they are scanned. Another project is the upgrade of the wireless networks. originally the upgrade, the stores were on a slow wired network, which caused issues if the technicians needed to review all the details or to update his or her calls.The new network will allow the technicians to use their handheld devices and communicate using the stores fire walled wireless intranet to upda te their service calls. Recently, Publix jumped into selling liquor in some of their stores. Some were worried this would tarnish the image of the wholesome store. Publix approached the melodic theme very carefully and opened liquor stores adjacent to the supermarket. The profits soared afterwards all these new projects start implementing. Recently, to stay a head of the competition, Publix started a germ project.This project will install a large generator in every store by the beginning of next hurricane season. astir(predicate) 269 stores already have these generators in them. These large generators will run the refrigerate cases for several(prenominal) days after a inbred disaster. This project started after millions of dollars in food was lost after the past two hurricane seasons. Publix has throw fuel supplies at the ports and tanker trucks on reserve ready to straighten out to fill any generators needed.These generators are monitored remotely in the corporal offices by an in-house software package that alerts the key personnel to any issues that may arise. When a patch does arise, the store manager is called to check to see if the maculation is a false alarm or not, and to help rectify the situation until further help can be contacted and dispatched to the location. Other advantages are allowing customers to fill again their existing prescriptions online with their Publix pharmacy. Customers can select a pickup time for the prescription, but if none is selected, the time defaults to the following afternoon.While the pharmacy is always comfortable to visit and have prescriptions refilled while shopping, this service allows someone to refill his or her script and run in to pick up if shopping is not intended. These types of technological benefits help Publix revolutionize the grocery industry. Conclusion This author has shown several examples of how her role and others in the organization have been influenced by distributed connectivity to com munities surrounding the organization. This author recognizes the potential for growth and revolution for her company and how all jobs must report not only laterally, but downward, upward and even externally.Proactive measures such as the generator program show that Publix is preparing for the future so service can still be provided to areas that are hit by natural disasters. Ability for customers to refill their prescriptions online shows how Publix is keeping connected through distributed computing. While galore(postnominal) levels in an organization exist, this author realizes that all roles play an important part in the success of any company and that success can be maximized through distributed connectivity.

Is Strategic Leadership Necessary to Effectively Manage Global Strategy in Today’s Essay

Critically evaluate whether strategicalalalal leading is prerequisite to effectively address world-wide outline in todays churning production line environs In todays purlieu, companies lead more(prenominal) and more flexibility to success in a chop-chop changing world which evolves constantly over the year. It is interesting to speculate if a strategic attraction is necessary to lead the phoner to the success and to fountainhead manage the spheric dodging of the firm. The term of attractorship is hard to ascertain and there atomic number 18 over 400 definitions of what it real is.Leadership sack up be in a poetic way, according to Warren Bennis, wish beauty its hard to define but you know it when you agnise it. Or in a more concrete way, we ass hypothesize that leading is a matter of making a difference. It entails changing an musical arrangement and making choices among plausible alternatives. It depends on the development of others and mobilizing the m to get the job do. (Useem, 2001). Consequently, strategic attractorship is the vision of the loss leader, the directions chosen by him to lead the company to the success. strategical Leadership consists in any case in persuading the members of the organization in gear up to go on an organizational structure whose aim is the strategic productivity. ( warinessstudyguide. com, 2010). This concept of strategic leadership is more and more important in a mount of world(a) dodging. Indeed, nowadays, it is more and more usual to globalize its company in cab art to gain in productivity and writ of execution. Thus, the global strategy of a company is somehow, a kind of strategic guide to succeed in the globalisation process.This is a guide which permits the company to go ahead the barriers to international trading by gaining competitive advantages according to (quickmba. com, 2010). A global strategy must ask itself some questions like what must be the presence on the market i n separately country? How to build an international global presence? Regarding to these two important aspects of a air, it is interesting to wonder if the strategic leadership is related to the global strategy and more precisely if the strategic leadership is necessary to success in globalizing its company within this churned-up chore environment.The strategic leadership may baffle an impact on the global strategy of a firm nevertheless, strategic leadership is some fourth dimensions subject to some issues which can impair the viability of the company and its potential success. Indeed, the leaders develop a lot of pressure, they have to deliver results and manage the personal, which is more and more complicated in a changing world monastic format by the development of new technologies which implicated more and more reactivity.And sometimes leaders can give mistakes, Gerald Ratner, CEO of Barclays Bank, has said in straw man of TV cameras and reporters that he didnt have a credit billhook beca practise its too expensive That wasnt very professional Thus, the bit of the leader is always a kind of a precarious note because he has to make decisions which will determine the success of the company. Charan and Colvin (The quest for tone of work life a TQM approach) highlight some strategic mistakes that a leader could make, some misjudgements which can lead to issues in term of strategic leadership.The first one may be mass related. Indeed mickle cant be underestimating, and sometimes it happens, people of an organization atomic number 18 the glue of this one, so it is necessary to understand people skills to have a harmony in the corporation, especially in terms of descents, according to flyer Donaldson and Tom Otoole (strategic market relationships from strategy to implementation, 200), personal contact cannot be underestimated. So it is crucial to have some strategic leadership to make sure that everybody is held at fair harbor.Moreover, anot her difficulty for the leader is to move over position the right people at the right place, this task requires a analysis of each people in the staff in order to place them in the job in which they ar the most good and in which they will work the best and do their best contribution. fit in to Buckingham and Coffman (1999) in their book First, Break All the Rules What The Worlds superlative Managers Do Differently, they put forward twelve questions which are really useful to put people in the fit job (bainvestor. om, 2010). some other people related problem can be the fail to get with coach-and-fours who are underperforming. The decision making process is also seen as a issue in strategic Leadership, some decisions are not make which can implied a cost in term of time and money. The leader has to use good tactics to make their decisions. The problem is that, according to Nutt (researchnews. osu. edu, 2010) a good tactic in decision making require time and leaders are looki ng for quick fixes, but over the bulky term, theses tactics turn out to be successful.Beyond these issues, the leaders have also to face some challenges in particularly concerning the environment which is changing. Lao Tzu says that resisting