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A Comparison of Blake’s Poems “the Divine Image” and “the...

Erich Nolan CMLT-C205 3/19/12 A Comparison of Blake’s Poems â€Å"The Divine Image† and â€Å"The Human Abstract† William Blake (1757-1827, London) is considered the first of the great English Romantic poets; he was also a master engraver, a printer, and a painter. Blake was not widely known during his life and it wasn’t until some time after his death that his poetic works became widely read. Two of his best-known works â€Å"Songs of Innocence† (SoI) and â€Å"Songs of Experience† (SoE) contain the poems that I will compare here. These collections of poems are companions, but it should be noted that SoE was written about 4-5 years after SoI. The poems are best read by seeing them in their original print form with the accompanying engravings. Many†¦show more content†¦Eighteenth century England provided many such conditions that Blake explored through his work. â€Å"The Human Abstract† is an assault on the values from â€Å"The Divine Image† as being ideals only suited to a world made imperfect by humanity. The values spoken of represent a passive o r resigned sympathy for suffering but don’t suggest any obligation to alleviate that suffering and make the world more just. In this way, the speaker in â€Å"The Human Abstract† refuses to think of these values as ideal but suggests that they are only a response to the accepted norms of a cruel society. In SoE, Blake is showing his disgust for a society that perpetrates such evils on humanity and the church that uses God as a tool for controlling those who suffer. â€Å"The Human Abstract† is a critique of the important virtues that were praised in â€Å"The Divine Image†. Analyzing Pity, Mercy, and Peace, these differ from Love as an innocent abstraction, and the poem explores the insidious growth of a system of values based on fear and repression. This is unlike â€Å"The Divine Image† which suggests a more positive tone with respect to Pity, Mercy and Peace. Love and peace areShow MoreRelatedThe Notion of Duality of the Human Soul in William Bl ake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience4371 Words   |  18 PagesDuality Of The Human Soul In   William Blake’s Songs Of Innocence And Experience Tembong Denis Fonge             Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience generally subscribe to the main stream appreciation that they present the reader with two states of the human condition - the pastoral, pure and natural world of lambs and blossoms on the one hand, and the world of experience characterized by exploitation, cruelty, conflict and hypocritical humility on the other hand. However, Blake’s songs communicateRead MoreThe Poetry of William Blake1806 Words   |  8 PagesThis essay will aim to show the relationship between Innocence and Experience in William Blakes Songs. Both Songs of Experience and Songs of Innocence serve as a mirror Blake held up to society, the Songs of Experience being the darker side of the mirror. Blakes Songs show two imaginative realms: The two sides to the human soul that are the states of Innocence and Experience. The two states serve as different ways of seeing. The world of innocence as Northrop Frye saw it encapsulated the

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Homeschool Essay - 1593 Words

Homeschool Home schooling really hit the national radar screen in 1997, when 13-year old Rebecca Sealfon won the National Spelling Bee. Showing everyone that her unorthodox education must be doing something right. Today, though home schooling accounts for only 3 or 4 percent of America’s schoolchildren, the movement’s annual growth rate has become a powerful, hard to ignore indictment of the nation’s school system (Bielick, Chandler, Broughman, 2001). Side by side with public education’s terrible results, home schooling has become a realistic idea to a lot of families. The home schooling movement in the United States has become the fastest growing segment of education over the past decade. While there are many reasons parents choose†¦show more content†¦The parents are likely to be better educated than the adult population at large, and the family will be comfortably middle class, though either mom or in few circumstances dad forgoes a second income to be able to stay home. Only 6 percent of home-schooling families are minorities (Penn-Nabrit, 2003). But an increasing number of black families nationwide are choosing to home school their children as they become fed up with what they call the country’s inadequate school system. Blacks now make up nearly 5 percent of the estimated 1.7 million children who were home schooled in the year 2002(Penn-Nabrit, 2003). Pockets of black home schooling families are popping up in Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Louisiana, California, New Jersey, and Texas (Penn-Nabrit, 2003). Black children also are dominating the ranks of local gym classes, religious scouting troops for home schooled children, Christian support groups and curriculum supervision programs for their parents, another sign home schooling advocates say that more black families are joining this movement. Most of them like white