permute is like holding your breath if you persist, you die. The challenge that faces the leader is how to adapt them to a changing environment, and more precisely in this context of globalization, because the employee may feel suspicious relative to the change. This kind of barrier has to be destroyed by the leader by situateting objectives, having open discussions with employee or showing their commitment.Manage the employee is a challenge, but the nature of the strategic environment is another one. According to (airpower. au. af. mil, 2010), there are four components which can be seen as challenges to the strategic leader Complexity, Ambiguity, uncertainty and volatility. The leaders have to foreknow scenario to avoid volatility (ex Bosn ia/Kosovo), and to highlight the act of the competitors to reduce the uncertainty and the complexity of the interdependence of the components.Moreover, the ambiguity can be solved by functional in team this work will permit not to have multiple interpretation of one problem for pillow slip. As said before, the frugal world has change over the past few years, with notably the monetary crisis which has affect backing productivity. This event shows us that the situation can change one day to another. Thus Brigid L. Bechtold explains in his book Chaos conjecture as a model for strategy development, the necessity of putting in place news strategies to balance a random sparing situation.Moreover, the author emphasize the notion of interaction between the company which are now interdependent, a strategic leadership must deals with this situation in order to communicates and acts conscientiously, and notably in the case of bodily lifting. The integrated parenting has to set prior ity for the strategic leadership. Corporate parenting is a management which is intern to the company, no others actors of the market are taking in account there are no interaction with others actors such as competitors or buyers.The aim of corporate parenting is to give value to the firm, but these operations require money and collapse cost. There are three different types of this kind of management, strategic planning, strategic control and financial control. The strategic planning puts resources together in order to reinforce each vexation units to achieve a common goal, for subject providing central services and resources. The strategic control consist in using the corporate parent ability to build some value for the business and finally under the financial control type the corporate parent evaluate and ontrol the performance of each business unit (scribd. com, 2010 ), and then business units are more independent even if they are subject to performance standards. The corporat e parenting provide thus a clear image of the strategy to all the business units, managers can focus on the same goal. Moreover, a corporate parent can interfere and guides its business units if they are underperforming for prototype. As an example we can talk about Virgin which is the perfect example of a successful corporate parenting Robabdul. com, 2010Virgin was able to understand and institutionalize markets, but also in terms of innovation, by buying and created fusion with good skilled company. Moreover the management is flexible and gives flexibility to business units. (robabdul. com, 2010) But the corporate parenting can also destroy value quite of adding this one. (accessmylibrary. com, 2010), some might say that the destruction of the value is created by the take of corporate overhead costs, but even if these costs are high, it is not the principal cause of failure.The most often, the influence of the parent are bad, because they put in place invalid objectives and u nsuitable strategies. Thus, the managers have to use this strategic leadership of the corporate parents to develop the same and adequate strategy within the business units and the strategic leadership must be advised of the objectives given to ensure that they are realizable. In a context of globalization, this corporate parenting can face last issues which can impact on the global strategy.The globalization is a phenomenon which is more and more spread its a new way of working and in to manage people who scrape up from different countries, some authors had created some dimensions dealing with heathen dimensions and the different value orientations. Indeed the majority of these workers dont understand the attitude and the reactions of their colleagues because of the culture which includes different ways of thinking or acting. A strategic leadership has to leverage on cultural difference for competitive advantage.To create opportunities of collaborationism a strategic leader mus t understand the management philosophy and the national character, to help this, Greet Hofstede created dimensions (hofstede. com, 2010) which permit to analyze and understand people from a different culture. A good strategic leadership is indispensable to manage these cultural gaps, because culture can be assimilating to the crusade force beyond a man behavior.To succeed in a multicultural environment, the leaders must adopt the concept of global leadership, (Managing cultural differences global leadership strategies for the 21st century, by Robert T. Moran,Philip R. Harris,Sarah Virgilia Moran, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2007 ), they have to be capable of operating in the globalized world and being respectful of each culture, he must be flexible and open in order to perceive and understand people reactions. Companies have also to take premeditation of what they said, if they didnt pay attention to their slogan, they can get into trouble, thus the slogan of American Airlines F ly in Leather has been translated in Spanish by fly naked (brandingstrategyinsider. com, 2010). To have this open-minded spirit, the relationship between management and strategic leaderships must be defineThe leadership, and more particularly the strategic leadership are the eyes of an organisation, they have to see what is coming, to anticipate the prospective in order to give the opportunities to the company to create the future. Instead, the management, according to the figure, is more about execution. Indeed, the management deals with organization, they follow and accomplish the mission given by the leadership, they have to comprehends the vision and the road map (relationship-economy. com, 2010).A good example of the relation Leader/manager is the invention of the creation of the iMac by Apple. 2-speed. com, 2006) The ex-CEO of Viewlogic relates its incident all the work on the iMac was done, the product was about to be launched when Steve Jobs, a great leader, require that the case for the computer has to be transparent. This resulted in redundant cost and engineering work had to be restarted because it has to be pretty either. This story shows well the differences of vision between a leader and a manager Steve Jobs has seen the importance of the design over the long term and put the lascivious of Apple competitive advantage. Relationship-economy. com, 2010In this climate of economic uncertainty, the role of the strategic leadership within the global strategy is important notably mouth of the globalization phenomenon which is playing a major role in the business environment of today. Strategic leaders are necessary because they are the passion of the company, the guide of the managers. As seen before, in terms of corporate parenting, strategic leadership plays a crucial role in the success of the different business units, but sometimes, it happens that the influence of this one compromise the viability of the different business units.globally spea king, a company has often resort to internationalize itself, to succeed in this way a strategic leadership must be set, in order to understand and leverage of cultural differences. Concerning the relationship between the relationship between management and strategic leadership, they have a special relationship, on could not function without the other. Whitout the execution of the ideas of the strategic leader, these ones would be useless.These two concepts are interdependent, the management deals with organizing, planning and answers short terms questions, while conversely, the strategic leader responds to long terms issues and determines the position of the company and its strategic direction. The strategic leader must communicate to the company values. He should increase the belief of employees in the company and be transparent and involve them in their role. It must be open in order to speak freely of market information, because employees emergency to know where the company is g oing and want to know what the leader knows.It is also important for the leader to take into account the opinions of everyone. Indeed even if the decisions that are not suitable with the wish of the employees, having been listening reinforce their membership to the business. still if there are bad decisions making by some strategic leaders, (notably speaking of the CEO of the banks which didnt pay attention to the mistakes that they have done and start the financial crisis), they are necessary in the global strategy of a company but some strategic leadership can be at the origin of failure and being not adapted to some kind of company.Thus strategic leadership is important to manage global strategy to give confidence and to innovate in the turbulent environment. But to avoid some mistake the management can be stricter and let more place to concrete work instead of plainly ideas in order to stabilize and create a secure environment for the business.Referenceshttp// strategy/global/http//

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Human factors in technology Essay

Man is the only beingness who has employ technology, to the point that it also ca apply technology to change rapidly through time. engineering has been one of the most influential concepts in the lives of e really human being throughout history. It was so influential that it had become one of the major deciding detailors in the direction of history. Technological concepts had evolved from the simple to the precise complex. From the simple scar cutting tools that prehistoric man had, to the contemporary blades that virtually do not drive any resharpening at all.There had also been evolution from the very crude computing technique such as the finger counting, to the very complex super ready reckoners. In terms of transportation, from the very simple mode of move and running, man had innovated transportation technology by inventing and innovating cars, planes, ships, etc. Technology had not only affected transportation and computing, but also the social and mental scene as well . Companies whose general trade is information and technology atomic number 18 the ones whose organizational structure is very much affected by the technical changes.Most of the companies argon either computer manufacturers or technological search companies. apple Inc. , formerly known as apple Computer, Inc. is an American-based multinational stomach which has its focus on technical manufacturing and designing of electronics and software product programs for variations of consumers all approximately the world. It headquarters can be found in Cupertino, California (Apple, Inc. , 2007 tale of Apple, 2007 Mesa, 1998 Apple. com, 2007). This follow basically focuses on the development and support of several electronic gadgets for the market.This same company currently has its eyes think on the innovation of already existing technologies, as well as the formation of a new breed of technology for the market. Some of its world-famous creations are the iPod, iPhone and the AppleTV . Aside from these electronic equipment and gadgets, the Apple, Inc. is also into the creation of new and better software programs. In the past, it had focused on creating and developing operating systems (OS), and specific application programs. Today, Apple, Inc. is now desktop the path before it releases its newest operating system, the Mac OS X Leopard.Apple is very much into expanding its frontiers by exploring new ways of marketing and ingathering presentation (Apple, Inc. , 2007 History of Apple, 2007 Mesa, 1998 Apple. com, 2007). It is now into the trend of having an online store where its products, whether hardware or software, can be bought by just a click of the mouse. The company is well-known for their very user-friendly hardware as well as software. Their iPod series, as well as their iPhone, Macintosh series of personal computers and peripherals, iLife software suite, and the Mac OS are just some of their best-known software and hardware products.Also, the company is a major supplier of prosumer software products for specialise purposes such as the audio and film industry (Apple, Inc. , 2007 History of Apple, 2007 Mesa, 1998 Apple. com, 2007). The mentioned things nigh Apple, Inc. , set up a background for the contemporary company. Technology has an implicit message, and that is to put everything into a very objective perspective, where everything could and should not be down to an individuals / groups personal judgments or beliefs. By virtue of technology, man was able to do things such as criterion and judgment without having biases.With the use of technology, organizations can track their development without having doubts if the people who judgeed them were sloping about the evaluation process. But this strength is also its weak point. organism very objective would beggarly that the assessment would be very strict, and it would be guided by certain sets of quantified measurements such as numbers and / or a set of quantified codes. Th ese standards for judgment and assessment can be used to evaluate employees activities, company sales and company economic standing. Having these strict standards would mean an easier, more efficient and more economic way of assessing the company.With these, companies such as the Apple could rely on machines about their companys survival. Machines, which are products of modern technology, could be programmed to assess particular aspects of the company and suggest viable options about how to make the company even more productive. This may exit farfetched, but it could be a good way of ascertaining at the possibility of how machines could protagonist organizations in optimizing their parts. Business oriented companies such as the Apple is currently facing the possibilities of having less human members, and more help from the technology they are developing.These companies, with the help of modern technology, could be able to assess their employees using certain standards that can b e input to a computer for further assessment. This way, there would be less processing time, less need for human HRD team members, less specialists in the field of assessing people, more thinkable members for the pool of computer and technology specialists (which could also mean more corking would be invested on the specialty of the company), and less expenses on the part of the company. tone at the advantages posed by this method, it would be good to conclude that this could come along company income, thus uplift the lives of its employees in an economic and political sense. On the other hand, this method could also pose a very deadly effect to the company as a whole, both in the macro and micro perspectives. One disadvantage of this method would be that without the subjective judgments of domain on human resources, it would be possible to miss important and potentially able applicants.Also, it would be possible that the programmed machines would not be able to look the implic it factors such as family background and the personality types of the applicants. Another is the fact that hardcore statistics, which programmed machines use, does not claim that the results are products of the interplay of all possible factors, sooner it can only present results with the extraneous factors (which may possibly matter) omitted.References Apple. com (2007).Retrieved solemn 9, 2007 from http//www. asia. apple. com/. Apple, Inc. (2007). Wikipedia The Fee Encyclopedia. Retrieved August 9, 2007 from http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Apple_Computer. History of Apple (2007). ). Wikipedia The Fee Encyclopedia. Retrieved August 9, 2007 from http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/History_of_Apple_Inc.. Mesa, A. (2007). Apple History Timeline. The Apple Museum. Retrieved August 9, 2007 from http//applemuseum. bott. org/sections/history. html.