people, say that public and private schools in their neighborhoods are failing to provide their children with strong moral values, a quality education or a history of black culture and identity. Large class sizes and lack of one on one instruction are also to blame (Goldberg, 1998). In the past twenty years, national concern over schoolShow MoreRelated To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool, That is the Question Essay2278 Words   |  10 Pagesthe reasons they choose to homeschool. Parents may feel a traditional school setting to be unsafe in relation to drugs, violence or bullying. Some feel public instruction too liberal or secular for their children. Parents aiming to instill certain beliefs in their children do not need or want outside influences working against them. Still other reasons include â€Å"dissatisfaction with academic instruction at other schools.† (Preface to ‘Why Do Parents Choose to Homeschool?’). Although these are someRead MoreHomeschool Really Works!574 Words   |  2 Pages Whether or not homeschooling is good for children is a big issue in our world today. People bring up problem after problem with homeschool. Since homeschooling has been around since the world has started, it can still work today, even though it is strongly opposed by the world. Homeschooling has been around for centuries. Thomas Edison was a homeschooler. In public school he was called dumb. Today we are blessed with a homeschoolers invention, the light bulb. His mom gave him the educationRead MoreHomeschool Is Not School At Home1379 Words   |  6 PagesHomeschool First time I heard about homeschooling, I had tons of question about it. I was wondering. What are some requirement that parents have go through to be able to teach their children? Why parents choose homeschool rather then let’s their children go to compound school, and how they manage their schedule? What are some approach that parents use to teach? However, after question myself; the image of homeschooling have refresh on my childhood’s school. During my childhood, my family used toRead MorePersuasive Essay On Homeschool834 Words   |  4 Pagesguidelines. Homeschool is very much like public school except, with few distractions. I, personally, would never choose this route due to its qualities like no student body, no dates, no class periods and a lack of excitement throughout the day. I have pondered about why a child would allow themselves to be forced into the lackluster boringness that is homeschool. It’s like school, but usually at home and with little t o no friends. With some thought I have come to the conclusion that homeschool is usuallyRead MoreHomeschool Research Paper1088 Words   |  5 PagesMr. Alford April 28, 2011 Home School Education is an important aspect of a childs life even when they become an adult. Knowledge is the key to everything they accomplish in life so it is no surprise parents want the best for their children. Homeschool has more positive advantages than often recognized and overall is a better choice than public or private institutions. Flexibility, financial differences, and outside activities for your child make homeschooling an ideal choice. Flexibility isRead MoreIs Homeschool Not Public School?757 Words   |  4 PagesThis is Homeschool not Public School! Pulling children out of public school to homeschool has become more and more common around the country. But then what? Parents proceed to educate their children at home in the best way they know how. Some rely on the public school system for their curriculum and resources. Others find their own tools and curriculum. Using whatever resource is available is great. Even if the choices are limited because you are home with your children there are better ways ifRead MorePreparing A Homeschool Lesson Plan1675 Words   |  7 PagesMany homeschool families choose to learn the lessons that are necessary without the use of text books or worksheets. Many use the lesson plan approach of homeschooling. A lesson plan usually takes one or more weeks to complete. It encompasses all, or most, or the subjects that a normal school day covers: math, science, history, language arts, writing, and art. Using lesson plans is often more enjoyable that doing straight reading and answering questions from a te xtbook. While it may seem very confusingRead MoreThe Dangers Of Being A Homeschool Family885 Words   |  4 PagesBeing a homeschool family has many joys, but it also has its challenges. One of those challenges is maintaining wellness. As homeschooling parents we start homeschooling for many reasons, but our main goal is always to provide our children with opportunities that will equip them to be successful in life. But that harmless goal can quickly lead to an obsession that will suck the life out of you, your marriage, and your family. The obsession may manifest itself as a preoccupation with curriculumRead MoreGetting The List Of Curriculum Of Monarch Homeschool Essay2213 Words   |  9 PagesGetting the list of curriculum of monarch homeschool Description: If you want to get the best curriculum of each subject at monarch homeschool, then visiting the official site is needed. You can also get valuable advices from the expert teachers out there. Monarch homeschool is a special kind of school where not only different subjects are being taught rather basic life principles are also taught to the students. This school can be attended at any time as the students can attend the school onlineRead MoreEssay about Homeschool Verses Public School1150 Words   |  5 PagesRebecca Rosa Compare and Contrast Essay Rough Draft The great philosopher, Plato, once said, â€Å"Do not train children to learning by force and harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.† This statement is so powerful. It is important to consider the individual educational needs of children when determining whether public school or home school is the best academic choice. We live