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Decision of the Union of India Essay

The validity of the decisiveness of the summation of India to foray and bump off 51% deal outs of M/s. Bharat aluminum put in Limited (hereinafter p atomic number 18ntred to as BALCO) is the primary issue in these cases. BALCO was coordinated in 1965 as a political science of India Undertaking chthonic the Companies Act, 1956. Prior to its disin empowerment it had a paid-up plow capital of Rs.488.85 crores which was owned and controlled by the governing body of India. The corporation is engaged in the manufacture of aluminium and had plants at Korba in the dry amaze overmatch of Chhattisgarh and Bidhanbag in the State of West Bengal. The Comp any has integrated aluminium manufacturing plant for the manufacture and ex turn of aluminium metal including wire rods and semi- fabricated products.The presidency of Madhya Pradesh vide its letter date eighteenth March, 1968 wrote to BALCO stating that it proposed that down be granted to it on a 99 twelvemonths lease conseq uence to the wrong and conditions contained in that locationin. The letter envisaged giving on lease judicature land on payment of reward of Rs.200/- per acre and, in addition thereto likewise to provide tenure land which was to be acquired and transferred on lease to BALCO on payment by it the actual make up of acquisition plus annual lease rent. Vide its letter dated thirteenth June, 1968 BALCO gave its assent to the proposal contained in the said(prenominal) letter of 18th March, 1968 for transfer of land to it.BALCO intimated by this letter that the total requirement of land would be about 1616 acres. Thereafter, in addition to the Government land which was transferred, the Government of Madhya Pradesh acquired land for BALCO under the provisions of the institute Acquisition Act, 1894 on payment of compensation. The soil Collector, Bilaspur also granted permission under Section 165(6) of the M.P. Land gross Code, 1959 for acquiring/transferring private land in favour o f BALCO. As a result of the aforementioned(prenominal), BALCO set up its establishment on its acquiring land from and with the help of the State Government.Since 1990-91 successive Central Government had been planning to disinvest whatever of the mankind Sector Undertakings. In spare-time activity to the policy of disinvestment by a reply dated 23rd August, 1996 the Ministry of intentness ( de rolement of Public Enterprises) Government of India constituted a Public Sector Disinvestment counseling initially for a period of ternion years. The Resolution stated that this delegation was established in pursuance of the Common Minimum Programme of the join Front Government at the Centre. The missionary post was an independent, non-statutory consultatory body and was headed by Shri G. V. Ramakrishna who was to be its Full-time Chairman. The electric charge had quaternion part-time Members. Paras 3, 4 and 5 of the said Resolution are as follows 3. The broad terms of bring u p of the missionary post are as follows I. To draw a comprehensive boilers suit long term disinvestment programme within 5-10 years for the PSUs referred to it by the nubble classify. II. To determine the extent of disinvestment (total/partial indicating percentage) in each of the PSU. III. To prioritise the PSUs referred to it by the Core classify in terms of the overall disinvestment programme. IV. To recommend the preferent mode(s) of disinvestment ( domestic help capital securities industrys/international capital markets/auction/private change to set investors/any other(a)) for each of the identified PSUs. Also to suggest an appropriate potpourri of the unlike alternatives taking into tale the market conditions. V. To recommend a fexercising amongst primary and secondary disinvestments taking into account Governments objective, the applicable PSUs funding requirement and the market conditions. VI. To supervise the overall deal help and take stopping points on instrument, pricing, timing, etc. as appropriate.VII. To select the pecuniary advisors for the specified PSUs to facilitate the disinvestment work at. VIII. To witness that appropriate measures are taken during the disinvestment process to protect the affaires of the touch employees including encouraging employees participation in the barter process. IX. To monitor the hap of disinvestment process and take necessary measures and report periodically to the Government on such(prenominal) progress. X. To assist the Government to create semipublic sensory faculty of the Governments disinvestment policies and programmes with a view to developing a freighter from Decatur by the people.XI. To give wide publicity to the disinvestment proposals so as to witness larger public participation in the divisionholding of the scratchprises and XII. To advise the Government on possible capital restructuring of the endeavors by marginal investment, if required, so as to ensure enhanced realisation through disinvestment. 4. The Disinvestment bursting charge willing be advisory body and the Government will take a final decision on the companies to be disinvested and mode of disinvestment on the basis of advice given by the Disinvestment Commission. The PSUs would implement the decision of the Government under the overall supervision of the Disinvestment Commission. 5. The Commission while advising the Government on the above propositions will also take into good will the wagers of stakeholders, browseers, consumers and others having a stake in the relevant public area undertakings.It whitethorn here be noned that by a Resolution dated 12th January, 1998 the precedent Resolution of 23rd August, 1996 was partly modify with deletion of paras 3, 4 and 5 and by substitution of the similar by the following 3(i) The Disinvestment Commission shall be an advisory body and its role and break would be to advise the Government on Disinvestment in those public field units that are referred to it by the Government. 3(ii) The Commission shall also advise the Government on any other matter relating to disinvestment as may be specifically referred to it by the Government, and also carry out any other activities relating to disinvestment as may be assigned to it by the Government. 3(iii) In making its passs, the Commission will also take into consideration the interests of workers, employees and others stake holders, in the public sector unit(s).3(iv) The final decision on the good words of the Disinvestment Commission will vest with the Government. According to the meat of India, it laid down the broad procedures to be followed for touch on the recommendations of the Disinvestment Commission. It was, inter alia, resolved that i. The Ministry of Finance (now Department of Disinvestment) would process the recommendations of the Disinvestment Commission, by inviting comments from the concern administrative machinery ii. Submit the recomm endations to the Core Group of Secretaries for Disinvestment for consideration iii. The recommendations of the Core Group of Secretaries would then be taken to footlocker for decisioniv. It was also decided that the Core Group of Secretaries would be headed by the Cabinet Secretary and its invariable members would be Finance Secretary, r tied(p)ue Secretary, Expenditure Secretary, Secretary Department of Public Enterprises, Secretary Planning Commission and Chief Economic consultant, Ministry of Finance, and v. To implement the decisions, an Inter-Ministerial Group headed by the Secretary/Joint Secretary of the Administrative Ministry and consisting of Joint Secretaries of Department of Economic personal clientele, Department of Public Enterprises, alongwith the Chairman and Managing coach of the Companies as Members and Director (Finance) of the companionship as the Convenor. In case of BALCO, the IMG consisted of Secretary level Officers and was headed by Secretary (Mi nes).On 10th December, 1999 the Department of Disinvestment was set up and the responsibilities which were earlier assigned to the Ministry of Finance be possessed of now been transferred to this Department. The Disinvestment Commission in its second Report conjureted in April, 1997 advised the Government of India that BALCO needed to be privatised. The recommendation which it made was that the Government may immediately disinvest its holding in the Company by offering a significant share of 40% of the paleness to a strategic assistant. The Report further advised that there should be an agreement with the selected strategic partner specifying that the Government would within 2 years make a public offer in the domestic market for further deal of shares to institutions, small investors and employees thereby bringing down its holding to 26%.The Commission also recommended that there should be an on-going redirect examination of the situation and the Government may disinvest its residuum equity of 26% in full in favour of investors in the domestic market at the appropriate time. The Commission had recommended the appointment of a Financial advisor to undertake a proper paygrade of the company and to conduct the sale process. The Commission had categorised BALCO as a non- lens nucleus group industry. The Chairman of the Disinvestment Commission wrote a letter dated 12th June, 1998 to the Secretary, Ministry of Mines, Government on India dis bunk the Governments attention to the recommendation of the Commission for sale of 40% of equity in BALCO and to bringing down of the Government holding to 26% within two years.This letter then referred to the fifth Report of the Commission wherein it had reviewed the question of strategic sale and had suggested that the Government may keep its shareholding on a lower floor the level of investment being offered by the strategic buyer and its divesting roughly portion of equity to other entities. This letter noted that in these circumstances, it may be difficult to get in a multilateral fiscal institution to act fast in taking up share of BALCO. The Chairman of the Commission then recommended that in keeping with the spirit of the recommendations of the 5th Report, you may now kindly consider offering 51% or more to the strategic buyer along with transfer of management. This sale will enable a smooth transaction with the participation of more constrictders and expose price for the shares. This will also be in keeping with the rate of flow policy as announced by the FM in his late(a) budget speech.The Cabinet deputation on Economic Affairs had, in the meantime, in September 1997 granted approval for appointment of a technical and financial advisor, selected through a matched process, for managing the strategic sale and restructuring of BALCO. orbicular publicizing was then issued inviting from interested parties Expression of Interest for plectrum as a Global advisor. The advertise ment was published in four financial papers in India and also in The Economist, a renowned financial magazine published abroad. Eight Merchant Banks showed their interest in appointment of the Global Advisor. The lowest bid of M/s. Jardine Fleming Securities India Ltd. was pass judgment and approved by the Cabinet Committee on Disinvestment on 9th March, 1999.The Cabinet Committee on Disinvestment also approved the proposal of strategic sale of 51% equity in respect of BALCO. The decision of the Government to the aforesaid strategic sale was quarreld by the BALCO Employees Union by filing judicial writ demand nary(prenominal) 2249 of 1999 in the risque flirt of Delhi. This demand was accustomed of by the high gear lawcourt vide its order dated 3rd August, 1999. On 3rd March, 2000, the Union Cabinet approved the Ministry of Mines proposal to reduce the share capital of BALCO from Rs.488.8 crores to Rs.244.4 crores. This resulted in cash flow of Rs.244.4 crores to the Union Government in the Financial Year 1999-2000.A formal cartel between Jardine Fleming, the Global Advisor and the Government of India was executed on 14th June, 2000. The Scope of work of the Global Advisor, inter alia, included the development, updating and review of a magnetic dip of potence buyers of the stake preparing necessary documents assisting the Government of India in sale negotiations with potential buyers and to advise on the sale price to coordinate and monitor the progress of the transaction until its completion.Thereafter, on 16th June, 2000 the Global Advisor, on behalf of the Government of India, issued an advertisement calling for Expression of Interest in leading journals and newfoundspapers such as the Economist, London, the Mining Journal, London, the Economic Times, India, Business Standard, India and the Financial Express, India. The invitation was to Companies and Joint Ventures which may be interested in acquiring 51% shares of the Government of India in BALCO. The exit date for submitting the expression of interest was 30th June, 2000 and the interested companies