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Concrete Technology and Practice Analysis

Question: Describe how the properties of the concrete mixes can determine the performance characteristics, use spreadsheet properties (i. e., ability to be placed into congested reinforcement sections, ability to resist compressive loads and bending moments and ability to endure C2 exposure classification). Answer: For the desired performance characteristics, the properties of the concrete mixes given in the spreadsheet can be determines after checking the: - 1. Ability to be placed in to congested reinforcement sections: - As per the spreadsheet freshly prepared concrete have low yield stress and high viscosity. As yield stress measures the amount of energy with which concrete flows. Considered that the concrete flows easily under its own weight that is due to gravity, so its yield stress should be very low. Thickness measures the resistance of crisply arranged cement to stream because of inside grating. So the solid ought to have high thickness so as to suspend total particles in a homogenous way inside the solid blend with no isolation, over the top dying, and unnecessary air movement (Mehta and Monteiro, 2005). However because of higher powder substance concrete drains not exactly the ordinary droop cement and it can likewise prompt shrinkage splitting on the off chance that it is not appropriately ensured and cured, especially in flatwork. Workability characteristics of freshly prepared concrete are measured in four ways:- Flowability:- This property measured using slump flow and used to represents the ability of concrete to flow into forms through densely reinforced and complex structural elements under its own weight but there is a drawback with this property that it does not suggest that all concrete gets leveled by itself. Passability (resistance to blocking):- This property measures the ability of concrete to flow under its own weight through confined spaces, such as narrow spacing between reinforcing bars and also fills open spaces in the formwork without any segregation or blocking (Naghoj and Abdel-Rahmna, 2004). Stability or segregation resistance: - This property of the concrete is its capacity to sustain a homogenous composition in a fresh state during and after the process of transport and placing. This includes both static and dynamic stability. 2. Ability to resist compressive loads and bending moment: - Concerning the role of the reinforced concrete, it has more number of advantages over the masonary, it has the ability to resist the tension and also the compression and consequently it has the ability to resist the bending. As the given data in the spreadsheet shows that it can provide the sufficient strength to concrete structure according to the standards. The vault and the dome are, of course, compressive form active structures, the meaning of that is it never subjected to the bending moment because for the specific load pattern which is valid for form active shapes only (Neville and Brooks, 1994). Ability to endure C2 exposure classification: Corrosion is presumably the most well-known unmistakable indication of decay in outside cement. It has huge security suggestions when the compelling region of fortifying steel is decreased by transformation to rust that causes spalling of solid spread. Basic wellbeing is more basic for prestresses concrete in view of the more noteworthy helplessness of prestressing gauges to consumption and potential for disastrous disappointments if these strands are traded off via flesh. The presentation classes fdor conditions that need erosion security of fortification are: C0 (Not Applicable) This type of concrete will be dry and will be protected from moisture in service. C1 (Moderate) This type of concrete will exposed to external source of chlorides but will be exposed to the moisture in the service. C2 (Severe) In this type the concrete is more exposed to chlorides and also to the moisture in services from deicing chemicals, salt, seawater, spray and brackish water from these sources. (Schneider and Chen, 2005) For Class C2 the outline expert is told to pay consideration on the unmistakable front of cement to the fortifying steel. For prestressed concrete, the Code particularly requires that the spread be expanded by half. In fortified cement expanding the spread should be adjusted with the potential for expanded and more extensive splits. Conclusion In concluding all of the above facts I came to the conclusion that the data on which the analysis has been done is based on the spreadsheet that has been provided. According to the choice of the concrete mixes in the given file the choice of mix B is choosen. There are certain properties like the properties which are used to determine the performance characteristics based on the air storage, cylinder and slump. The selection of the concrete mix B will provide enough strength to the structure of the buildings and bridge deck will provide enough protection against sulphate and help the building to stay for long time. References Abdel-Razik. 