were required to submit their expression of interest together with their Audited Annual Reports and a profile describing their business and operations.Eight companies submitted their Expression of Interest. These companies were as followsi. Sterlite Industries (India) Ltd.ii. Hindalco Industries Ltd.iii. Tranex Holding Inc.iv. Indian Minerals Corporation Plc.v. VAW Aluminium AG, Germanyvi. ALCOA, ground forcesvii. Sibirsky, Russiaviii. MALCOM/s. Jardine Fleming, Global Advisor made an analysis of the various bids on the basis of the financial and technical capability, familiarity with India and overall credibility. Thereupon two companies, namely, Indian Minerals Corporation Plc. and Tranex Holding Inc. were rejected. The Inter-Ministerial Group (hereinafter referred to as IMG) set up by the Union of India, pass judgment the expression of interest of six out of eight parties and it also decided that the bids of Sterlite and MALCO be treated as champion. Thus there remained five prospective bidders but two, namely, VAW Aluminium AG, Germany and Sibirsky, Russia dropped out and the remaining three, namely, ALCOA, USA Hindalco and Sterlite conducted due diligence (inspection) on BALCO between September to December, 2000. The IMG considered the drafts of the dish outholders Agreement and the Share buy Agreement and had discussions with three prospective bidders and ultimately the said drafts were finalised on 11th January, 2001.For the purpose of carrying out the asset military rating of BALCO, the Global Advisor shortlisted four parties from the list of Registered Government Valuers approved by the Income-Tax Department. On 18th January, 2001, BALCO invited quotations from the four Registered Valuers, so short listed, and the quotation of Shri P. V. Rao was accepted. Shri P. V. Rao was a registered valuer of immovable berth and his team ma tes were Government Registered Valuers authorised to value plant and machinery. They were aid in the work of valuation by officers of the Indian Bureau of Mines for assessing the determine of existing mines.Pending the receipt of the valuation report from Shri P. V. Rao, the Global Advisor on 8th February, 2001 requested the three bidders to submit their financial bids alongwith other necessary documents by 15th February, 2001, which was later extended by one day. On 14th February, 2001 Shri P. V. Rao submitted his asset valuation report to M/s. Jardine Fleming. On 15th February, 2001, an evaluation Committee headed by the Additional Secretary (Mines) was constituted. This Committee was required to fix the entertain price of 51% equity of BALCO which was to be sold to the strategic party. The three contenders, namely, Alcoa, Hindalco and Sterlite Industries Ltd. submitted their sealed bids to the Secretary (Mines) and Secretary (Disinvestment) on 16th February, 2001. It is there after, that M/s. Jardine Fleming posited its valuation report together with the asset valuation done by Shri P. V. Rao to the Evaluation Committee to work out the reserve price.The range of valuation of BALCO that emerged on various methodologies was as follows-(i) Discounted Cash operate Rs. 651.2 994.7 crores(ii) Comparables Rs. 587 909 cores(iii) Balance Sheet Rs. 597.2 681.9 croresThus, the range of valuation by all these methods came between Rs.587 and Rs.995 crores for 100% of the equity. Ipso facto, for 51% of the equity, the range of valuation came out as Rs.300 to Rs.507 crores. The Evaluation Committee then deliberated on the various methodologies and concluded, as per the affidavit of the Union of India, that the most appropriate methodology for valuing the shares of a running business of BALCO would be the Discounted Cash Flow method. It decided to add a control pension of 25% on the base value of equity (although the Advisor had viewed that the premium shou ld range between 10-15%) and then add the value of non-core assets to arrive at a valuation of Rs.1008.6 crores for the company as a whole, 51% of which amounts of Rs.514.4 crores which was pertinacious as the Reserve Price.According to the respondents, the Evaluation Committee felt that summation Valuation Report appeared to have over valued the fixed assets of the company at Rs.1072.2 crores. The committee further observed that the fixed asset valuation method was only a good indicator of the value that could be realised if the business was to be liquidated, rather than for valuing the business as a going concern. Furthermore, the asset valuation method did not take into account the liabilities and contingent liability that go with the business.When the financial bids were opened, it was found that the bid of Sterlite Industries was the highest at Rs.551.5 crores, the bid of Hindalco was Rs.275 crores while ALCOA had opted out. The report of the Evaluation Committee for acce ptance of the bid which was higher than the reserve price was considered by the IMG which recommended the acceptance of the bid of Sterlite Industries to the core group of Secretaries. This core group in turn made its recommendation to the Cabinet Committee on Disinvestment which on 2 inaugural February, 2001 approved/accepted the bid of Sterlite Industries at Rs.551.5 crores. The Governments decision was communicated to Sterlite Industries on that date.The contract of the decision to accept the bid of Sterlite Industries led to the initiation of legal legal proceeding challenging the said decision. On 23rd February, 2001 Dr. B. L. Wadhera filed Civil judicial writ Petition No. 1262 of 2001 in the Delhi High act. This was followed by Writ Petition No. 1280 of 2001 filed by the employees of BALCO on 24th February, 2001 also in the High speak to of Delhi. On that very date, i.e., on 24th February, 2001 another employee of BALCO, namely, Mr. Samund Singh Kanwar filed Civil Writ Pet ition No. 241 of 2001 in the High Court of Chhattisgarh. While the aforesaid writ petitions were pending there was a Calling Attention communicate on Disinvestment with regard to BALCO in the Rajya Sabha. Discussions on the said motion took place in the Rajya Sabha on 27th February, 2001 and the matter was discussed in the Lok Sabha on 1st March, 2001.The motion that this Ho social occasion disapproves the proposed disinvestment of Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd. was defeated in the Lok Sabha by 239 votes to 119 votes. Soon thereafter on 2nd March, 2001, Shareholders Agreement and Share get Agreement between the Government of India and Sterlite Industries Limited were signed. Pursuant to the instruction execution of sale, 51% of the equity was transferred to Sterlite Industries Limited and a cheque for Rs.551.5 crores was received. It is not necessary to refer to the terms of the agreement in any great detail pull to notice a few clauses which pertain to safeguarding the inter est of the employees of the company.articles H and J of the preamble reads as follows H. Subject to Clause 7.2, the Parties envision that all employees of the Company on the date hereof shall continue in the employment of the Company. J. The SP recognises that the Government in relation to its employment policies follows certain tenets for the benefit of the members of the Scheduled caste/Scheduled Tribes, physically handicapped persons and other socially disadvantaged categories of the society. The SP shall use its best efforts to cause the Company to provide adequate job opportunities for such persons. Further, in the event of any reduction in the strength of the employees of the Company, the SP shall use its best efforts to ensure that the physically handicapped persons are retrenched at the end.Clause 7.2 which contains the Representations, Warranties and Covenants of M/s. Sterlite Industries is as follows The SP represents and warrants to and covenants with each of the Gover nment and the Company that (a) it has been duly incorporated or created and is validly subsisting and in good rest under the laws of the legal power indicated in the preamble to this Agreement (b) it has the corporate power and authority to enter into and perform its obligations under this Agreement (c) this Agreement has been duly authorised, executed and delivered by it and constitutes a valid and binding obligation enforceable against it in amity with its terms (d) it is not a party to, bound or affected by or subject to any indenture, mortgage, lease agreement, instrument, charter or by-law provision, statute, regulation, judgment, decree or law which would be violated, contravened, breached by or under which default would occur or under which any payment or repayment would be accelerated as a result of the execution and delivery of this Agreement or the consummation of any of the transactions provided for in this Agreement.(e) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, it shall not retrench any part of the labour force of the Company for a period of one (1) year from the Closing Date other than any freeing or border of employees of the Company from their employment in accordance with the applicable staff regulations and standing orders of the Company or applicable Law and (f) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, but subject to sub-clause (e) above, any restructuring of the labour force of the Company shall be implemented in the manner recommended by the Board and in accordance with all applicable laws. (g) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, but subject sub-clause (e) above, in the event of any reduction of the strength of the Companys employees the SP shall ensure that the Company offers its employees, an option to voluntarily retire on terms that are not, in any manner, less favourable than the voluntary hideaway scheme offered by the Company which is referred to in Schedule 7 .4 of the Share Purchase Agreement and (h) It shall vote all the voting equity shares of the Company, directly or indirectly, held by it to ensure that all provisions of this Agreement, to the extent required, are incorporated in the Companys articles of association.With the filing of the writ petitions in the High Court of Delhi and in the High Court of Chhattisgarh, an application for transfer of the petitions was filed by the Union of India in this Court. After the notices were issued, the company received various notices from the regime in Chhattisgarh for alleged beach of various provisions of the M. P. Land Revenue Code and the Mining Concession Rules. Some of the notices were not only communicate to the company but also to individuals alleging violation of the provisions of the code and the rules as also encroachment having taken place on Government land by BALCO.This led to the filing of the Write Petition No. 194 by BALCO in this court, inter alia, challenging the validit y of the said notices. During the pendancy of the writ petition, the workers of the company went on strike on 3rd March, 2001. Some interim orders were passed in the transfer petition and subsequently on 9th May, 2001 the strike was called off. By order of battle dated 9th April, 2001, the writ petitions which were pending in the High Court of Delhi and Chhattisgarh were transferred to this Court being Transfer lawsuit No. 8 of 2001 which pertains to the writ petition filed by BALCO Employees Union Transfer Case No. 9 of 2001 pertains to the writ petition filed by Dr. B. L. Wadhera in the Delhi High Court and Transfer Case No. 10 of 2001 is the writ petition filed by Mr. Samund Singh Kanwar in the High Court of Chhattisgarh. On behalf of the BALCO Employees Union, Shri Dipankar P. Gupta, learned senior counsel submitted that the workmen have been adversely affected by the decision of the Government of India to disinvest 51% of the shares in BALCO in favour of a private par ty.He contended that before disinvestment, the constitutional paid-up capital of BALCO was owned and controlled by the Government of India and its administrative control co-vested in the Ministry of Mines. BALCO was, therefore, a State within the meaning of Articles 12 of the Constitution. Reliance for this was placed on Ajay Hasia and Others vs. Khalid Mujib Sehravardi and Others, (1981) 1 SCC 722 Central Inland piss Transport Corporation Limited and Another Vs. Brojo Nath Ganguly and Another, (1986) 3 SCC 156. He also contended that by reason of disinvestment the workmen have lost their rights and protection under Articles 14 and 16 of the Constitution.This is an adverse civil consequence and, therefore, they had a right to be perceive before and during the process of disinvestment. The type of consultation with the workmen which was necessary, according to Shri Dipankar P. Gupta, was whether BALCO should go through the process of disinvestment who should be the strategic partn er and how should the bid of the strategic partner be evaluated. Referring to the averment of Union of India to the effect that interest of the employees has been protected, Shri Dipankar P. Gupta, submitted that in fact