2004. Coating protection of loaded R.C. columns against elevated temperature, in: International Conference, Future Vision and Challenges for Urban Development, Cairo, Egypt, Kodur, L.A. Bisby, M.F. 2004 Green, Fire endurance of FRP-strengthened reinforced concrete columns, in: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Concrete Under Severe Conditions, Seoul, Korea. McCoy, W. J. 2002 Mixing and curing water for concrete.Significance of tests and properties of concrete and concrete-making materials,STP 169-A. pp.515521. Philadelphia, PA: American Society for Testing and Materials. Mehta, P. K. and Monteiro, P.2005.Concrete: microstructure, properties, and materials. 3rd ed, 135136. New York: McGraw-Hill Professional. Naghoj, N. M. and Abdel-Rahmna, N. 2004 Enhancing the performance of concrete subjected to salty seawater.Admixtures enhancing concrete performance,the international conference, Dundee, Scotland, UK. London: Thomas Telford. pp.3540. Neville, A. M. and Brooks, J. J.1994.Concrete technology, England: Longman Scientific and Technical.

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Central Bank Policy Decisions

Question: Discuss about the Central Bank Policy Decisions. Answer: Effect of Central Bank Policy Decisions on Profitability of Banks The banking sector needs to adjust to the changing market in the bank industry and environment just like any other economic sector. The central bank has the powers and obligation of controlling and regulating the activities of the banks and other financial institutions by making policy decisions which the banks should adhere to. There are different emerging issues in the bank industry which needs to be examined in the control of the industry by making policy decisions that affects banks. Some of the issues needs to be addressed include policy decisions on the rate of interest rates, inflation, the monetary policy, regulatory environment which greatly affect the profitability of these banks in the industry. The major part of the revenues of the banks and the central banks come from different bank operations which are affected by the changes in interest rate (Atieno,2006). The central banks make decisions concerning the policy guiding the banks in their industry. Central bank decisions on monetary policy affect the profitability of the banks by improving the investments. The monetary decision by central bank can be accommodative or unbiased. The central banks make decisions on the increase of short term interest rate when inflation is increasing and lowering of the short term interest rate when the economy is lagging. The decisions made follows the following monetary policy tools which includes, federal reserve which entails open market operations the purchase and sale of financial instrument, the use of discount charged on the institutions depositing amounts in the central bank and lastly amount the banks can maintain as reserve with the central bank. These monetary policy tools help in the control of amount of money in supply in the economy.The control of supply of money helps reduce inflation, control interest rate and hence leads to increased profi tability of the banks with effective bank services and reduction of inflation which involves price changes and interest rate which the banks depends on for profitability (De Aghion,2003.) Central banks in collaboration with the Bankers Association in different countries have rolled out policies and regulations that have helped in the operation of the financial institutions. One of the policy decisions they have made include allowing the banks to share information on credit lending. Based on the central bank policy decision on sharing of information, banks are able to share credit information on their customers. This has facilitated better assessment of the risks associated with borrowers of credit. The sharing of credit information allows credit institutions like banks to extend credit to customers through the internet without using physical collateral. It is from the Central Banks policy decision of sharing of credit information that has translated to lower cost of credit and helped increase uptake of loans by financial institutions clients. The uptake of credit by the customers has led to the increase in profits brought about by increase in interest rate charged on the loans given ( Bell,2011). The central bank has the obligation of setting the monetary policy goals. It makes policy decisions that help to improved growth and to promote price stability. Decisions made by the central bank like Mexico in the past have helped restructure their monetary policy objectives like maintaining price to be stable as the main goal of the central bank. Any central bank makes monetary policy decisions on setting of objectives that the price determination process can be attained by curbing inflation levels leading to low inflation targets leading to improved performance leading to profitability. The central bank has also come up with decision which permits banks to use third parties (Agent Banking) to provide financial services on their behalf. Subsequently, central bank has reviewed and made policy guidelines on Agent Banking. The policy allows credit institutions to search for central bank support for the approval of specific agents to conduct the work and define the type of work they will provide. It is the duty of the financial institutions to examine the suitability of the agents in line with the policy decision. This policy decision has helped to straighten the lending of credit to customers and improved bank services which are made efficient leading to profitability of the banks in the industry. Based on the policy and regulatory framework of the central bank, the legal environment is firm to banks and financial institutions. According to the World Bank, most of the central banks in different countries are lagging in the development of policies and legislations. Consequently, the central bank has made policy decisions for banks to conduct their operations fairly without any unfair competition in preventing customers from accessing the banks services. Medium and long term interest rates depend on other factors like the expectation of the short term interest rates .The central bank has made different policy decisions to induce changes in the short term interest rates which affects the entire interest rate which increases the cost of credit ,leading to low lending of credit leading to reduced investment and low profitability. The central bank has also made a policy decision which allows financial institution clients to be treated like those of other financial institutions like Saccos and microfinances in the case of security of the loan and means of recovery of the loan borrowed. The central bank decision through the Act of parliament set the rules on the lending of credit hence leading to control of the activities of the bank. The effective credit management leads to credibility of the bank eventually leading to improved performance leading to profitability of banks. After the recession of 2008, many financial institutions like banks have been affected, as the credibility of the banking system has been compromised. Towards the end of 2015, worlds economy started to recover more strongly and this positive momentum was sustained into the year 2014 where world currencies deteriorated due to high rate of inflation. The different central banks came in rescue with policy decisions that were attributable to increased credit to the private sector and low inflationary pressure. The pro-active central bank policies decisions have also led to developments in the economy. More investors have come into the country to invest and hence improving the economy of the country.The financial sector recorded its highest growth for the last decade growing at 3 per cent in 2013 compared to 5.4 percent in 2017. The growth is due to increase borrowing riding on financial innovation that has enhanced access to financial services and uptake of loans.Most financial instituti ons like banks are setting short loan settlement periods, high interest rates and short grace periods not only to meet the working costs and protect themselves from (collateral) concerned in lending to customers. The central bank has made decisions that have helped in regulating the amount of money in circulation by ensuring each bank keeps a saving account with the central bank. This will ensure that the operations of the banks in lending capital are controlled (Elbanna,2007). The management of financial institutions should demonstrate their understanding and commitment in making compliance to rules and regulation as one of their strategic objectives and to opt for best practices in MIS (management information system) to improve their profitability. The banks should adhere to the policy decisions made by the central bank. References Atieno, R. (2006).Institutional credit lending policies and the efficiency of resource use among small scale farmers in Kenya. Boulder: Westview Press. Aryeetey, E. Urdry, C. (2007).The characteristics of informal financial markets in Sub-Saharan Africa.Journal of African Economies.Vol. 6, No 3 pp.12-34. Bell, C. (2011). Interactions between institutional and informal credit agencies in rural India. World Bank Economic Review, Vol.4, No 3 pp. 234-45.. De Aghion, A. and Morduch, J. (2003) Microfinance: Where Do We Stand? inFinancial Development and Economic Growth: Explaining the Links, ed. by C. Goodhart, Bsingstoke: Macmillan/Palgrave). Denscombe, M. (2009).The Good Research guide: For Small-Scale Research Projects.Philadelphia: U.S.A, Open University Press. Elbanna, S. (2007). Influences on strategic decision effectiveness: Development andtest of an integrative model. Strategic Management Journal Vol. 28(4): 431.