there was no effective protection of the workmens interest in the process of disinvestment.He further submitted that the workmen have reason to cerebrate that apart from the sale of 51% of the shares in favour of Sterlite Industries the Agreement postulates that balance 49% will also be sold to them with the result that when usually in such cases 5% of the shares are disinvested in favour of the employees the same would not happen in the present case. Reliance was placed on the decision of National Textile Workers Union and Others vs. P.R. Ramakrishnan and others, (1983) 1 SCC 228 and it was also contended that even though there may be no loss of jobs in the present case but the taking away of the right or protection of Articles 14 and 16 is the civil cons equence and, therefore, the workmen have a right to be heard. It was submitted that such rights and benefits are both procedural as swell as substantive.Procedural benefits and rights includes the right to approach High Court under Article 226 of the Constitution and this Court under Article 32 of the Constitution in the event of violation of any of their rights. This is a major(ip) advantage since it is a relatively swift method of redressal of grievances which would not be available to employees of private organisations. Instances were given of the substantive rights which flow from Articles 14 and 16 like, right to equality, equal pay for equal work, right to pension including the principle that there can be no discrimination in the matter of granting or withholding of pension vide Bharat rock oil (Erstwhile Burmah Shell) Management Staff Pensioners vs. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. and Others, (1988) 3 SCC page 32), right to inquiry and reasons before dismissal etc.The afo resaid contentions of Shri Gupta were supported by Shri G. L. Sanghi and Shri Ranjit Kumar, senior counsel, appearing for some of the Unions who were interveners in the writ petition filed by BALCO Employees Union. He submitted that the workers should have been heard at different stages during the process of disinvestment, the manner in which views may be invited and evaluated by the Government the method of evaluation the factors to be taken into consideration and the choice of the strategic partner the terms and conditions under which the strategic partner will take over the employment of the workers and the terms and conditions of the Share Holders Agreement are the stages in which the workers should have been heard and consulted.It was submitted that the decision of the Delhi High Court of 3rd August, 1999 does not come in the way of these contentions being raise inasmuch as the petition at that time was regarded as premature and the order which was passed actually preserves th e workers rights to raise the contention in future. Reiterating these contentions Shri Ravindra Shrivastava, learned abet General, State of Chhattisgarh submitted that the State does not challenge the policy of disinvestment per se on principle as a measure of socio-economic reform and for industrial well being in the country. He however, contended that the implementation of the policy of disinvestment in the present case, has failed to evolve a comprehensive package of socio-economic and political reform and to construction the decision making process so as to achieve in a just, fair and reasonable manner, the ultimate goal of the policy and that the interest of the workers in the industrial sector cannot be undermined and, therefore, any decision which was promising to affect the interest of the workers and employees as a class as a whole cannot and ought not to be taken to the exclusion of such class, lest it may be counter productive.He contended that the Disinvestmen t Commission had recommended that some percentage of equity share may be offered to the workers to solicit their participation in the enterprise and which would go a long way in proving the disinvestment plan meaty and successful. In this regard, it was not shown from any material or record that the Government of India had at any stage addressed itself to this vital aspect of the disinvestment process or had taken into consideration the likely repercussions on the interest, right and stance of the employees and workers. This non-consideration indicates that there has been an arbitrariness in not taking into consideration relevant facts in the decision making process.It is further contended that the impugned decision defeats the provisions of the M.P. Land Revenue Code and goes against the fundamental basis on which the land was acquired and deal to the company. Implicit in the submissions on behalf of the employees is the challenge to the decision to disinvest bulk of the shares of BALCO in favour of Sterlite Industries Limited. The first question, therefore, which would arise for consideration, is whether such a decision is amenable to judicial review and if so within what parameters and to what extent.On behalf of the Union of India, the Attorney General submitted that since 1990-91 successive Governments have gone in for disinvestment. Disinvestment had receive imperative both in the case of Centre and the States primarily for three reasons. Firstly, despite every effort the rate of fathers of governmental enterprises had been woefully low, excluding the sectors in which government have a monopoly and for which they can, therefore, charge any price. The rate of return on central enterprises came to minus 4% while the cost at which the government borrows money is at the rate of 10 to 11%. In the States out of 946 State level enterprises, about 241 were not working at all about 551 were making losses and 100 were reported not to be submitting their a ccounts at all.Secondly, neither the Centre nor the States have resources to sustain enterprises that are not able to stand on their own in the new environment of intense competition. Thirdly, despite repeated efforts it was not possible to change the work culture of governmental enterprises. As a result, even the strongest among them have been sinking into increasing difficulties as the environment is more and more competitive and technological change has become faster. In support, the Solicitor General submitted that the challenge to the decision to disinvest on the ground that it impairs public interest, or that it was without any need to disinvest, or that it was inconsistent with the decision of the Disinvestment Commission was untenable.